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The Gift of 

Microcosm Staff. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 

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Published by 


Simmons College 
Boston - Massachusetts 


This is not the mere recording of facts, but 
rather an effort to depict the intangible mould- 
ing of character through social contacts, through 
the environment of school and campus, and 
through the traditions and ideals embodied in 
our "little world." It is said that the acts of 
today become the precedents of tomorrow 
thus orilj/;;t : hjj fjjtl^*^art:^^$iy|t^:^6ill signifi- 
cance: Q»[ , br years. 















Directory and Ads 

k v •-* n ^ 



our new friend, adviser, ana presi 

nd president 

in appreciation or 

his geniality and genuine interest 

in the student body 

the Class of '34 dedicates 

this book 

Jane Louise Mesick 

Dean of 

Simmons College 

Polly H. Churchill 

President of 

Simmons College Student Government Association 


i 9 


3 4 

The Microcosm Staff 

Louise Woodman '34 

Barbara Zurbach '35 

Ruth Jacobs '34 

Business Manager 
Iarbara Titus '34 

Lucille Scudder '35 

Photograph Editor 
Dorothy Peterson '34 

Circulation Manager 
Anna Grace Spencer '34 

Eleanor Dobson '35 

Dartha Heath '35 

Advertising Manager 
Virginia Linton '34 

Art Editor 
Marguerite Frost '35 

Jean Crosby '35 
Barbara Jackman '35 

Class Representatives 

Grace Miller '37 
Marian Randall '37 

Pauline Crosby '36 
Mary Louise Imrie '36 

Faculty Adviser 
Lyle K. Bush 

1 9 


3 4 

Back Row: M. L. Imrie. E. Dobson, M. Frost, J. Crosby. M. Randall. R. Jacobs 
Second Row: B. Zurbach, P. Crosby, B. Jackman, D. Heath. G. Miller, L. Scudder 
Front Row: D. Peterson. B. Titus, Mr. Bush, L. Woodman, A. G. Spencer 

The Microcosm 

Microcosm is under the control of Student Government. The staff is elected not 
by the school but by members of the outgoing staff. Its purpose is to keep alive 
throughout the years the memories of college life. 

We wish to thank the Faculty and students for their loyal cooperation in the pub- 
lishing of this book; Mr. Bush for his enthusiasm and helpful criticism; Miss Burnett 
and Miss Sutherland for their welcome advice; and Mr. Valz, the representative of 
the Andover Press, for his invaluable aid in the compiling of the 1934 Microcosm. 


The Corporation 

Henry Lefavour, Ph.D., LL.D., Boston 

George Henry Ellis, LL.D., Newton 

John Washburn Bartol, A.B., M.D., Milton 

Mary Eleanor Williams, Boston 

Henry Edmund Bothfeld, Sherborn 

Sarah Louise Arnold, A.M., Ed.D., Meredith, N. H. 

Carl Dreyfus, A.B., Boston 

George Wade Mitton, Brookline 

Mrs. Amy Putnam Davol, Brookline 

Charles Milton Davenport, A.B., LL.B., Boston 

William Emerson, A.B., Cambridge 

Francis Prescott, A.B., Grafton 

Mrs. Carita Hunter Lovejoy, S.B., Melrose 

Sarah Storer Goodwin, B.L., Concord 

John Stanley Ames, A.B., M.F., Easton 

William Brooks Baker, A.B., LL.B., Newton 

Mrs. Margaret Currier Smith, S.B., Newton 

Mrs. Marjorie Soper Nuhn, S.B., Waterbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Margaret Plant Backus, S.B., Glencarlyn, Va. 

Bancroft Beatley, A.M., Ed.D., Belmont 

Erwin Haskell Schell, S.B., Cambridge 

William Bartlett Thurber, S.M., Milton 

John Washburn Bartol, A.B., M.D., Chairman 
Henry Edmund Bothfeld, Treasurer 
William Brooks Baker, A.B., LL.B., Clerk 
Bancroft Beatley, A.M., Ed.D., President of the College 

Gertrude Jane Burnett, S.B., Wellesley, Assistant Clerk 

i 9 M I C R C S M 

Simmons College Associates 

Miss Madeleine Lawrence, Boston, Chairman 

Miss Sarah Louise Arnold, Meredith, N. H. 

Mrs. William A. Backus, Glencarlyn, Va. 

Mrs. John W. Bartol, Milton 

Miss Marian L. Blake, Boston 

Mrs. Rollin H. Brown, Sharon 

Mrs. John Bryant, Brookline 

Mrs. George D. Burrage, Brookline 

Mrs. Guy W. Currier, Boston 

Mrs. Stephen B. Davol, Brookline 

Miss Rose L. Dexter, Boston 

Mrs. Paul A. Draper, Canton 

Mrs. Carl Dreyfus, Boston 

Mrs. Sydney Dreyfus, Brookline 

Miss Ethel A. Forbes, Boston 

Miss Sarah S. Goodwin, Concord 

Mrs. C. Nichols Greene, Boston 

Mrs. Henry I. Harriman, Newton 

Mrs. William Hooper, Manchester 

Mrs. Henry V. Hubbard, Milton 

Mrs. Stafford F. Johnson, Cambridge 

Miss Anna A. Kloss, Boston 

Mrs. Horatio A. Lamb, Milton 

Miss Rosamond Lamb, Milton 

Mrs. Henry Lefavour, Boston 

Mrs. Victor C. Lovejoy, Melrose 

Mrs. Roger B. Merriman, Cambridge 

Miss Jane L. Mesick, Boston 

Mrs. George A. Mirick, Boston 

Mrs. Frederick L. Nuhn, Waterbury, Conn. 

Mrs. George B. Poole, Newton 

Mrs. John Richardson, Newton 

Mrs. Henry B. Sawyer, Boston 

Mrs. Frederick J. Shepard, Jr., Newton 

Mrs. Albert D. Simmons, Cleveland, Ohio 

Mrs. Herbert W. Smith, Newton 

Mrs. Edwin S. Webster, Newton 

Mrs. Stephen M. Weld, Boston 

Mrs. George R. White, Lynn 

Miss Mary E. Williams, Boston 

i g MICROCOSM 3 4 

Officers of Administration 

Bancroft Beatley, A.M., Ed.D., President 

Jane Louise Mesick, Ph.D., Litt.D., Dean 

Robert Malcolm Gay, A.M., Litt.D., Dean of the Graduate Division 

Dora Blanche Sherburne, S.B., Registrar 

Richmond Knowlton Bachelder, B.B.A., Bursar 

Marjorie Burbank, A.B., Recorder 

Gertrude Jane Burnett, S.B., Assistant to the President 

Alice Ives Gilman, S.B., Assistant to the Dean 

Doris Margarett Sutherland, S.B., Assistant Registrar 

Marion Tenny Craig, S.B., Assistant to the Director of the School of Library Science 

Elva Marion Lake, Ph.B., Secretary to the Director of the School of Public Health Nursing 

Ruth Gordon, A.B., S.B., Secretary to the Director of the School of Secretarial Studies 

Beatrice Spaulding, S.B., Secretary to the Director of the School of Household Economics 

Esther Pauline Spinney, S.B., Secretary to the Director of the Prince School of Store 

Service Education 
Janice Preston Goldsmith, A.B., S.B., Secretary to the Director of the School of Social 

E. T. Bernice Riggs, Assistant to the Bursar 
Ethel Mildred Gummer, S.B., Assistant, to the Bursar 
Mabel Emerson Carlton, S.B., Assistant to the Bursar 
Louise Foster Milliken, S.B., Assistant to the Registrar 
Dorothy Gertrude Gove, S.B., Assistant to the Registrar 
Evelyn Anna Justis, S.B., Assistant to the Recorder 

Irene Margaret Donahue, Office Secretary, Prince School of Store Service Education 
Mary Christine Brown, Office Assistant, School of Social Work 
Gertrude Carol Hines, Assistant in the Dean's Office 
Esther Freeborn Chace, S.B., Assistant in the President's Office 
Alice Lucile Hopkins, A.B., S.B., Librarian 
Jennie Clifton Frost, A.B., S.B., Assistant Librarian 
Alma Estes Browne, S.B., Assistant in charge of the Social Service Library 
Amy Esther Schwamb, A.B., S.B., Cataloguer 
Dorothea Elizabeth Guppy, S.B., Assistant in the Library 
Dorothy Isabella Bodwell, S.B., Assistant in the Library 
Hortensia Farrall Robinson, S.B., M.D., Medical Consultant 
Mary Antoinette Clapp, A.B., S.M., Supervisor of Placement, School of Social Work 
Caroline Mayo Mitchell, Acting Head Matron of the Brookline Avenue Dormitories 
Helena McFarlin, House Superintendent of the Brookline Avenue Dormitories 

i 9 M I C R C S M ;i_ 

Violet Pearl Gray, Assistant House Superintendent of the Brookline Avenue Dormitories 

Bertha Luce Payne, Matron of West House 

Martha Milligan Clarke, Matron of North Hall 

Mary Frances Cooper, S.B., Director of the Francis Street Dormitories 

Alice Louise Burnell, Matron of the Francis Street Dormitories 

Mary S. Corbett, Matron of the Francis Street Dormitories 

Florence Jerome Cutting, Matron of the Francis Street Dormitories 

Elizabeth Evelyn Fowler, Matron of the Francis Street Dormitories 

Isabel Hadfield, Matron of the Francis Street Dormitories 

Louise Ripley Ballou, Assistant Matron of the Brookline Avenue Dormitories 

Sara Mathews Goodman, A.B., Assistant Matron of the Brookline Avenue Dormitories 

Octavia Ferguson Lord, Assistant Matron of the Brookline Avenue Dormitories 

Abbie Downer Mudgett, Assistant Matron of the Brookline Avenue Dormitories 

Sarah Curd Thames, S.B., Manager of the Lunchroom 

Helen Meredith Bradstreet, Manager of the Simmons Co-operative Store 

Margaret Alouise Hart, Office Assistant 

Marjorie Louise Shea, S.B., Executive Secretary of the Alumnae Association 

Phyllis Abell Hill, S.B., Publicity Director 


B Riggs ECViace, E Just.s 
EGwwrrh.CarltoYuC.'s, D Gove,L. HOliKe 


Bancroft Beatley, President. A.M., Harvard University, 1916; Ed.D., Harvard 

University, 1923. 
Also: Lecturer on Education. 

Formerly: Associate Professor of Education, Harvard University. 
Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; National Society for the Study of Education; National 

Society of College Teachers of Education. 
Publication: Achievement in the Junior High School. 

Henry Lefavour, President, Emeritus. A.B., Williams College, 1883; Ph.D., Williams 
College, 1886; LL.D., Williams College, 1902; Tufts College, 1905; Additional 
Course, University of Berlin. 

Formerly: Instructor in Williston Seminary; Professor and Dean, Williams College; 
President of Simmons College, 1902-1933. 

Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; Trustee, Williams College; Trustee, Boston State Hospital; 
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Fellow, American Association 
for the Advancement of Science; Colonial Society of Massachusetts; American 
Political Science Association; New England Historic Genealogical Society; 
Massachusetts Historical Society; Chairman of Trustees, Women's Educational 
and Industrial Union; St. Botolph Club; Union Club; University Club of New 
York; University Club of Boston. 

Jane Louise Mesick, Dean. A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1909; A.M., Columbia 
University, 1913; Ph.D., Columbia University, 192 1; Litt.D., Mount Holyoke, 

Also: Assistant Professor of English and Ethics. 

Formerly: Teacher of English, Glendale College, Glendale, Ohio, 1 909-191 1; Head of 
Department of English, The Drum Hill School, Peekskill, New York, 1 913- 191 5; 
Instructor in English, Wells College, 191 7-1 91 9; Instructor in English, Simmons 
College, 1920-1923; Assistant Dean and Instructor in English, Simmons College, 

i923- IO -25- 
Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; Modern Language Association; National Education 
Association; American Association of University Women; National Association 
of Deans of Women. 

Publication: The English Traveller in America {1785-1835). 

Sarah Louise Arnold, Dean, Emerita. A.M. Tufts College; Ed.D., Rhode Island 
College of Education. 

Formerly: Principal of Schools, St. Johnsbury, Vt.; Director of Training School for 
Teachers, Saratoga, N. Y.; Supervisor of Primary Schools, Minneapolis, Minn.; 
Supervisor of Schools, Boston, Mass.; Member of Massachusetts State Board of 
Education; Dean of Simmons College, 1902- 1920. 

Societies: The Mayflower Club; Executive Committee of Women's Education Associ- 
ation; American Home Economics Association; American Sociological Associa- 

Even As 



/ £^ w ^ %+w^jLuL, 

^^^ c. ^_* 

You and I 




&cU*t^-~ ^^^ 

Faculty Autograph Page 


Biology and Health 

"Biology deals with life, and with living things, of " 
which we are a part. To understand the world about us; 
to appreciate the beauty and wonders of plant and ani- 
mal life; to know ourselves; and to attempt an explana- 
tion of social behavior, we need some background of bi- 
ology; some knowledge of the nature of living material. 

Much of our biology instruction is liberal, rather than 
technical. The Department makes a contribution to the 
preparation for technical work in several schools, not- 
ably, Household Economics, Nursing, and Social Work. 
Those who continue their biological subjects in the 
School of Science during their Senior year may prepare 
for various technical fields, including public health, and 
hospital laboratory positions, research assistants, and teaching. Such work brings 
more than ordinary satisfactions to the individual in that it often contributes directly 
to human welfare and health." — Curtis Morrison Hilliard 

Curtis Morrison Hilliard, Professor of Biology and Public Health. A.B., Dartmouth 
College, 1909; Additional Courses at Massachusetts InstituteofTechnology, 1909- 

Formerly: Instructor at College of the City of New York, 1911-1912; Assistant Professor 
of Biology, Purdue University, 19 12- 19 14. 

Societies: Gamma Alpha; Sigma Xi; Delta Omega; Fellow, American Association for 
the Advancement of Science; American Bacteriologists; Executive Committee, 
Massachusetts Board of Health Association; Boston Bacteriological Society; Ex- 
ecutive Committee, Director and Chairman, Health Service Committee, Boston 
Chapter, American Red Cross; President, Massachusetts Central Health Council; 
Fellow, American Public Health Association; Executive Committee, Massa- 
chusetts Child Council; Executive Committee, Boston Health League. 

Publications: Textbook of Bacteriology and Its Application; Prevention of Disease in the Com- 

., Wellesley; Graduate 
University of Pennsyl- 

Caroline Maude Holt, Associate Professor of Biology. A.I 

Work at Harvard; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., 

Formerly: Instructor in Biology, Wellesley College. 
Societies: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; American 

Association of Anatomists; The Genetics Society of the United States of America; 

Foreign Policy Association. 
Publications: Journal of Comparative Neurology; Journal of Morphology. 


Edith Arthur Beckler [Bacteriologist, State Department of Health), Assistant Professor 
of Public Health. S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Susie Augusta Watson, Assistant Professor of Biology and Nursing. A.B., Mount Hol- 
yoke College, 1901; R.N., Newton Hospital School of Nursing, 1905; S.B., Co- 
lumbia University, 1 91 2. 

Formerly: Instructor in Sciences, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital School of Nursing, 
Boston; Instructor in Sciences, St. Louis, Missouri, School of Nursing; Instructor, 
School of Nursing, Rochester, New York; Director of Education, School of Nurs- 
ing, University of Michigan. 

Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association; Mount Holyoke 
Club, Boston; College Club of Boston; American Nurses' Association; National 
League of Nursing Education. 

Catherine Jones Witton (Mrs.), Assistant Professor of Biology. A.B., Mount Holyoke 
College, 1 91 8; Harvard University School of Public Health; Boston University 
School of Medicine; M.A. (Medical Science), Radcliffe, 1930. 

William Augustus Hinton, Lecturer on Wassermann Technique. S.B., Harvard, 1905; 
M.D., Harvard, 191 2. 

Isabel Linscott Sargent (Mrs.), Instructor in Biology. A. B., Wellesley, 1926. 
Florence Cora Kelly, Instructor in Biology. S.B., Simmons College, 1926. 
Florence Lyndon Meredith, Lecturer on Hygiene. S.B., M.D. 
Ouida Crouse Montague (Mrs.), Special Instructor in Hospital Laboratory Methods. 

S.B., Simmons College, 1924. 
Mary Isabel Newton, Instructor in Biology. S.B. Connecticut College for Women, 

1926; A.M., Mount Holyoke College, 1929. 
Formerly: Assistant and Graduate Fellow, Mount Holyoke; Research Assistant, 

Thorndike Memorial, 1929-1930. 
Publications: American Journal of Physiology; Journal of Experimental Medicine. 

Philip Morrison Richardson, Instructor in Biology. S.B., Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, 1926; Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 

1 9 2 9-! 93°- 
Formerly: Instructor, Colby College, 1927-1928; Teaching Fellow in Physiological 
Chemistry, Boston University School of Medicine, 1929-1930. 

Genevieve Young, Assistant in Biology. S.B., Simmons College, 1931. 
Society: Simmons College Academy. 

i 9 M I C R C S M 


"The aims of the department of chemistry are to 
give to students of science a technical training, to stu- 
dents of household economics a foundation upon which 
to build an understanding of their technical subjects, 
and to all students in the department a grasp of the 
spirit of science. 

"To understand the meaning of science one must him- 
self have studied diligently some one of its branches. The 
details which he must memorize, the particular deductions 
which he must draw from them, the experience of ob- 
taining first-hand information by laboratory experi- 
ments, all of these may fade as time passes. If there re- 
mains, however, an appreciation that Nature is governed 
by fundamental laws which can be discovered by systematic search carried on with 
absolute honesty, accurate observation, and rigid logic, the effort of studying chem- 
istry will not have been in vain, and the object of the teachers in this department will 
have been attained." — Kenneth Lamartine Mark 

Kenneth Lamartine Mark, Professor of Chemistry, and Director of the School of General 
Science. A.B., Harvard, 1898; A.M., Harvard, 1900; Ph.D., Harvard, 1903. 

Formerly: Assistant in Chemistry, Harvard University; Instructor in Chemistry, Sim- 
mons College, igo4-.igo6; Assistant Professor, Simmons College, 1 906-1914; 
Associate Professor, Simmons College, 1914-1916. 

Societies: Delta Upsilon; American Chemical Society; Fellow, The American Acade- 
my of Arts and Sciences. 

Publications: Thermal Expansion of Gases; Salinity of Sea Water; Laboratory Exercises in In- 
organic Chemistry. 

Gorham Waller Harris, Associate Professor of Chemistry. A.B., Harvard, 1907; A.M., 
Harvard, 1909; Ph.D., Harvard, 1915. 

Formerly: Teacher of Latin, Greek, and Geometry, Medford High School, Medford, 
Mass., 1 907- 1 908; Assistant and Teaching Fellow in Chemistry at Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1908-1910; Instructor in Chemistry at Simmons College, 1910-1913; 
Assistant Professor, 1914-1924; Associate Professor, 1924. 

Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; American Chemical Society; American Association for 
the Advancement of Science; Association of Harvard Chemists; American Asso- 
ciation of University Professors; N.E. Association of Chemistry Teachers. 

Publication: Floating Equilibrium. 

Florence Celia Sargent (Mrs.), Assistant Professor of Chemistry. S.B., Simmons 

College, 191 1 ; Additional Courses at Harvard Medical School. 
Formerly: Research Assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Assistant 

i 9 


Analyst, Division of Food and Drugs, Massachusetts State Department of Health. 
Society: American Chemical Society. 

Raymond Elwood Neal, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. S.B., Harvard University, 

Formerly: Private Tutor; Instructor in Chemistry at Simmons College, 1920-1924. 
Society: American Chemical Society. 
Publication: Short Laboratory Course in General Chemistry. 

Lalia Charlton Pratt (Mrs.), Instructor in Chemistry. S.B., Simmons College, 1922. 
Formerly: Instructor of Chemistry and Latin, Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, New York. 

Ina Mary Granara, Instructor in Chemistry. S.B., Simmons College, 1924; Graduate 
Student in Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1924- 1925. 

Societies: American Chemical Society; Simmons College Academy; American Associ- 
ation for the Advancement of Science. 

Florence Wetherbee Mark, Special Instructor in Chemistry. S.B., Massachusetts 

Institute of Technology, 1904. 
Formerly: Assistant in Chemistry, 1904- 1905; Instructor in Chemistry, 1905- 1907 and 

1918-1919, Simmons College; Special Instructor at various other times. 

Luella Dudley, Instructor in Chemistry. S.B., Simmons College, 1929. 

Formerly: Research Assistant in Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 

Society: Simmons College Academy. 

Blenda Christina Thormer, Special Instructor in Chemistry. S.B., Simmons College, 

1929. Additional course at Harvard, 1 93 1 . 
Formerly: Instructor in Chemistry, Science Hill School, Shelbyville, Kentucky, 1929- 


i 9 MI C R C S M 


"We hope that Economics will always be listed 
among the courses that have helped the Simmons grad- 
uates to understand and therefore to fulfill happily and 
usefully their part in the life of the community." 

Sara Henry Sliles 

Sara Henry Stites, Professor of Economics. A.B., Bryn 

Mawr College, 1899; A.M., 1900; Ph.D., 1904; Student 

in Economics, Geography and Ethnography at the Sor- 

bonne and at the College de France, 1 900-1 901; Uni- 
versity of Leipsic, 1 901 -1 902. 

Formerly: Co-principal of the Wilkes-Barre Institute, 

1 904-1912. 

Societies: American Economic Association; American Association for Labor Legisla- 
tion; Bryn Mawr Alumnae Association; Association of University Women; Massa- 
chusetts Council on Women and Children in Industry; Workers' Educational 
Bureau; and various social welfare organizations. 

Publications: Economics of the Iroquois, 1904; One of the authors of Five Hundred Practical 
Questions in Economics, 1916. 

Morris Friedberg, Assistant Professor of Economics. A.B., Harvard, 1914; A.M., Har- 
vard, 1924; Docteur de PUniversite de Paris, 1925. Additional study at London 
School of Economics and University of Berlin. 

Formerly: Instructor in French, American School, Tokyo, Japan; Instructor in Eco- 
nomics Department, Extension Division, University of California at Los Angeles; 
Personnel and Educational work with the Western Union Telegraph Company, 
New York City and other corporations in Baltimore and Los Angeles. 

Publication: L'influence de Charles Fourier sur la vie sociale contemporaine en France, 1925. 

Felix Ira Shaffner, Instructor in Economics. A.B., Harvard, 1925; A.M., Harvard, 

1926; Oxford, 1 925- 1 928; B.Litt., 1928, Ph.D., 1933. 
Formerly: Tutor and Instructor in Economics at Harvard, 1928- 1934; Technical 

Adviser, Investment Managers Co., N.Y.C., 1928; Statistician and Sales Analyst, 

General Motors Corporation, 1928. 

John William Fleming, Instructor in Economics . S.B., Harvard, 1930. 



"The immediate aims of the Department are to 
help the student to write well and to distinguish quality 
in literature. We hope to encourage her to make a habit 
of good reading and we try to present literature in such 
a way that she will find reading a pleasure. It is our con- 
viction that the study of both writing and reading 
broadens the student's personal experience and helps her 
to relate her own life to that of society past and present." 
— Robert Malcolm Gay 

Robert Malcolm Gay, Professor of English, Director of 
the School of English, and Dean of the Graduate Division. A.B. 
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1900; A.M., Columbia 
University, 1901; Litt.D., Dickinson College, 1912; 
Litt.D., Middlebury, 1931. 
Formerly: Various positions in secondary schools, 1 901- 1909; Goucher College, Balti- 
more, 1909-1918; Extension Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University, 1911-1918; 
Johns Hopkins Summer Sessions, 191 2- 19 16; Extension Lecturer, Courses for 
Teachers, Boston University, 1 921-1922; Visiting Lecturer, Harvard University, 
1905; Bread Loaf School of English, 1925-1927; Dean of Bread Loaf School, 
1930, 1931, 1932, 1933; Director, Writers' Conlerence, 1930-1931. 
Societies: New England Association of Teachers of English; English Lunch Club of 

Boston; Friday Club of Cambridge. 
Publications: Contributor to various magazines and reviews; and to Atlantic Classics, 
2nd series, etc.; Writing Through Reading; Fact, Fancy, and Opinion; College Book of 
Verse; Emerson: A Study of the Poet as Seer; College Book of Prose. 

Myra Coffin Holbrook, Associate Professor of English. A.B., Vassar College; A.M. 
Wesleyan University. 

Formerly: Instructor in English, Virginia College, Roanoke, Virginia; Wesleyan Acade- 
my, Wilbraham, Mass. 

Ida Alice Sleeper, Assistant Professor of English, A.M., Radcliffe College, 1904. 

Jane Gay Dodge, Assistant Professor of English. A.B. Radcliffe, 1904; A.M., Univer- 
sity of California, 1 9 14. 

Formerly: Instructor in English, Mills College, 1909-1912; Vassar College, 1914-1919; 
University of California Summer Session, 1914. 

Society: Phi Beta Kappa. 

Barbara Murray Howe, Assistant Professor of English. Graduate of Oxford Univer-' 
sity, England; A.M., Radcliffe College, 1919. 


Formerly: Instructor at Wheaton College, 1914-1915; Eastern Illinois State Normal 
School, 1915-1916. 

Jane Louise Mesick, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 
1909; A.M., Columbia University, 1913; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1921 ; 
Litt.D., Mount Holyoke College, 1930. 

Alban Bertram deMille, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., A.M., King's College; 
A.M., Harvard University, 1904. 

Formerly: Instructor in English, King's College, Nova Scotia; Head of History Depart- 
ment, Belmont School, Belmont, California; Head of English Department, 
Milton Academy, Milton, Mass., 192 1. 

Societies: Secretary of New England Association of Teachers of English; English 
Lunch Club of Boston; Friday Club of Cambridge. 

Publications: English Literature in the Nineteenth Century; American Poetry; Editions of Mid- 
summer Night's Dream, Julius Caesar, A Tale of Two Cities, The Cloister and the 
Hearth, Tom Brown's Schooldays, The Sketch Book, Three English Comedies. 

Alice Louise Crockett, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Radcliffe College, 1904; 
A.M., Radcliffe College, 191 1. 

Judith Matlack, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Smith College, 1920; A.M., 

Boston University, 1926. 
Formerly: Teacher of College Preparatory English at Miss Walker's School, Simsbury, 


Helen McGregor Noyes, Instructor in English and in Oral Expression. A.B. Radcliffe 

Feltus Wylie Sypher, Instructor in English. A.B., Amherst College, 1927; A.M., 
Tufts College, 1929; M.A., Harvard University, 1932. 

Lyle Kenneth Bush, Instructor in English and Art. A.B., University of Washington, 
1922; A.M., Harvard University. 

Doris Margarett Sutherland, Special Instructor in English. S.B., Simmons College. 

Alice Miriam Floyd, Special Instructor in English. B.A., Mount Holyoke College. 

Elspeth O'Halloran, Special Instructor in English. B.A., Smith College. 


i 9 


3 4 

History and Government 

" 'Studies,' says Francis Bacon, 'serve for delight, for 
ornament and for ability.' The study of history serves all 
these functions. In some of the schools it is, in addition, of 
immediate professional value. If the Department of 
History succeeds in bestowing on each student a key to 
the delights, it will have done something worth while. If 
it succeeds in encouraging a student to attain a sufficient 
familiarity with history to be an ornament among those 
of intellectual interests, it will have done something 
more. If it helps the student to increase her professional 
service and earn for herself a more generous living, it 
will have contributed directly to the purpose of the 
founder of the college." — Henry Maxwell Varrell 

Henry Maxwell Varrell, Professor of History and Government. A.B., Bowdoin Col- 
lege, 1897; A.M., Harvard University, 1909; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1912. 

Formerly: Instructor in University of New Mexico, 1897-1898; Instructor in University 
of Colorado, 1 899-1 901; Brooklyn Latin School, 1 901- 1902; Pueblo High School 
1 904- 1 908; Austin Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, 1 909-191 2. 

Societies: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; American Historical Association; 
New England History Teachers' Association, President, 191 7; American Political 
Science Associations; Medieval Academy of America; American Academy of 
Political and Social Science. 

George Nye Steiger, Associate Professor of History. A.B., Occidental College, Calif- 
ornia, 1906; A.M., Harvard University, 1914; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1923. 

Formerly: Professor of History and Government, St. John's University, Shanghai, 
China, 1906-1919; Assistant in History, Harvard University, 1919-1920; Rad- 
cliffe College, 1920-192 1. 

Societies: American Historical Association; American Academy of Political and Social 
Sciences; Member of Williamstown Institute of Politics, 1924-1928. 

Publications: A History of the Far East; China and the Occident. 

Warren Stenson Tryon, Instructor in History. A.B., Dartmouth College, 1923; A.M., 
Harvard University, 1924. 

Formerly: Professor of History, Iowa State University, and Ohio State University. 

Waldo Emerson Palmer, Instructor in History. A.B., Amherst College, 1921. 

Formerly: Instructor in History, Andover Academy, 1 921 -1922; Harvard University, 
1 923-1924; Wellesley College, 1924-1926, 1927-1928. 

Society: Delta Kappa Epsilon. 

Robert Carter Rankin, Instructor in History. Litt.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 
191 1; A.M., Harvard University, 1914; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1933. 

Formerly: Professor of History, Lucknow Christian College, India. 

Society: American Historical Association. 



Household Economics 

"Wouldn't it be interesting to know how many 
mothers, during the years of the depression, have hand- 
led their home-making problems with more intelligence 
and courage because they had help from the Home Eco- 
nomics instruction when they were in school or college, 
or from the community teaching provided by settlement 
houses and county extension workers? How many child- 
ren have been fed more nourishing food? How many 
children have gone to school, self-respecting and happy 
in good looking made-over clothes? How many mothers 
have looked upon adjustment to decreased income as a 
problem to be attacked with spirit? Statistics of this kind 
are impossible to secure but we all know case histories 
which provide vivid testimony to the social value of homemaking education." 

— Alice Frances Blood 

Alice Frances Blood, Professor of Dietetics and Director of the School of Household Eco- 
nomics. S.B., Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology, 1903; Ph.D., Yale University, 

Formerly: Private Assistant to Dr. S.P. Mullikin, 1903-1904; Instructor in Simmons 
College, 1904-1908; Assistant Professor of Chemistry in Simmons College, 1910- 
191 4; President, American Home Economics Association, 1922- 1924. 

Societies: Sigma Xi; Association of University Women; Association of the Women of 
the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology; American Home Economics Associa- 
tion; New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges; American 
Child Health Association; American Public Health Association; American Asso- 
ciation for the Advancement of Science. 

Publications: Some Peculiarities of the Proteolitic Activity of the Papain (with L. B. Mendel); 
The Erepsin of the Cabbage; Editor, Riverside Home Economics Texts. 

Ula May Dow, Professor of Household Economics, in charge of the Division of Foods. S.B., 
Kansas State Agricultural College, 1905; A.M., Columbia University, 1913; 
Additional courses at Framingham normal School, 1905- 1906. 

Formerly: Instructor at Kansas State Agricultural College, 1906-19 14; Head of the 
Department of Domestic Science at Kansas State Agricultural College, 19 14; 
Assistant Professor of Cookery, 1914-1918; Associate Professor, 1 918-1926; Pro- 
fessor, 1 929-. 

Societies: Phi Kappa Phi Chapter in Kansas State Agricultural College; Association of 
University Women; American Home Economics Association; National Education 
Association; American Child Hygiene Association; New England Home Eco- 
nomics Association. 



Margia Haugh Abbott, Associate Professor of Clothing, in charge of the Division of 
Clothing. Ph.B., Chicago University. 

Formerly: Instructor at Monroe, Michigan, High School; Instructor of Advanced 
Clothing, Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane, Washington; Clothing 
Specialist in the Home Economics Extension at University of Illinois; Junior 
Club Leader. 

Societies: American Home Economics Association; New England Home Economics 
Association; Alumnae Council of Chicago University. 

Publications: A revision of the Junior Club Bulletin, The Organization and Direction of 
Clothing Clubs; for University of Illinois Extension Service: Adapting Clothing De- 
sign to the Individual; The Adolescent Figure; Comparison of Commercial Patterns. 

Elizabeth May Goodrich, Associate Professor of Institutional Management, Emerita. 

Quindara Oliver Dodge (Mrs.), Associate Professor of Institutional Management and 
Supervisor of Vocational Practice. S.B., Michigan State College, 1918; S.M., Colum- 
bia University, 1922. 

Formerly: Chemist in charge, Food and Water Laboratory, The Pittsburgh Testing 
Laboratory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Dietitian, the New England Deaconess 
Hospital, Boston, Mass.; Director of Nutrition Department, the Children's Hos- 
pital, Boston; Executive, Thompson's Spa, Boston; Consultant, Foods and Nu- 
trition; Director of Vocational Training Department, Women's Educational and 
Industrial Union. 

Societies: Massachusetts Dietetic Association; American Dietetic Association, Presi- 
dent-elect, 1 932- 1 933. 

Publications: The American Dietetic Association Journal; The Trained Nurse and Hospital 

Marion B. Gardner, Assistant Professor of Design. Graduate of Pratt Institute, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1920; studied at the Art Institute in Chicago; New York School 
of Fine and Applied Arts, New York City; Paris University, Paris, 1929; Boston 
University, S.B., 1931, M.Ed., 1932. 

Formerly: Connected with Iowa State College, 1920- 1924; in charge of the Art De- 
partment, Connecticut State College, 1924- 1925. 

Societies: Member of the College Art Club. 

Nellie Maria Hord, Assistant Professor of Foods. S.B., Kansas State Agricultural 

College, 1 921 ; MA. , University of Chicago, 1927. 
Formerly: Instructor in Home Economics, Friends University, Wichita, Kansas, 1921; 

Instructor in Home Economics, Oklahoma University, 1921-1923. 
Societies: Phi Kappa Phi Chapter in Kansas State Agricultural College; American 

Home Economics Association; New England Home Economics Association. 


ig M I C R C S M ;; j 

Eleanor Sophia Davis, Instructor in Clothing. A.B., Wellesley College, [916; S.B., 
Simmons College, 1918; Summer work with Michel Jacobs, 1924; New York 
School of Fine and Applied Art, New York; School of Museum of Fine Arts, 

Formerly: Teacher of Domestic Art, Gloucester High School, Gloucester, Mass. 

Societies: New England Home Economics Association; Worcester Wellesley Club; 
Wellesley College Alumnae Association. 

Ruth Loring White, Special Instructor in Dietetics. S.B., Simmons College, 1919. 

Formerly: Dietitian, Family Welfare Society, New Bedford, Mass., 1919-1921; Nutri- 
tion Supervisor, Community Health Association, Boston, 1921-1925; Nutrition 
Supervisor, Forsyth Dental Infirmary, Boston, 1925-. 

Societies: American Home Economics Association; American Dietetic Association; 
Director, New England Home Economics Association; American Child Health 
Association; American Public Health Association; National Conference of Social 
Work; Boston Health Education Council. 

S. Agnes Donham, Special Instructor in Family Budgets. Boston Normal School of Cook- 
ery, 1894; Simmons College — One year study. 

Formerly: Teacher of Domestic Science in New Bedford, Mass.; Demonstrator, Teacher 
and Lecturer on Home Economics Subjects in the Y.W.C.A. of New Haven; In 
charge of the Housekeeping at the Vermont Sanitarium, Pittsford, Vermont; 
Social Service at Hale House, Boston; Teacher of Home Economics and Parish 
Worker for the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Hingham; In charge of House- 
hold Management Department at the Garland School of Home Making in Boston; 
Home Economics Lecturer and Associate Director of the Savings Division, First 
Federal Reserve District; Budget Service Director, Home Savings Bank; Admin- 
istrative Director, Garland School. 

Societies: Chairman, Neighborhood Kitchen Committee, Cathedral Church of St. 
Paul; Chairman, Finance, Woman's City Club; Comptroller, American Home 
Economics Association. 

Publications: Marketing and House Manual; Spending the Family Income; Magazine articles 
on Budget Making for the Home, and pamphlet on the same for the War Savings 

Ruth MacGregory, Instructor in Foods. S.B., Simmons College, 1921. 

Societies: Massachusetts Home Economics Association; New England Home Economics 
Association; American Home Economics Association. 

Lucy Ellis Fisher, Instructor in Foods. S.B., Simmons College. 

Formerly: Kitchen Superintendent, Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 
Boston; Assistant Director of Vocational Training, Women's Educational and 
Industrial Union, Boston. 

Societies: American Home Economics Association; Progressive Education Association. 

Sarah Curd Thames, Special Instructor in Institutional Management. S.B., Simmons 
College, 1930. 


Rachel Cecelia Knight, Instructor in Foods. A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1928; 

S.B., Simmons College, 1929. 
Societies: New England Home Economics Association; American Home Economics 

Association; Massachusetts Home Economics Association. 

Bertha Shapley Burke, Special Instructor in Dietetics. A.M. 

Cecilia Agnes McCarthy, Supervisor of Dietetic Practice. S.B., Simmons College, 191 7. 
Formerly: Administrative Dietitian at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital; Associate Director 

of Vocational Training at Women's Educational and Industrial Union, Boston, 

at present. 
Societies: American Dietetic Association; American Home Economics Association; 

New England Home Economics Association; Massachusetts Dietetic Association. 

i g MICRO C S M 3 4 

Landscape Architecture 

Anne Baker, Director of the School of Landscape Architecture. A.B., Vassal". 

Francis Head, Special Instructor in Landscape Architecture. S.B. University of Maine, 1918 
M.L.A., Harvard University, 1923. 

Formerly: Office of Arthur A. Shurcliff, Boston, 1923; Palos Verdes Estates, California, 
1924; Allmstead Brothers, Brookline, Mass., 1924-1929; Assistant Professor, Ohio 
State University, 1929; Instructor Harvard Summer School, 1929, 1930, 1931 . 

Robert Swan Sturtevant, Special Instructor in Design. A.B., M.L.A. 

Archibald James Thornton, Special Instructor in Landscape Architecture. Graduate of 

Dorothy May Anderson, Special Instructor in Landscape Architecture. 

John A. Parker, Special Instructor in Landscape Architecture, S.B., M.Arch. 


* 9 


3 4 

Library Science 

"A library might well adopt as its slogan 'The art 
preservative of all arts.' Through books the thoughts and 
accomplishments of the past and the present become 
part of the equipment of all who read them. 

"The field is so vast, and the readers so diverse, that 
to give the best service, organization of book collections 
and administration of them by people who are capable 
of bringing the right book to the right person at the right 
time have to be developed to a high degree of efficiency. 
"The function of a library school is to educate people 
in the art of giving this expert service. 

"Principles have been distilled from the experiences 
of many libraries over long periods, and methods of 
carrying out these principles in ways best adapted to the social and intellectual con- 
ditions of the day are always evolving. 

"Our School prepares for the various types of library work and gives especial at- 
tention to the fields of School libraries and Library work with boys and girls." 

— June Richardson Donnelly 
June Richardson Donnelly, Professor of Library Science and Director of the School of 
Library Science. S.B., University of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1895; B.L.S., New York 
State Library School, 1907. 
Formerly: Cataloguer and Reference Assistant, Cincinnati Public Library; Instructor 
in Library Science, Simmons College; Director of the Library School of Drexel 
Institute; Teacher of Library Economy, Washington Irving High School, New 
York City. 
Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; University of Cincinnati Alumni Association; American 
Library Association; Massachusetts Library Club; Association of American 
Library Schools; New York State Library School Association. 
Mary Elizabeth Hyde, Associate Professor of Library Science, A.B., Leland Stanford, 

Jr. University. 
Formerly: Editorial Assistant and Assistant Librarian, California Academy of Sciences; 
Chief Cataloguer, San Francisco Public Library; Instructor at Library School of 
the New York Public Library; Instructor at New York State Library School. 
Societies: American Library Association; Association of American Library Schools; 
Boston Chapter, Special Libraries Association; New York State Library School 
Nina Caroline Brotherton, Associate Professor of Library Science. A.B., Vassar Col- 
lege; A.M., Boston University; Graduate, School Library Science, Western Re- 
serve University. 
Formerly: Children's Librarian, Cleveland Public Library; Instructor in Story-Telling 


i g MI C R C S M , / 

and Librarian of Parents' and Teachers' Room, Cleveland Public Library; Head 
of Department of work with Schools, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; Principal of 
Carnegie Library School, Pittsburgh. 
Societies: American Library Association; Association of American Library Schools; 
Associate Alumnae Vassar College; Western Reserve Library School Alumnae 
Association; Carnegie Library School Alumnae Association; Vassar Club, Bos- 
ton; Massachusetts Library Club. 

Alice Lucile Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Library Science. A.B., Smith College; 

S.B., Simmons College. 
Formerly: Assistant Librarian at Radcliffe College Library; Assistant Librarian at 

Smith College Library. 
Societies: American Library Association; Massachusetts Library Club; Boston Chapter, 

Special Libraries Association; American Association of University Women; 

Alumnae Association of Smith College; Alumnae Association of Simmons College. 

Florence Tolman Blunt, Assistant Professor of Library Science. A.B., Mount Holyoke 

College; B.L.S., New York State Library School. 
Formerly: Reference Librarian and Classifier, Haverhill Public Library, 1903-1915; 

Instructor in Simmons College Summer School, 1910-1915. 
Societies: Sigma Theta Chi; American Library Association; Association of American 

Library Schools; Massachusetts Library Club; Boston Chapter Special Libraries 

Association; Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association; New York State Library 

School Association; College Club, Boston. 

Zoltan Haraszti, Special Instructor in the History of the Book. (Editor of Publications, 
Boston Public Library.) M.A., Harvard University; J.D., Francis Joseph Uni- 
versity' (Hungary) . 

Formerly: Engaged in Editorial Work on various Hungarian Newspapers and Maga- 

Society: American Library Association. 

Mary Elvira Kauffmann, Instructor in Library Science. A.B., Radcliffe College, 1920; 

S.B., Simmons College, 1926. 
Formerly: Instructor in Latin at Emma Willard School, Troy, N. Y.; Cataloguer, 

Princeton University Library. 
Societies: American Library Association; Radcliffe College Club of Boston; Massa- 
chusetts Library Club; Radcliffe College Alumnae Association. 
Margaret Elizabeth Davis, Instructor in Library Science. A.B., Wheaton College, 

1925; S.B., Simmons College, 1926. 
Formerly: Assistant in charge of Simmons College Library, Summer, 1927; Instructor 

in Summer School of Simmons College, 1929. 
Societies: American Library Association; Wheaton Alumnae Association; College Club, 

Haverhill; Boston Group of Cataloguers and Classifiers; New England Wheaton 

Club; Massachusetts Library Club. 



Eleanor Graves Brackett, Instructor in Library Science. S.B., Simmons College, 1927. 

Formerly: Assistant Cataloguer, Ohio State University, 1927-1929; Assistant Catalog- 
uer, Baker Library, Harvard University, 1 930-1 931; Cataloguer, Simmons Col- 
lege Library, 1931-1932. 

Society: Boston Simmons Club. 

Elizabeth Griffiths Parker, Assistant in Library Science. A.B., Boston University, 

1929; S.B., Simmons College, 1930. 
Society: American Library Association. 

i 9 


3 4 


"Mathematics has been defined as 'The science 
which draws necessary conclusions.' Its subject matter 
has two notable characteristics, its definiteness and its 
permanence. Mathematics is not surrounded or perme- 
ated by regions in which conclusions are a matter of 
opinion. It is permanent in the sense that, while it is con- 
tinually growing, it has not been necessary to funda- 
mentally alter or discard other portions on account of its 
growth. For the student, mathematics provides experi- 
ence in precise thinking and is a fertile field for the de- 
velopment of the habit of sustained attack for problems 
in general. A knowledge of the methods of mathematical 
analysis is of fundamental importance in the study of 
science, particularly in the expression and interpretation of its law 
tions of other facts from them." — Leland David Hemenway 
Leland David Hemenway, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics. A.. 

College; A.M., Harvard University. 
Formerly: Principal of Harrington High School, Maine; Second Lieutenant of Ord- 
nance Department, U. S. Army, 1918; Instructor in Physics, Simmons College, 
1919-1.923; Assistant Professor of Physics, Simmons College, 1923-1932. 
Societies: Lambda Chi Alpha; American Association for Advancement of Science; 
American Mathematical Society; American Association of Physics Teachers. 

and in the de 

., Colby 


Modern Languages 

"The courses of instruction in French, Spanish, 
German, and Italian aim to give, through the study of 
grammar, composition, and literature, a practical know- 
ledge of the languages adapted to the needs of the dif- 
ferent schools of the college; and in so far as that special 
purpose permits, to increase the students' knowledge and 
appreciation of the countries and peoples." 

— Reginald Rusden Goodell 
Reginald Rusden Goodell, Professor of Romance Lan- 
guages, and Chairman of the Department of Modern Lan- 
guages. A.B., A.M., Bowdoin College; Additional Courses 
Johns Hopkins University; The Sorbonne; L' Alliance 
Fran c ais. 

Formerly: Instructor at Bowdoin College; Instructor at Massachusetts Institute of 

Societies: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Modern Language Association; 

Salon Francais de Boston; Engineers' Club; The University Club; Club Espafiol; 

The Academy; Association of University Professors. 
Publications: Editor of V Enfant Espion and Other Stories. 

Bertha Reed Coffman, Associate Professor of German. Ph.B., De Pauw University, 
1898; A.M., 1900; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1913; Universities of Berlin and 
Zurich, 1 902- 1 904; Bryn Mawr College, Fellow in Teutonic Philology, 1906- 
1907; University of Chicago, Scholarship in Germanics, 191 1-1913. 

Formerly: Decatur, Illinois, High School; Girls' Latin School, Baltimore, Maryland, 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Illinois; University of Montana, University 
Extension Lecturer; Grinnell College, Acting Assistant Professor German; Uni- 
versity College of the University of Chicago; University Extension Lecturer of 
the Department of Education of Massachusetts. 

Societies: American Association of University Professors; New England Association of 
Colleges and Secondary Schools; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Associate Editor of 
The German Quarterly; Secretary of the Anglo-German Section of the Modern 
Language Association of America. 

Publications: The Influence of Solomon Gessner upon English Literature; The Influence of Eng- 
lish Literature upon Friederich von Hagedom; Handwork Instruction for Boys; translation 
from the German of Alwan Pabst; articles in Modern Language Journal, Modern 
Language Notes, The German Quarterly, Monatshefte fur deutschen Unterricht, and 
Journal of the American Association of University Women; translations of numerous 
articles, Co-editor of an edition of Sapper's Die Familie Pfaffling. 


Eva Louise Marguerite Mottet (Brevet Supefieur), Associate Professor of Ro- 
mance Languages . A.M., Radcliffe College, College of Montebeliard, France. 

Fqrmerly: Instructor, Wellesley College. 

Marion Edna Bowler, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. A.B., University of 
Idaho, 1909; A.M., Radcliffe College, 1912; University of Paris; Guilde Inter- 
national; University of Grenoble, France. 

Formerly: Instructor in French, Simmons College, 1905- 1908; Head French Teacher, 
Kent Place, Summit, New Jersey, 1910-1911; Instructor in French, Wellesley 
College, 1911-1912. 

Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; Gamma Phi Beta; American Association of Teachers of 

Publications: Articles in The Nation; The Position of Romain Rolland; In Defence of Romain 
Rolland; Stories by Contemporary French Novelists. 

Edith Fishtine, Assistant Professor of Spanish. A.B., Boston University, 1925; Universi- 
ty of Paris, 1925- 1926; Bryn Mawr, 192 7- 1930; Rubel Fellow in Madrid, 1930- 
1931; Ph.D. 

Manfred Klein, Instructor in German. A.B., College of the City of New York, 1925; 
A.M., Columbia University; Graduate study in Germany, 1927-1929. 

Henrietta Littlefield, Special Instructor in German. B.A., Wellesley, 1912; M.A., 
Wellesley, 1918; Graduate Work at Radcliffe. 

Formerly: Instructor in German at Miss Madeira's School, Washington, D. C; In- 
structor in German and Art Appreciation, Bradford Junior College, Bradford, 
Mass., Instructor in German, Art, and Assistant Principal, Ferry Hall, Lake 
Forest, Illinois; Instructor in German, Wellesley College; Director of Copley 
House, Boston. 

Societies: Tau Zeta Epsilon; Wellesley Alumnae Association; American Association of 
University Women; Boston College Club; Fellowship of Reconciliation; American 
Association of Teachers of German; Secretary Deutsche Tafelrunde. 

Publications: Co-editor of an edition of Sapper's Die Familie Pfaffling; article in Wellesley 
Magazine The German Stage. 

i 9 


3 4 


"The young woman who chooses nursing for a pro- 
fession has as her particular task the relief of suffering, 
the prevention of unnecessary disease and premature 
death, and the improvement of health. To meet this 
challenge she must be both a scientist and an artist, 
combining the rigid discipline of scientific study with the 
vision and ingenuity of the artist. Her work in the class- 
room and laboratory is tested by training in a hospital. 
Here she learns many techniques that become almost 
rhythmical, but, at the same time, she learns to be con- 
tinually ready for new problems that demand more than 
routine solution. The responsibilities placed on the 
nursing student are heavy, but the reward is the deep 
satisfaction which comes from being a public servant and from having cast one's lot 
with the many whose quest is a healthier, happier society." — Marjory Stimson 

Marjory Stimson, Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing, and Acting Director of the 
School of Public Health Nursing. A.B., Smith College, igi8; Massachusetts General 
Hospital of Nursing, 1921; S.B., Simmons College, 1922. R.N. 

Formerly: Community Nursing, Wellfleet and Truro, Massachusetts, 1922-1923; Ohio 
County Maternity and Infancy Association, Wheeling, West Virginia, 1923-1925; 
Nursing Field Representative, American Red Cross, 1925-1928; Associate Direc- 
tor, National Organization for Public Health Nursing, New York City, 1 928- 1 930 ; 
Instructor Public Health Nursing, Teachers College, Columbia University, 

I930-I93 2 - 

Societies: National League for Nursing Education; American Nurses Association; Na- 
tional Organization for Public Health Nursing; National Committee for Mental 
Hygiene; Smith College Alumnae Association. 

Rufus Whitaker Stimson, Special Instructor in Rural Problems. A.B., Harvard Uni- 
versity; B.D., Yale. 

Marie Lois Donohoe, Lecturer on Mental Hygiene. A.B., Smith College, 1905. 
Formerly: Psychiatric Social Worker, Worcester State Hospital, 1915-1917; Head of 

Social Service Department, Boston State Hospital, 191 7-1925; Mental Health 

Supervisor, Community Health Association, 1926-. 

Henry Byron Elkind, Lecturer on Mental Hygiene. M.D., Tufts College Medical 

School, 1915; Dr. P. H., Harvard School of Public Health. 
Formerly: Private practice, Worcester, 1916-1922; Assistant Physician, State Hospital 

for Mental Diseases, Howard, Rhode Island, 1922-1923; Medical Director, 


i 9 


3 4 

Massachusetts Society for Mental Hygiene, 1925-; Assistant in Mental Hygiene, 
Harvard School of Public Health, 1926-. 

Ethel M. Fletcher, Lecturer on Social Case Work. A.B. 

Katherine Hitchcock, R.N., Instructor in Public Health Nursing. Diploma, School of 
Nursing, Children's Hospital, Boston, 1920; S.B., Simmons College, 1925. 

Formerly: School Nurse and Instructor of Hygiene in High School, Proctor, Vermont, 
1921-1923; School Nurse and Health Instructor, State Normal School, Plymouth, 
New Hampshire, 1925-1926; Assistant to Director of Out-Patient Department, 
Children's Hospital, Boston, 1926- 1929. 

Societies: National Organization for Public Health Nursing; American Nurses' Associ- 
ation; Massachusetts State Nurses' Association; Children's Hospital Alumnae 
Association; The College Club. 

M. Luise Diez, Lecturer on Public Health Administration. M.D. 

Helen Wood, R.N., Special Instructor in Nursing Education. A.M. 

Physical Training 

"Physical education in the colleges should give each 
student such supervision, instruction, and experience as 
will enable her to understand her own health possibilities, 
and therefore, enable her to plan intelligently her own 
policy of health control. She should know how to secure 
and to conserve her own health while in college, and later 
as a graduate know how to become a factor in the ad- 
vancement in health of her community." 

— Florence Sophronia D iall 

Florence Sophronia Diall, Associate Professor of Physi- 
cal Training. Graduate of Sargent Normal School of 
Physical Education; Woods Hole Marine Laboratory; 
De Pauw University. 

Formerly: Physical Director, Y.W.C.A., Terre Haute, Indiana; Instructor, Vassar 

Societies: American Physical Education Association; Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Verda Leach, Instructor in Physical Training. Graduate of Sargent School of Physical 
Education, 1923. 


Philosophy, Psychology and Education 

"The various courses offered by the Department in 
Psychology and Philosophy aspire to answer in a broad 
but significant way the question, What is man that Thou 
art mindful of him? Insofar as that question is answered 
is the student prepared to deal with the perplexing prob- 
lems of life and to make an indispensable contribution to 
the thought of her time. Each course aims in its unique 
way to eradicate prejudice and whatever impedes social 
adjustment, to stimulate frankness and mental honesty, 
and to quicken the appreciation of the possibilities of 
man in shaping the society in which he lives. The courses 
in Education deal with the techniques and devices 
necessary to the attainment of these broadly conceived 
ends." — Harrison Leroy Harley 
Harrison Leroy Harley, Professor of Psychology. S.B., University of Pennsylvania, 

191 1; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1921. 
Formerly: Instructor in Psychology, Pennsylvania State College, 1 914- 191 5; Teaching- 
Assistant and Research Student, Psychological Laboratory, University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1912-1914; State Psychologist, Lincoln State School and Colony, Illin- 
ois, 1915-1917; Chief Psychologist of Division of the Criminologist and the Insti- 
tute for Juvenile Research, Illinois, 191 7-192 1; Lecturer at the Massachusetts 
General Hospital; Consulting Psychologist, Mooseheart, Illinois; Lecturer on 
Social Psychology, Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers in Industry; 
Member Board of Control, Boston Trade Union College. 
Societies: American Psychological Association; American Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science; Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology; American Assoc- 
iation for University Professors; World Alliance for International Friendship. 
Publications: Clinical Studies of Atypical Children; The Illinois Commitment Law for the 

Feeble- Minded; Tests for Clerical Employees. 
Antoinette Roof, Professor of Education, Emerita. Courses at Teachers College, 19 14. 
Formerly: Instructor at Royal Normal College for the Blind, London, 1894- 1897; 
Principal, School of Practice, Framingham State Normal School, 1906-1912; 
Instructor at Simmons College, 1912-1917; State Leader, Urban Extension 
Work, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1917-1919. 
Societies: American Economics Association; New England Economics Association; 
Boston Framingham Club; Boston Women's City Club; Women's Educational 
and Industrial Union; American Homemakers, Inc. 
Albert Josiah Harris, Instructor in Psychology. A.B., Harvard University, 1928; 
M.A., Harvard University, 1930; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1930. 

M I C R <> C <> S M ■; , 

Formerly: Instructor in Psychology, Purdue Univei il 1930 1931; In tructoi in Psy- 
chology, Purdue University, Summei Session, 1931. 

Societies: Phi Delta Kappa; American Association foi the Advancemenl of Science; 
Associate, American Psychological Association. 

Payson Miller, Special Instructor in Psychology. B \ .. Go hi n College, Indiana, 1918; 

M.A., University of Chicago, 1921; Hartford Seminar) Foundation, 1924-1926; 

S.T.B., Harvard University, 1928; Graduate Student in Philosophy and P 

ogy, Harvard University, 1928-1929, [930-1931. 
Formerly: Teacher in public schools of Indiana, [912-1916; \ 1 tanl Pn fi oi 'I Edu- 

cation, Bluffton College, Ohio, 1921-1924; with Amei it an Friei 1 

mittee in France, 1919-1920; in charge of churches al Waverle) and Wayland, 

Massachusetts, 1926-. 
Societies: Phi Delta Kappa; National Council for the Prevention "I Wai ; A o< iation <>( 

Ministers in and about Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Bancroft Beatley, Lecturer on Education. A.B., Harvard University, 1915; M.A.. 
Harvard University, 1916; Ed.D., Harvard University, 1923. 

Elmer Dalton West, Special Instructor in Psychology. A.B., Ohio University. 

Howard Eugene Wilson, Special Instructor in Education. Ph.B.. A.M., Ed.D. 

i 9 


3 4 


"As a cultural study, physics with its methods of ob- 
servation and correlation and its systems of explanations 
helps in answering the questions Why and How as re- 
lated to one's everyday experiences in the material 
world. As a technical study for our students in science, 
physics in addition to answering the Why and How 
should guide in the search for the answer to the question 
How Much. Physics laboratory experience should de- 
velop manual dexterity and the ability to make both 
physical and mental observations with precision and 
without prejudice. The student of physics should at least 
acquire sufficient self-propelled interest in modern 
scientific developments as reported in newspaper and 
magazine articles and in the semi-technical books to learn that 'Co(s)mic Rays' are 
not just some of Will Rogers' jokes and that 'The Transmutation of the Elements' is 
not a problem of the Rapid Transit Company." — James Mead Hyatt 

James Mead Hyatt, Professor of Physics. A.B., Cornell University, 1918; Ph.D., 

Cornell University, 1922. 
Formerly: Instructor in Physics, Cornell University, 191 8- 1922; Instructor in Physics, 

Union College, 1922-1924; Assistant Professor, Union College, 1924-1929; 

Associate Professor, Union College, 1 929-1 931. 
Societies: American Physical Society; American Association for the Advancement of 

Science; American Association of Physics Teachers; American Association of 

University Professors; Sigma Xi. 
Publications: Photoelectric Effect in Vacuum Tubes; Secondary Electron Emission; Distribution 

of Electrons in Vacuum Tubes. 
Leslie Lyle Campbell, Professor of Physics, Emeritus. A.M., Ph.D., Washington and 

Lee University; A.M., Harvard University. 
Formerly: Assistant in Mathematics, Washington and Lee University; Assistant in 

Physics, Harvard University; Professor of Physics, Westminster. 
Societies: Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Association for 

Advancement of Science; American Physical Society; Eastern Association of 

Physics Teachers; Phi Beta Kappa; Societe Francaise de Physique; National Re- 
search Council Committee; Societa Italiana di Fisca. 
Publications: Thompson Effect; Nernst Effect in Iron; Thermo- Electric Heterogenity in Alloys, 

etc.; Disintegration of the Alumnnum Cathode; Galvanomagnetic and Thermanagnetic 

Effects, etc.; Hall Effect, etc. 
Howard Oliver Stearns, Assistant Professor of Physics. S.B., Dartmouth College, 

191 5; S.M., Dartmouth College, 191 7. 


/ g M I C R O C S M ■ i 

Formerly: Instructor in Simmons ( lollege, 1917-1918; Assistant Vh) icist, U. S. Bureau 
of Standards, Washington, D. C, [918-1919; Physicist .>i Mayo ( linii R 
Minnesota, 1919-1924; Research Assistant and Graduate Student, Yale Uni- 
versity, [924-1925; Assistant Professor in Physics, 1926; Graduate Student, Har- 
vard Summer School, 1931; Consulting Physicist, Massachu ett General Hos- 
pital, since [928. 

Societies: American Association for the Advancement "I Si ieni e; Amerit an \ 
of Physics Teachers. 

Publications: Testing of Airspeed Meters; Radium {Neu and Non-official Remedies A.M. A. . 

Carl August Pearson, Assistant Professor of Physics. A.B., Harvard University, 1925; 

A.M., Harvard University, 1930. 
Formerly: Research Work at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmai . | 1928, and 

1930; Instructor in Mathematics and Physics at the Franklin Union. Boston, 

Societies: American Physical Society; American Association <>l I'li\>i<- 1 

American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

Raymond Kenneth Jones, Assistant Professor of Physics. S.B.. Bates College, 1925; 

S.M., Harvard University, 1931 . 
Formerly: Assistant in the Department of Physics and Assistant in Mathematics at 

Bates College, 1924-1925. 

Lula Joslin Gay (Mrs.), Special Instructor in Physics. A.B., Brown University. 1905; 

A.M., Brown University, 1906. 
Formerly: Instructor in Physics at Smith College and at Goucher ( 1 illege. 


Secretarial Studies 

"I am sure it is the earnest hope of every instructor in 
the School of Secretarial Studies that when each gradu- 
ate leaves college and secures a position in the business 
world she will have acquired a fundamental basis for 
further cultural improvement, a mastery of technical 
skills, a broad knowledge of general and business facts, a 
willingness to assume responsibility, a high aim of pur- 
pose, and a will to succeed. With this equipment she 
should not only be successful in her business life but 
should have that satisfaction which accompanies a feeling 
of usefulness to the community. — Edward Henry Eldridge 
Edward Henry Eldridge, Professor of Secretarial Studies 
and Director of the School of Secretarial Studies. A.M., 
Temple University, 1903; Ph.D., Temple University, 1907; Special Work in Psychol- 
ogy at University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Clark University; two 
years at Amherst College. 
Formerly: Secretary to President Conwell, Temple University; Professor of Psychology, 

Temple University; Director of School of Business, Temple University. 
Societies: Delta Upsilon; Pi Gamma Mu; President of the Eastern Commercial Teach- 
ers' Association, 1912-1913; Secretary of the National Shorthand Reporters' As- 
sociation, 1912-1914; Vice-President of the National Shorthand Reporters' Asso- 
ciation, 1 926- 1 92 7; Honorary Member of Pennsylvania Shorthand Reporters' 
Association; New York State Shorthand Reporters' Association; Massachusetts 
Chapter National Shorthand Reporters' Association; National Office Manage- 
ment Organization; American Management Association; National Association 
Commercial Teacher Training Institutions; Member of Board of Regents; Ameri- 
can Institute for Secretaries. 
Publications: Hypnotism, 1902; Shorthand Dictation Exercise, 1909; Expert Typewriting (co- 
author with Miss Rose L. Fritz), 191 2; Business Speller, 191 3; Essentials of Expert 
Typewriting (co-author with Miss Fritz and Miss Craig), 1919; New Shorthand Dicta- 
tion Exercises (assisted by Robert M. Gay), 1922; New Expert Typewriting (co- 
author with Miss Craig and Miss Fritz), 1929; Manual and Guide for New Expert 
Typewriting, 1932. 

Wallace Manahan Turner, Professor of Accountancy. A.B., Harvard University, 

1891 ; A.M., Harvard University, 1896. 
Formerly: Teacher in Worcester High School, 1891-1896; Volkmann School, Boston, 

1896-1909; English High, Providence, Rhode Island, 1909-1918. 

Helen Goller Adams (Mrs.), Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies A.B., Wellesley 
College; S.B., Simmons College. 



Society: Eastern Commercial Teachers' Association. 

Jennie Blakeney Wilkinson, Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies. S.B., Simmons 
College; M.Ed., Harvard University. 

Societies: Simmons College Academy; Pi Lambda Theta; Harvard Teachers' Associa- 
tion; Eastern Commercial Teachers' Association. 

Eula Gertrude Ferguson, Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies. A.B., Wellesley 
College; S.B., Simmons College. 

Flora McKenzie Jacobs, Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies. Simmons College, 

1909-191 1. 
Formerly: Private Secretary, 1911-1914. 
Societies: Simmons College Academy; New England Penmanship Association; Eastern 

Commercial Teachers' Association. 

Kathleen Berger (Mrs.), Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies. Bowling Green Uni- 
versity, 1916; Ohio State University, Summer School, 1925; S.B., Boston Uni- 
versity, i93i;M.Ed., 1932. 

Viola Grace Engler, Assistant Prof essor of Secretarial Studies . S.B., Simmons College, 

1922; M.B.A., Boston University, 1932. 
Formerly: Assistant in Secretarial Studies, Simmons College, 1922- 1923; Instructor in 

Secretarial Studies, Simmons College, 1923-1924; Instructor in Secretarial 

Science, Skidmore College, 1924-1925. 
Society: Pi Gamma Mu. 

Clare Louise Sweeney, Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies. A. B., Radcliffe, 1917; 

S.B., Simmons College, 1921; Ed.M., Boston University, 1931. 
Society: National Office Management Association. 

Isabella Kellock Coulter (Mrs.), Instructor in Secretarial Studies. A.B., Radcliffe 
College, 1922; S.B., Simmons College, 1925. 

Helena Veronica O'Brien, Special Instructor in Commercial Law. S.B., Simmons Col- 
lege, 1915; LL.B., Boston University, 1925. 

Societies: Member of the Massachusetts Bar; Massachusetts Association of Women 
Lawyers; Women's City Club. 

Tilly Svenson Dickinson (Mrs.), Instructor in Secretarial Studies. S.B., Simmons Col- 
lege, 1 91 9. 

Formerly: Instructor in Secretarial Studies, Margaret Morrison Division, C.I.T., 1919- 
1920; Simmons College, 1920-1922. 

Agnes Elizabeth Conwell, Instructor in Secretarial Studies. A.B., Wellesley, 1924; 
S.B., Simmons College, 1926. 

i g MICROCOSM 3 4 

Formerly: Edison Electric Illuminating Company of Boston; Assistant in Secretarial 

Studies, Simmons College. 
Societies: Agora Society of Wellesley; Boston Wellesley Club; Coenonia Club of Somer- 


Hazel Ruth Northridge, Instructor in Secretarial Studies . S.B., Simmons College, 1926. 
Formerly: Maiden Commercial School, Maiden; Assistant in Secretarial Studies, Sim- 
mons College. 

Dorothy May Ford, Instructor in Secretarial Studies. S.B., Simmons College, 1928. 

Elin Frances Sondergard, Instructor in Secretarial Studies. S.B., Simmons College, 

r 929- 
Harriet Carolyn Dorsey, Assistant in Secretarial Studies. S.B., Simmons College, 



Social Economy 

"Simmons College was the first to offer a four-year 
programme in social service leading to the degree of 
Bachelor of Science. As the profession evolved the 
School changed its methods but certain basic principles 
have always governed it: specialized training on a basis 
of theory and practice; training in public as well as pri- 
vate service; education in prevention; and above all, 
the idea of service. 

"The School believes that scholarly attitudes are not 
incompatible with simplicity and common sense and 
that the test of a professional social worker is his ability 
to give himself in intelligent, skillful and disinterested 
service to others." — Katherine Davis Hardwick 

Katherine Davis Hardwick, Professor of Social Economy and Director of the School of 

Social Work. A.B., Boston University, 1907. 
Formerly: District Secretary, Boston Associated Charities; Director of Field Service, 

American Red Cross, New England Division. 
Societies: Phi Beta Kappa; American Association of Social Workers; President of 

Massachusetts State Conference of Social Work, 1928-1929. 

Jeffrey Richardson Brackett, Professor of Social Economy, Emeritus. A.B., Harvard 
University, 1883; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1889. 

Eva Whiting White (Mrs.), Professor of Social Economy. S.B., Simmons College, 1907. 

Formerly: Assistant Secretary, Associated Charities, Salem, Mass., 1908-1909; Head 
Worker of Elizabeth Peabody House, 1909-; General Director, Community 
Service, Inc., 1918; Massachusetts Board of Education, in charge of work for 
women and girls in the Vocational Department, 19 10; Director of the Extended 
Use of the Public Schools, City of Boston, igi2-igi8; Survey Staff of General 
Education Board, 191 4- 191 5; Lecturer at Bryn Mawr College, 191 7- 1928; 
Director of School of Social Work, Simmons College, 1922-1929; President, 
Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 1929-. 

Herbert Collins Parsons, Special Instructor in Law and Public Administration. (Massa- 
chusetts Commission on Probation) Boston University Law School. 

Formerly: Member of Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1896- 1898; Member of 
Massachusetts Senate, 1899; Member of State Commission on Probation; Trustee 
of the Wrentham State School. 

Societies: National Conference of Social Work; Massachusetts Conference of Social 
Work; Massachusetts Society for Mental Hygiene; National Committee for Men- 
tal Hygiene. 


i g MICROCOSM 3 4 

Karl Murdock Bowman, Special Instructor in Social Psychiatry. A.B., Washburn Col- 
lege, igog; M.B., University of California, 1913. 

Formerly: Assistant Physician, Bloomingdale Hospital, igi5-ig2i; Captain of the Med- 
ical Corps, U. S. Army, 1917-1919; Chief Medical Officer, Boston Psychopathic 
Hospital, 192 1-; Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry, Boston University School of 
Medicine; Attending Specialist in Neuropsychiatry, U. S. Veterans Bureau, ig22; 
Chief Medical Officer, Psychopathic Hospital. 

Kate McMahon, Instructor in Social Economy. Connecticut State Normal, igo5; 
School of Social Work, igio. 

Formerly: Director of Social Service Department, Boston Dispensary; Associate Di- 
rector of House Service, New England Division of American Red Cross; Director 
of Hospital Social Service, American Red Cross; Educational Secretary, Ameri- 
can Association of Hospital Social Workers. 

Societies: American Association of Social Workers; National Conference of Social 
Workers; American Association of Hospital Social Workers. 

Edith M. H. Baylor (Mrs.), Instructor in Social Economy. (Supervision of Study and 
Training, Children's Aid Association) . 

Formerly: Supervisor of Foster Home Care, Children's Aid Association, igi5-ig25; 
Judge Basker Foundation, special study; Child Welfare League of America, sur- 
veys and reorganization work. 

Grace Thompson Wills, Supervision of Community Field Work. A.B., Boston University, 
1 914; Director of Lincoln House. 

Harriett Louise Parsons, Instructor in Social Economy. S.B., Simmons College, 1930. 
Societies: American Association of Social Workers; American Association of Psychi- 
atric Social Workers. 

Howard Frank Root, Lecturer on Medical Information. A.B., Harvard University, 
1913; M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1919. 

Frances Stern, Lecturer on Dietetics in Social Service. 

Harold Coe Stuart, Lecturer on Medical Information. Litt.B., Princeton University, 
1914; M.D., Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1918. 

Alice Channing, Supervisor of Special Studies, School of Social Work. A.M., S.M. 



3 4 

Store Service Education 

"The Prince School of Store Service Education pre- 
pares its graduates for all types of executive positions 
open to women in department stores. Students taking the 
course are placed in stores about half the time to observe, 
participate, and report. This store work includes guided 
study of store operations and actual experience, includ- 
ing executive experience, as store employees. The 
School's plan of having its students work in different 
stores and compare information in the class room under 
expert guidance gives the students a great advantage. 
This technical education qualifies them to accept execu- 
tive positions in personnel, merchandising, or sales pro- 
motion divisions of department stores. They are also 
qualified to conduct courses in retail selling in high and continuation schools." 

— Lucinda Wyman Prince 
Lucinda Wyman Prince (Mrs.), Professor of Store Service Education and Director of the 
Prince School of Store Service Education. A.B., Mills College, California, 1920; Gradu- 
ate of Framingham Normal School; three years at Wellesley College; three 
months' study of Vocational Schools in Germany, France, Belgium, and England. 
Formerly: Teacher in the Gilman School, Cambridge, Mass.; Teacher in the Haverhill 

Training School for Teachers. 
Societies: Shakespeare Society, Wellesley College; 47 Workshop, Harvard University; 
Women's City Club, Boston; Life Member of the Women's Educational and 
Industrial Union; Life Member of the Appalachian Mountain Club of Boston; 
Gamma Epsilon Pi. 
Sherred Willcox Adams, Assistant Professot of Educational Psychology. S.B., Columbia 

University, 191 2. 
Formerly: Acting Principal of the Oak Lane Country Day School, Philadelphia; Prin- 
cipal of the Prospect Hill School, Trenton, New Jersey, 191 8. 
Irene McAllister Chambers, Assistant Professor of Store Service Education, and Assistant 
to the Director of the Prince School of Store Service Education. Ph.B., Denison University; 
M.A., Columbia University, 1923; S.B., Simmons College, 1928. 
Ruth Bachelder Friedberg, Assistant Professor of Store Service Education. A.B., Vassar 

College, 1923; M.S., Simmons College, 1924. 
Formerly: Supervisor of System Training, Jordan Marsh Company, Boston, 1924- 1926. 
Jessie Mildred Stuart, Instructor in Store Service Education. Certificate, Wheaton 

College, 1916-1918; Prince School, 1920-1921, S.B. 
Formerly: Salesmanship Instructor, Birmingham Board of Education, Birmingham, 
Alabama, 1921-1923; Educational Department, R. H. White Company, Boston, 

Edmund Philip Learned, Lecturer on the Economics of Business. A.M., M.B.A. 

5 1 

i 9 


3 4 

Among the Alumnae 

Officers, 1933-34 

President .... Eleanor Hayward, 72A Abbott Rd., Wellesley Hills 
Vice-President . Anita Clark Bates, 2464 Pawtucket Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Honorary Vice-President . . Charlotte Gove, 1023 Main St., Melrose Highlands 
Secretary . . . Emily Woodward Fleming, 74 Mt. Vernon St., Boston 
Executive Secretary .... Marjorie L. Shea, Simmons College, Boston 
Treasurer Viola G. Engler, Simmons College, Boston 

C Beulah Havens Francis, 990 Center St., Newton Center 
Directors 1 Geneva Daland, 14 Pearl St., Wakefield 

[ Lucy E. Fisher, Simmons College, Boston 


Bridgeport Anna McCarthy 

Hartford Alice Broadbent 

District of Columbia 

Washington G. Gladys Gordon 


Northern Illinois Emily Clark Spooner 


Portland Hester Skillin Curtis 


Boston Esther Keliher Drummey 

Connecticut Valley Marion Lindsey Loomis 

Worcester Mildred Collins 


Detroit 1 . . Irene Rau 

New Jersey 

New Jersey Louise Johnson Maguire 

New York 

New York City Hilda Tangring 

Rochester Priscilla Lees Cummings 

Westchester County Lucy Gomez Oeder 

Western New York Edna Beltz Landers 


Cleveland Aileen Page 


Philadelphia Grace Gaffney Flynn 

Rhode Island 
Rhode Island Margaret McDowell Monroe 



.^■ ; 4^-V^V ,:.-' : . ;;■'"■■' 


i or s 

' r "~"' 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

Class of Nineteen Thirty-Four 


President Masiox Mason 

Vice-President Dorothy Justis 

f Ada Berning 

Secretary | Carolyn O'Leary 

Treasurer • Beatrice Parker 

Song Leader Beatrice Vernon 

[ Helen Griffin 

Student Government Representatives | Sidney Stanton 


Household Economics 

Secretarial . 


General Science 

Physical Education 



Class Colors. 
Class Mascot 

Gertrude Austin 

Harriet Bates 

Alice Chamberlin 

Dorothy Hayes 

Sally Bassett 

Elizabeth DiPesa 

. Mary Barry 

Red and White 
Scotch Terrier 

i 9 


3 4 

Honorary Members 

Waldo Emerson Palmer 

Carl August Pearson 

Robert Carter Rankin 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



200 Riverway 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Choate School Social Work 



6o Columbia Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

rookline High School Secretarial Studies 



20 Homestead Street 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School 

General Science 


"Dot" "Andy" 

1043 Lancaster Avenue 

Syracuse, New York 

Nottingham High School Household Economics 

Household Fomimiics Representative J: Waitress, Freshman- 
Junior Wedding 2; Chairman, Freshman-Sophomore Valen- 
tine Party 2; Usher, Junior Prom 2; Fire Captain, West 
House 3; Waitress, Class Day 3; Usher, Commencement 3; 
Waitress, Senior Supper 3; Formal Dinner Committee 3; 
Waitress, Senior-Transfer Tea 4; Hobo Party Committee 4. 


i 9 


3 4 



51 Lyman Street 

Waltham, Massachusetts 

Waltham High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A.A. 1; Y.W.C.A. 2; Daisy Chain 3; 
Usher, Commencement 4. 



Cotuit, Massachusetts 

Hyannis High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club 1; Waitress, Class Day 3; Usher, Commence- 
ment 3; Daisy Chain 3. 


"Liz" "Lizzie" 

1 01 Greenvale Avenue 
Yonkers, New York 
Chicopee High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Archery 1, 3, 4; Dormitory Council 1 ; 
Dramatic Club 1, 2; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4; Shush Committee 3; 
Unity Council Representative 4. 



118 East Ninth Street 

Holland, Michigan 

Hope College Household Economics 

Home Ec Club 

1 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 


21 Stratton Street 

Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Simmons College Prince School 

Treasurer, Menorah Society 2, 3. 


5008 Greenwood Avenue 
Chicago, Illinois 
radford Academy 



1 1 5 West Street 

Mansfield, Massachusetts 

Mansfield High School Household Economics 

Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Scout Club 1, 2; Waitress, Sophomore 
Luncheon 1 ; Class Basketball Team 2, 4; Class Baseball Team 
2; Group Leader 3; Junior Welcome Committee 3; Chair- 
man, Y.W.C.A. Picnic Supper 3; Waitress, Senior Class 
Day 3; Waitress, Senior Banquet 3; Home Ec Club 3, 4; 
Y.W.C.A. Tea Chairman 4; Freshmen-Senior Committee 4; 
Household Economics Representative 4. 



65 Home Avenue 

Middletown, Connecticut 

Middletown High School 

Glee Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 
vice Play at Lincoln House 3. 

Social Work 
Fire Captain 3; Social Ser- 

i 9 


3 4 


74 Glendale Road 
Sharon, Massachusetts 
Newton High School Secretarial Studies 

Christian Science Organization i ; Competitive Plays i ; Bas- 
ketball i, 3; Treasurer, Christian Science 2; Dramatic Club 
Annual Play 2, 3; Chairman, Christian Science 3; Reader, 
Christian Science 4; Chairman of Activities, Dramatic Club 

310 Massachusetts Avenue 
Arlington, Massachusetts 
High School Secretarial Studies 


Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1 ; 
Freshmen-Senior Tea 1 ; Sophomore Valentine Party 2 ; 
Academy 3, 4; Secretarial School Representative 3; New- 
man Club Executive Board 3; Cap and Gown Committee 3; 
Daisy Chain 3; Hostess, Class Day 3; Secretary, Academy 4; 
Secretary, Newman Club 4; College Voucher 4. 


East Sandwich, Massachusetts 
Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education 

Physical Education 

Executive Board 4. 



Duxbury, Massachusetts 

Duxbury High School Secretarial Studies 

Microcosm Staff 2, 3; Executive Board 4. 

i 9 




101 Grove Street 

Lynn, Massachusetts 

Lynn Classical High School English 

Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon i; News Staff 2, 3: Poetry 

Club 4; English Club 4. 


310 Church Street 

Clinton, Massachusetts 

Clinton High School Secretarial Studies 



146 Herschel Avenue 

Waterbury, Connecticut 

Crosby High School Library Science 

Scout Club 1 ; Hockey 1,2; Sophomore Corridor Committee 
2; Chairman, Flower Committee; Flower Committee 3; Jun- 
ior Welcome Committee 3; Assistant Fire Chief 3; Honor 
Committee 3: Usher, Waitress, Commencement Week 3; 
O2O Club 3, 4; Poetry Club 3, 4; Group Leader 4; Fire Chief 
4; Secretary, Honor Committee 4. 


3 Bruce Street 

Scotia, New York 

Scotia High School Household Economics 

House Chairman 1 ; Dormitory Council 1 ; Maqua 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Life Saving 1, 3; Fire Captain 2; Chairman, Sophomore 
Open House 2; Valentine Party Committee 2; Y.W.C.A. 
Cabinet 2; Poster Committee 2,3; Vice-president, Y.W.C.A. 
3; Junior-Transfer Tea Committee 3; Freshman-Junior 
Wedding Committee 3; Chairman, Junior Prom 3; Usher, 
Convocation 3; Usher, Waitress, Commencement Week 3: 
Daisy Chain 3; President, Y.W.C.A. 4. 

' 9 


3 4 


94 Grove Street 
West Medford, Massachusetts 
Medford High School Library Science 

of Archery Cup 2 ; Archery Team 


5 Orange Street 

Salem, Massachusetts 

Salem Classical High School Household Economics 

Orchestra i, 2, 3, 4; Old English Ballads 1, 2; Orchestra 
Leader 3, 4; Old English Dinner 3, 4; Xmas Vespers Com- 

94 Wendell Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Cambridge High and Latin School Library Science 

Scout Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; News Staff 3, 4; O2O 
Club 3,4; Unity Club 4. 


71 Elm Street 

Andover, Massachusetts 

Punchard High School Household Economics 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



139 Fenimore Road 

New Roche] le, New York 

New Rochelle High School Household Economics 

Y.W.C.A. 1 , 2, 3, 4; S.A.A. 1 ; Glee Club 1,2; Home Ec Club 




56 Graves Avenue 

Lynn, Massachusetts 

Lynn Classical High School Libraiy Science 

Newman Club 1, 2,3,4; Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; O2O 

Club 3, 4. 


368 Union Avenue 
Framingham, Massachusetts 
Bound Brook High School Social Work 

Y.W.C.A. 1; Dramatic Club 1,3; Student Industrial Group 
2, 3, 4; Lincoln House Settlement Plays for Children 3; 
Children's Hospital 3. 


go Hillman Street 
New Bedford, Massachusetts 
New Bedford High School Secretarial Studies 

Waitress, Student Government Party 2; Waitress, Freshman- 
Junior Wedding 2; Dormitory Council 2, 3; House Chairman 
2, 3; Flower Committee 3; Junior Shush Committee 3; Daisy 
Chain 3. 

i 9 


3 4 


1 68 Seaver Street 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Memorial High School Social Work 


io Kensington Avenue 

Bradford, Massachusetts 

Haverhill High School Secretarial Studies 

Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon i; Daisy Chain 3; Usher, 
Commencement 3. 


1 Spring Street 

Newburyport, Massachusetts 

Newburyport High School Public Health Nursing 

School Representative 2; School of Nursing Club 4, 5. 


3 Abbotsford Street 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Emmanuel College Social Work 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



19 Carrulh Street 

Ashmont, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Household Economics 

Household Economics Representative 1; Sophomore Corri- 
dor Committee 2; Chairman, Junior Shush Committee 3; 
Senior-Faculty Supper Committee 4. 


19 Eastman Road 
Somerville, Massachusetts 
Cambridge High and Latin School 

Household Economics 
Unity Club 1, 2, 3; Home Ec Club 3, 4; Lunch Room Com- 


125 Pleasant Street 
Bennington, Vermont 
Syracuse University 

Social Work 


' ' Carbon-copy' ' "Carbolic' 

66 Windsor Street 

Everett, Massachusetts 

Everett Hiirh School 

General Science 

Debating Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 4; Press 
Board 1,2,3,4; Ellen Richards Club 2,3,4; Academy 3, 4. 


' 9 


3 4 



3 Westford Street 

Allston, Massachusetts 

Brighton High School Secretarial Studies 

Dramatic Club i; S.A.A. 1,2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W. 
C.A. 3. 

"Pris" "Cil" 

186 Washington Street 
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 
Wellesley High School Secretarial Studies 

S.A.A. 1; Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1; Christian Sci- 
ence Organization 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Sophomore Corri- 
dor Committee 2; Sophomore Open House Committee 2; 
Waitress, Alumnae Garden Party 2; Usher, Alumnae Lunch- 
eon 2; Waitress, Senior Class Day 3; Dramatics 4. 


Watertown, Connecticut 

University of Vermont 

Glee Club 3; O2O Club 3, 4. 

Library Science 


7 Rossman Avenue 
Hudson, New York 

Emma Willard School 

Library Science 

Poetry Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4; 
Library School Representative 2; Waitress, Faculty Tea 2; 
Waitress. Freshman-Junior Wedding 2; Riding Club 2; 
Usher, Junior Prom 2; Sophomore Corridor Committee 2; 
Usher, Student Government Party 3; Group Leader 3, 4; 
O2O Club 3, 4; President 4. 


i 9 

M I C It C S M 



4 Randall Avenue 

Waterbury, Vermont 

International College English 

English Club 4. 

Main Street 
Kennebunk, Maine 
Kennebunk High School Library Science 

Glee Club 1,2; Treasurer, O2O Club 3 ; Chairman, Program 
Committee 4; Poetry Club 3; Library School Representa- 
tive 4. 


1 7 Sheldon Street 

East Milton, Massachusetts 

Milton High School Library Science 

O2O Club 3, 4; Academy 4. 


310 Stratfield Road 

Bridgeport, Connecticut 

Roger Ludlow High School Secretarial Studies 

Class President 1 ; Judicial Board 1 ; Head Waitress, Sopho- 
more Luncheon 1 ; Track Day 1, Freshman Manager 1 ; Bas- 
ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sub-varsity 2, 3; Competitive Plays 1; 
Hockey 2, 3; Student Government Representative 2; Chair- 
man, Sophomore Shullle 2; Advisory Committee 2, 4; Class 
Secretary 3; Academy 3, 4; Daisy Chain 3; Junior Welcome 
Committee 3; News Staff 3; Dorm Board 4; Honor Commit- 
tee 4; President, Student Government 4. 


i 9 


3 4 


124 Newbury Street 

Brockton, Massachusetts 

Brockton High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, Newman Club 3; Daisy 
Chain 3; News Staff" 4; Senior Prom Committee 4. 


94 Waumbeck Street 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Roxbury Memorial High School Secretarial Studies 


165 Salem End Road 

Framingham Centre, Massachusetts 

Framingham High School Household Economics 

Glee Club 1; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Class Vice-President 2; Dorm Council 2; Poster Committee 
2, 3; Unity Club 2, 3; Home Ec Club 3, 4; House Junior 3; 
Senior Prom Committee 4. 


43 Paul Street 

Watertown, Massachusetts 

St. John's High School Library Science 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Riding Club 2, 3; Archery 2, 3, 4; 
Usher, Commencement, 3; O2O Club 3, 4. 


1 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 


Ellsworth, Maine 

Ellsworth High School Public Health Nursing 


29 Washington Street 
East Milton, Massachusetts 

Milton High School 

Secretarial Studi 

Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A.A. 1, 
2; Student Government Representative 1; Freshman-Junior 
Wedding 1 ; Usher, Sophomore Shuffle 1 ; Waitress, Sopho- 
more Luncheon 1; Secretary, Dramatic Club 2,3; Group 
Leader 3, 4; Class Vice-President 3; Usher, Senior Prom 3; 
Usher, Senior Play 3; Chairman, Freshman-Junior Wedding 
3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Usher, Student Government 
Party 3; Usher, Convocation 3; Usher, Baccalaureate 3; 
Chairman, Stag Dinner 3;. Waitress, Alumnae Luncheon 3; 
Waitress, Senior-Faculty Tea 3; Waitress, Student Govern- 
ment Tea 3; Daisy Chain 3; President, Dormitory Council 4: 
Vice-President, Student Government 4; Chairman, Dormi- 
tory Board 4; Advisory Board 4. 


550 Main Street 

Lewiston, Maine 

Memorial High School Household Economics 

Home Ec Club 3, 4. 



1 9 Highland Avenue 

Monson, Massachusetts 

Monson High School Library Science 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 1; News Staff2; O2O 

Club 3, 4. 


i 9 


3 4 

39 Olyphant Drive 
Morristown, New Jersey 
Morristown High School General Science 

Hockey 2; May Day 2; Chairman, Mascot Committee 2; 
Sophomore Corridor Committee 2; Ellen Richards Club 2, 
3, 4; Junior Welcome Committee 3; Freshman Orientation 
3; Usher, Baccalaureate 3; Usher, President's Reception 3; 
Daisy Chain 3; Forum 4. 


273 Harvard Street 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Mt. Holyoke College 

Social Work 



1 7 Bowditch Road 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

St. Gregory's High School General Science 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4; New- 
man Formal Committee 3; Newman Tea Committee 3, 4; 
Ellen Richards Tea Committee 3; Chairman, Newman 
Formal 4; Usher, Hobo Party 4; Committee for New Eng- 
land Federation of College Catholic Clubs' Week-end 4. 



62 Morning Street 

Portland, Maine 

Highland Manor School for Girls Social Work 


i 9 


3 4 



2 i South Hawk Street 

Albany, New York 

Vermont Academy Public Health Nursing 

Massachusetts General Hospital 3,4. 

180 Rounds Avenue 
Providence, Rhode Island 
Technical High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2; Class Representa- 
tive 4. 


922 South Franklin Street 
Brookville, Massachusetts 
Brockton High School General Science 

S.A.A. 1; Dramatic Club 1; Scout Club 1, 2, ; Ellen Rich- 
ards Club 2,3,4; Academy 3, 4. 


"Di Gi" 

52 Linden Place 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Milford High School Library Science 


i 9 


3 4 


49 Undine Road 

Brighton, Massachusetts 
Chamberlayne School English 

JV«oj3,4; English Club 4; 020Club; School Representative 
4; Newman Club; Senior-Faculty Supper Committee 4. 

173 Bellevue Road 
Squantum, Massachusetts 
Quincy High School Social Work 

Press Board, 1, 2, 3; Chairman, Press Board, 3; Daisy Chain 
3; Usher, Baccalaureate 3; Usher, President's Reception 3; 
School Representative 4. 


174 Summer Street 

Somerville, Massachusetts 

Somerville High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club Representative 1 ; Freshman-Junior Wedding 
Committee 3; Daisy Chain 3; News Staff 4; Senior Hobo 
Party Committee 4; Senior Prom Committee 4. Newman 
Club Dance Committee 4; 



Woronoco, Massachusetts 

Northfield Seminary Social Work 

Y.W.C.A. Board 2; Chairman, Sino-Japanese Conference; 
Press Board 2,3. 


1 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



37 Weslbourne Street 

West Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Jamaica Plain High School Secretarial Studies 

S.A.A. i, 2; Y.W.C.A. i, 2; Newman I, 2, 3, 4; Publicity 
Committee ofTrdcration Week-end 3; Organizer and Chair- 
man of Newman Charity Board 4; Senior Delegate 


n, Federation Communion Breakf 
ity Dance Committee 4; Poetry Club . 

333 Huron Avenue 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Cambridge High and Latin School 

Secretarial Studies 
Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Press Board 3, 4. 



54 Orchard Street 

Belmont, Massachusetts 

Lincoln High School General Science 

Dormitory Council 1,3: Glee Club 1; Unity Club 1,2; Dra- 
matics 1 ; Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4: Waitress, Sophomore 
Luncheon; Dormitory Board 3; Usher. Commencement 3; 
Poetry Club 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. 3. 4; Chairman. Ellen Richards 
Club Tea 4. 



384 Park Street 

Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Social Work 

Shush C, 

Prom Commit 

i 9 


48 Reservoir Street 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Cambridge High and Latin School 

Household Economics 

Class Day Supper 3; Lunchroom Committee 4; Newman 
Club; Home Economics Club. 


139 Newton Street 

Athol, Massachusetts 

Athol High School Secretarial Studies 


"Dottie Anne" 

895 Seventh Street 

Charleston, Illinois 

Teacher's College High School Social Work 

Y.W.C.A. 1 ; Scout Club 1 ; House Junior 3; Usher and Wait- 
ress, Commencement Week. 


66 Idaho Street 

Mattapan, Massachusetts 

Dorchester High School for Girls Secretarial Studies 

S.A.A. 1, 2; Unity Club 1, 2, 3; Daisy Chain 3; Y.W.C.A. 
3, 4; Chairman, Press Board 4. 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 

Sawyer Hill Road 
Berlin, Massachusetts 
Hudson High School Public Health Nursing 



8 Pine Road 

Lynn, Massachusetts 

Lynn Classical High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club i, 2, 3, 4; Freshman-Junior Wedding 3: Flow- 
er Committee 3; Junior Transfer Tea 3. 



24 Pearl Street 

Bridgewater, Massachusetts 

Howard Seminary Public Health Nursing 

Bourne, Massachusetts 
Bourne High School Secretarial Studies 

' 9 


3 4 


38 Washington Street 

Needham, Massachusetts 

Brookline High School Household Economics 

Freshman-Senior Tea 1 ; Dramatic Club 1 ; Home Ec Club 
2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 4; Freshman-Senior Committee 4. 


Plymouth, Connecticut 

Crosby High School Social Work 

39 Somerset Street 
Boston, Massachusetts 
Dorchester High School for Girls Social Work 


24 Burrill Avenue 

Lynn, Massachusetts 

Lynn Classical High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1; Glee Club I, 2; Ten- 

Freshman-Junior Wedding 3. 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 



5169, Washington Street 

West Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Skidmore College General Science 

Ellen Richards Club 3, 4; Academy 4. 

38 Rugby Road 
Mattapan, Massachusetts 
Dorchester High School for Girls General Science 
Glee Club 1; Waitress, Alumnae Garden Party 2; Waitress, 
Class Day 3; Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary-Trea- 
surer, Ellen Richards Club 3; Daisy Chain 3; President, 
Ellen Richards Club 4; Senior Prom Committee 4; Academy 

" Mimi" 
Oakville, Connecticut 
Crosby High School Library Science 

House Chairman 1 ; Glee Club 1 ; Y.W.C.A. 1 , 3, 4; House 
Junior 3; Waitress, Alumnae Luncheon 3; Usher, Presi- 
dent's Reception 3; O2O Club 3, 4. 



5 Elsie Street 

Maiden, Massachusetts 

Maiden High School Social Work 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3. 

i 9 


3 4 



South Street 

Westminster, Massachusetts 

Fitchburg High School Household Economics 

Scout Club 1,2; Sophomore Luncheon 2 ; Sophomore Corri- 
dor Committee 2; Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; Associate 
Editor of News 3; House Junior 3: Honor Committee 3, 4; 
Home Economics Club 3, 4; News Staff 4. 



129 Houston Avenue 

Milton, Massachusetts 

Milton High School English 

Tennis Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Corridor Com- 
mittee 2; Shush Committee 3: Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; 
News Reporter 3; Feature Writer for News 4; English Club 4; 
Academy 4. 


22 Ray Street 
Lynn, Massachusetts 
Lynn English High School Secretarial Studi 

Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Daisy Chain 3; Unity Club. 


166 School Street 
Watertown, Massachusetts 
Watertown High School Household Economics 

Class Hockey 1,2; Sophomore Corridoi Committee 2 ; Acade- 
my 3. 

i 9 


3 4 



North Avenue 

Rochester, Massachusetts 

Wareham High School Library Science 

Y.W.C.A. i;020Club4. 



22 Lovell Street 

West Somerville, Massachusetts 

Somerville High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club i, 2, 3, 4; Scout Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 1 ; Y.W. 
C.A. 3; Circulation Manager of News 4. 




132 Amory Street 
Brookline, Massachusetts 


Memorial High School Secretaria 


A^ ^ 

Menorah Society; Daisy Chain 3. 



471 Norfolk Street 
Mattapan, Massachusetts 
Girls' Latin School General Science 

Treasurer, Menorah Society 2 ; Junior Welcome Committee 3. 

i 9 


3 4 



20 Seaver Street 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Dorchester High School for Girls General Science 

Menorah Society 1,2,3; Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4. 


679 Longmeadow Street 

Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

Beaver College Household Economics 

Poster Committee 3; Home Ec Club 3, 4; Ellen Richards 
Club 4; Freshman-Senior Party 4; Y.W.C.A. 4. 



98 Deering Road 

Mattapan, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Household Economics 

Representative, Menorah Board 2, 3; Home Ec Club 2, 4; 
Chairman, Menorah Spring Dance 3; President, Menorah 4. 


142 Jackson Street 
Newton Centre, Massachusetts 
Notre Dame Academy Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 1; Basketball 1; Glee 
Club 2, 3. 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 


14 South Lake Avenue 
Albany, New York 
Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education 

Physical Education 

Class Hockey 4; Class Basketball 4. 



Bridge Street 

Middleboro, Massachusetts 

East Bridgewater High School General Science 

Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 3. 



329 Main Street 

Greenville, Pennsylvania 

Penn High School Secretarial Studies 

Waitress, Senior-Faculty Tea 3; Dormitory Council Party 4. 



3 Judd Street 

Presque Isle, Maine 

Roxbury Memorial High School 

Household Economics 

Menorah Society 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A.A. 1 ; Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4; 
Menorah Board 4; Chairman. Menorah Formal 4. 

i 9 


3 4 


151 Oak Street. 

Winsted, Connecticut 

The Gilbert School Secretarial Studies 

School Representative 2; Luncheon Committee 2; Waitress, 
Wedding 2: Waitress, Student Government Party 2; Usher, 
Junior Prom 2; Class Treasurer 3; Chairman, Junior-Trans- 
fer Tea 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Daisy Chain 3; Com- 
mencement Activities 3: Usher. Senior Prom 3; Junior Wel- 
coming Committee 3; Usher, Student Government Party 3; 
Student Government Representative 4; Advisory Committee 
4; Chairman, Student Government Tea 4; Senior Prom 
Committee 4; Manager, Show Case 4. 



46 Hastings Street 

West Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1,2,3, 4; Academy 3, 4,; News Staff 4. 



251 Belmont Street 

Brockton, Massachusetts 

Brockton High School Library Science 

Scout Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Unity Club 1, 4; Dramatics 1; S.A.A. 

Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; News Staff 3, 4;020 Club 



495 Varnum Avenue 

Lowell, Massachusetts 

Lowell High School Household Economics 

Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1 ; Home Ec Club 3, 4. 

i 9 

M I C R C O S M 

'■', I 


Limestone, Maine 
Abbot Academy Household Economics 

Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon i; Sophomore Shuffle Com- 
mittee 2; Home Ec Club 3, 4; Hobo Party Committee 4. 


43 Golf Circle 
Atlanta, Georgia 
Florida State College Landscape Architecture 

Lowthorpe School: Secretary, Student Government 1, 2; 
President, 1, 2;Treasurer, Student Governments- 


132 Dale Street 
Waltham, Massachusetts 

Waltham High School 

Library Science 

Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ballad Singing 1; Waitress, Senior 
Luncheon 3; Junior Welcome Committee 3; Lunch Room 
Committee 4; O2O Club 4. 




Bolton, Massachusetts 

Hudson High School Social Work 

Sophomore Corridor Committee 2: Waitress, Senior-Faculty 
Tea 2; Chairman, Sophomore-Senior Picnic 2; School Repre- 
sentative 3; Junior Welcome Committee 3; Freshman Group 
Leader 3; Usher, Student Government Party 3; Usher, Bac- 
calaureate, President's Reception 3; News Staff 3. 

i 9 


3 4 



5 Perm Road 

Winchester, Massachusetts 

Soraerville High School General Science 

Ellen Richards Club Executive Board 4; Ellen Richards Tea 
Committee 4. 



39 Weld Hill Street 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Skidmore College Social Work 

Freeport, Maine 
Freeport High School Library Science 

House Junior 3; O2O Club 3, 4. 


1 01 Western Avenue 

Augusta, Maine 

Cony High School Library Science 

House Junior 3; Usher, Commencement 3; O2O Club 3, 4. 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 

"Betty" "Hilly" 
327 Washington Street 
Norwich, Connecticut 
Norwich Free Academy Household Economics 

Chairman, Flower Committee 1 ; Unity Club 1 ; Waitress. 
Senior-Faculty Tea 2; Chairman, Stag Dinner 3; School 
Representative 3: Daisy Chain 3; Usher, Baccalaureate 3; 
Hostess, Class Day 3: Dormitory Board 4; Home Ec Club 3, 
4; Dormitory Council 4. 



34 Bay View Drive 

Swampscott, Massachusetts 

Hamilton High School General Science 

Track 1; Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1; Baseball 2, 3; 

School Representative 3. 


" Holbrook" 
Main Street 
Sherborn, Massachusetts 
Sherborn High School Library Science 

Dramatics 1 ; Chairman. Freshman Frolic 1 ; Waitress, Soph- 
omore Luncheon 1; Unity Club 1,2; Ring Committee 2; 
Waitress, Student Government Reception 2 ; Corridor Com- 
mittee 2; May Day Breakfast 2; Treasurer, Unity Club 2: 
Freshman-Sophomore Valentine Party 2; Per-Simmons Staff 
2, 3, 4; Student Government Reception 3; Junior Welcome 
Committee 3; Mummers, Old English Dinner 3: House 
Junior 3: Chairman, Baseball Game 3; Chairman, Formal 
Dinners at Freshman Dorms 3; Freshman-Junior Wedding 3: 
Junior Prom Committee 3; Usher, Convocation 3; Head 
Waitress, Class Day Supper 3; Usher, Commencement 3; 
Usher, Dramatic Club Play 3; Chairman, Honor Committee 
4; Student Government Council 4: Dormitory Board 4. 


53 Mt. Vernon Street 
Somers worth, New Hampshire 
Somersworth High School Household Economics 

Basketball Class Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Unity Club 1; 
S.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: May Day 2; Examiner in Life-Saving 2, 4; 
Assistant Manager. Basketball 3; Usher, Commencement 3; 
Home Ec Club 3, 4; Waitress, Senior Supper 3. 


i 9 


3 4 


Windham, New Hampshire 
Medford High School Social Work 

Unitv Club 1,2. 



88 Bartlett Street 

Somerville, Massachusetts 

Somerville High School Library Science 

Unity Club i, 2, 3, 4; O2O Club 3, 4. 


1 5 Prospect Avenue 
Brockton, Massachusetts 

5rockton High School 
Y.W.C.A. 2;020Club 3 ,4. 

Library Science 



2 1 Wilmarth Road 

Braintree, Massachusetts 

Jraintree High School Household Economics 

Y.W.C.A. Drive 2; Y.W.C.A. Teas 3, 4; Home Ec Club 3, 4; 

Senior-Faculty Supper 4. 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 


75 Andrews Street 

Lowell, Massachusetts 

Lowell High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club i, 2, 3, 4; Daisy Chain Committee 3. 



834 Berkeley Avenue 

Trenton, New Jersey 

College of Wooster Social Work 

Y.W.C.A. 3. 4. 



Route 4, Box 248 

Kingston, New York 

Foxboro High School Household Economics 

Glee Club 1 ; Home Ec Club 2,3,4; Usher, Commencement 

3; Usher, President's Reception 3. 


84 First Avenue 

Stratford, Connecticut 

Warren Harding School Secretarial Studies 


i 9 


3 4 

142 Lynnfield Street 
Lynn, Massachusetts 
Lynn Classical High Secretarial Studies 

Sophomore Luncheon Committee 2; Waitress, Student 
Government Party 2; Unity Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Com- 
mittee 3; Chairman, Daisy Chain 3; Freshman-Junior Wed- 
ding Committee 3; Waitress, Senior-Faculty Party 3; Usher, 
Baccalaureate 3; News Staff^, 4; Chairman, Senior Prom 4; 
News Dance Committee 4: Assistant Editor, Microcosm 4; 
Technical Editor, Per-Simmons 4; Hobo Party Committee 4; 
Per-Simmons Bridge Tea 4. 


59 Lincoln Street 
North Easton, Massachusetts 
Oliver Ames High School Library Science 

Freshman Frolic Committee 1 ; Freshman-Junior Wedding- 
Committee 1 ; Hockey 3, 4; O2O Club 4. 

4 March Way 
West Roxbury, Massachusetts 
Girls' Latin School General Science 

Unity Club 1,2; School Representative 2; Fencing 2; Wait- 
ress, Student Government Party 2; Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 
4; Usher, Junior Prom 2; Usher, Student Government 
Party 3; Academy 3, 4; Daisy Chain 3; Waitress, Class Day 
3; Treasurer, Academy 4; Class Vice-President 4. 

105 Brooks Street 
Brighton, Massachusetts 
Girls' Latin School Library Science 

Academy 3, 4; Scout Club 3, 4; O2O Club 3, 4; Waitress, 
Class Day 3; Usher, Commencement 3, Secretary, O2O Club 

i 9 



" Kelley" 
Essex Junction, Vermont 
University of Vermont Public Health Ni 

Poetry Club 4; Anne Strong Club 4; Scout Club 4. 



187 Union Street 

Portsmouth, New Hampshire 

Portsmouth High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1,2,3. 



3 1 Bowker Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Dorchester High School for Girls Library Science 



28 Byfield Road 

Waban, Massachusetts 

Newton High School Library Science 

Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1 ; Dramatic Club 1,2; Competi- 
tives 1; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Waitress, Alumnae Garden Party 2; 
Hockey 3, 4; O2O Club 3, 4; Chairman, Baseball Banquet 
3 ; Usher, Commencement Week 3 : News Staff 4. 


i 9 


3 4 


i Main Street 
Fisherville, Massachusetts 
Grafton High School Public Health Nursing 

School Representative i ; Usher, Sophomore Shuffle i ; 
Chairman, Freshman-Junior Picnic i ; President, Sophomore 
Class 2. 


"Betty" "Kit" 

Mont Vernon, New Hampshire 

Milford High School Household Economics 

Basketball 3; Dormitory Council 4; Doimitory Board 4; 
House Chairman 4; News Staff 4: Home Ec Club 4. 



58 Rowe Street 

Melrose, Massachusetts 

Melrose High School Library Science 

Unity Club 3, 4; 

Waitress, Frohmaii-luninr Wedding 
020Club 4 . 



West Ashford, Connecticut 

Northfield Seminary Library Science 

House Junior 3; Usher, Commencement 3; O2O Club 3, 4. 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 


49 Humboldt Avenue 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Roxbury Memorial High School Secretarial Studies 



119 Strong Avenue 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Academy High School Library Science 

News Staff i, 2, 3, 4, S.A.A. 1,2,3; Glee Club 1 ; Commence- 
ment choir 1, 3; Baccalaureate choir 1,3; Freshman-Sopho- 
more party 2; Waitress, Freshman-Junior Wedding 2; Fenc- 
ing 2; School Representative 3; Shush Committee 3; Fresh- 
man-Junior Wedding 3; Faculty-Student baseball 3; Usher, 
Student Government party 3; Junior Welcome Committee 3; 
Flower Committee 3; Stag dinner 3; Group leadei 3; Execu- 
tive board 3; Waitress, Class Day 3; Daisy Chain 3: Usher. 
President's reception 3: Waitress, Senior Banquet 3; Usher, 
Baccalaureate 3; O2O Club 3,4; Hostess, Class Day 3;Usher, 
Convocation 3; Student Government Representative 4; 
Usher, Commencement 3; Dramatic Club, 4. 


359 Jamaica Avenue 
Brooklyn, New York 

Morristown High School 

General Science 

School Representative- 1; Waitress. Sophomore Luncheon 1; 
Usher, Sophomore Shuffle 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Sub-Varsity 1; 
Basketball 1, 2, 4; Track 1; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Competitive 
Plays 1; Stage manager 3; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Conference 
Representative 4; Forum 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman, Forum 4: 
Chairman, Ring Committee 2; Baseball 2; Ellen Richards 
Club 2, 3, 4; Student Government Representative 2; Chair- 
man, Junior Welcome Committee 3; Daisy Chain 3; Usher, 
President's Reception 3; House Chairman 3, 4; Dormitory 
Council 3, 4; Dormitory Board 3, 4; Honor Committee 3. 


46 Chestnut Street 
Charlestown, Massachusetts 
Charlestown High School General Science 

Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Ellen Richards Club 3, 4. 

i 9 


3 4 


622 Crescent Street 
Brockton, Massachusetts 
Brockton High School Secretarial Studies 

School Representative 1; Competitive Plays 1,2; Treasurer 
Dramatic Club 2; Shuffle Committee 1; Student Govern- 
ment Representative 3; Treasurer, Student Government 4; 
Coach, Junior Competitive Plays, 4. 


1 66 1 Commonwealth Avenue 

Brighton, Massachusetts 

Chelsea High School Secretarial Studies 

News Staff 4. 



295 Lake Street 

Arlington, Massachusetts 

Watertown High School Secretarial Studies 

Hockey 1,2; Sub-Varsity 1; Shuffle Committee 2; Usher, 
Student Government Party 2; Usher, Senior Prom 3; Shush 
Committee 3; Daisy Chain 3; Hostess, Class Day 3; Freshman- 
Junior Wedding 3; Academy 3, 4; News Dance Committee 
3, 4; News Staff 3, 4; News Tea 4; College Play 4; Advertising 
Manager, Microcosm 4; Microcosm Dance Committee 4; 
Hobo Party 4. 


"Groucho Marx" 

4 East Street 

Ipswich, Massachusetts 

Manning High School Secretarial Studies 

Dramatic Club 1 ; Unity Club 2, 3. 


' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



43 Marlborough Street 

Newburyport, Massachusetts 

Newburyport High School Public Health Nursing 

Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon i; Academy 3; Ann Strong 
Club 4. 



26 Linden Parkway 

Norwich, Connecticut 

Norwich Free Academy Household Economics 

Class Secretary 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3; Home 
Ec Club 3, 4 Treasurer 3, Secretary 4: House Chairman 3: 
Dormitory Council 3; Poster Committee 2, 3; Chairman 
Graduate Transfer Tea 4; May Day Committee 2; Sopho- 
more Luncheon Committee 2; Cooperative Society 3; Junior 
Welcome Committee 3: Group Leader 3; S.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 
President of S.A.A. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2: Ex- 
aminer's Life Saving 2, Hockey, 3, 4. 



Groveton, New Hampshire 

Groveton High School Household Economics 

Basketball 1 ; May Day 2; Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4. 



1 1 Cottage Avenue 

Winchester, Massachusetts 

Winchester High School Social Work 

News Staff 1, 2; Per-Simmons 1, 2, 3; Debating 1; News 
Dance Committee 2: Sophomore Luncheon Committee 2: 
Press Board 1,2. 

i 9 


3 4 


Pinedale Road 

Middleton, Massachusetts 

Kent's Hill Seminary Secretarial Studies 


310 Washington Street 
Dorchester, Massachusetts 
Dorchester High School 
Academy 3.4. 

7 Sunset Road 
Newton Massachusetts 
Latin School So 

ademy 3, 4. 


625 Linden Avenue 

York, Pennsylvania 

William Penn High School Household Economics 

Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Sophomore Luncheon 
Committee 2; Captain of Riding 3; Home Ec Club 3, 4. 

i g Ml C 11 C S M 

3 1 



89 Elm Hill Avenue 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

i -I 

Roxbury Memorial High School Secretarial Studies 





Wj\ 1 

354 Walnut Avenue 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

1U - M 

Roxbury Memorial High School Social Work 


S. A. A. 1,2,3; Menorah Society 1,2. 




4 Main Street 

Reading, Massachusetts 

Milton Hisrh School Household Economics 


43 Coolidge Avenue 

Glens Falls, New York 

Glens Falls High School Secretarial Studies 

Competitive Plays 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; S.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Glee 
Club 1, 2, 3; College Play 2; Chairman of Costumes, Sopho- 
more Play 2; Waitress, Student Government Party 2; Christ- 
mas Party 2; Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; Waitress, Stag 
Dinner 3; Chairman of House Dance 3; Assistant Advertising 
Manager, News 3; Waitress, Secretarial Tea 3; Daisy Chain 3; 
Usher, Baccalaureate 3; Flower Committee 3: Basketball 3; 
Advertising Manager, News 4; Chairman, Mews Dance 4; 
Chairman, Senior Hobo Party 4; Press Board 4; Senior 
Prom Committee 4; Group Leader 4. 


i 9 


3 4 


Newtonville, Massachusetts 


Newton High School 

Chairman, Freshman-Junior Picnic i ; Chairman, Sopho- 
more Luncheon 2; Chairman, Sophomore Corridor Com- 
mittee 2; House Chairman 2; Dormitory Council 2; Class 
Secretary 2; Usher, Junior Prom 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; 
Usher, Senior Prom 3; Student Government Representative 
3; Conference Committee 3; Junior Welcoming Committee 
3; Student Government Tea Committee 3; Chairman, Stu- 
dent Government-Freshman Party 3; House Junior 3; Usher, 
Baccalaureate, President's Reception 3; Head Usher, Com- 
mencement 3; O2O Club 3; Usher, Convocation 3; Daisy 
Chain 3; Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; Group Leader 3, 4; 
News Staff 3, 4; Editor of Mutuals 4; Press Board 4; English 
Club 4; Class President 4. 



137 Amherst Street 

Winchester, Virginia 

Newton High School Landscape Architecture 

Executive Board 1, 2; Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1; 
Usher, Copley Dance 2; Usher, Junior Prom 2; Student- 
Faculty Tea Flower Committee 2; Chairman, House Com- 
mittee (Lowthorpe) 3; President, Lowthorpe Student Gov- 
ernment Association 4. 

75 Magazine Street 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Girls' Latin School Secretarial Studies 

Olde English Dinner 1 ; Ballad Singing 1 ; Properties Com- 
mittee, Menorah Play 2; Glee Club 2,3; Usher, Commence- 
ment 3; Menorah 1, 2, 3, 4. 



26 Colbourne Crescent 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Barnard College Social Work 

YW.C.A. 3; Academy 4. 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



73 West Northampton Street 

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 

Wilkes-Barre Institute Secretarial Studies 


ggA Jessfield Road 

Shanghai, China 

Friends' Select School Library Science 

S.A.A. i, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club i, 2, 3; Scout Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4; Competitive Plays 1 ; Waitress. Alumnae 
Garden Party 2; Shush Committee 3; House Junior 3; Wait- 
ress, Class Day Supper 3. 


40 St. John Street 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 
Jamaica Plain High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Waitress, Student Government Tea 3; 
Usher, Baccalaureate 3; Daisy Chain 3: Waitress, Junior 
Transfer Tea 3: Business Manager, Per-Simmons 4; Senior 
Prom Committee 4. 


29 Idaho Street 
Mattapan, Massachusetts 
Dorchester High School for Girls Secretarial Studies 
Basketball 3, 4. 

1 9 


3 4 


2 Perkins Manor 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Brockton High School Household Economics 

S.A.A. i; Class Day 3; Waitiess, Alumnae Luncheon 3; 
Home Ec Club 3, 4. 



241 Willow Avenue 

Somerville, Massachusetts 

St. Clement High School General Science 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A.A. 1; Usher, Newman Formal 
1; Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Representative, 
Newman Club 2; Newman Club Bridge Committee 2; Vice- 
President, Newman Club 3; Newman Tea Committee 3; 
Chairman, Ellen Richards Tea 3; Waitress, Class Day Sup- 
per 3; President, Newman Club 4; 



Fort Fairfield, Maine 

Fort Fairfield High School Household Economics 

Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3: Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Home Ec Club 2, 3, 
4; Sophomore Corridor Committee 2; Shush Committee 3; 
House Junior 3; Junior Welcoming Committee 3; Fire Cap- 
tain 4. 



75 Winchester Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Brookline High School Secretarial Studies 


1 9 


3 4 



1 1 20 Mulberry Street 

Scranton, Pennsylvania 

Central High School Secretarial Studies 

Hobo Party 4. 


56 West Court Street 

Cortland, New York 

Ogontz School Secretarial Studies 


20 Willoughby Street 
Milton, Massachusetts 
Milton High School Library Science 

Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Scouts 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Waitress, Class 
Day 2, 3; News Staff 3, 4; O2O Club 3, 4. 


10 Swan Street 

Lawrence, Massachusetts 

Lawrence High School Secretarial Studies 

Freshman Frolic Committee 1; Baseball 2, 3; Chairman, 
Flower Committee 3, 4; Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; Stu- 
dent-Faculty Baseball Game 3; Daisy Chain 3; Usher, Com- 
mencement 3; Waitress, Class Day Supper 3: Basketball 3, 4; 
College Manager. Basketball 4: House Chairman 4; Secre- 
tary, Dormitory Council 4; Class Secretary 4; Group Leader 
4; Old English Dinner 4. 


i 9 


3 4 


35 Soley Street 
Charlestown, Massachusetts 
Charlestown High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club i, a, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4. 


1 754 Commonwealth Avenue 
Brighton, Massachusetts 
Girls' Latin School Social Work 

Scout Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, Scout Club 2, 
President 3; Glee Club 3; Flower Committee 3. 


"Mousy" "Midge" 

29 Van Buren Street 

Dolgeville, New York 

Walnut Hill School Library Science 

School Representative 1 ; Freshman-Junior Wedding 1 ; 
Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1; May Breakfast 2; House 
Chairman 3; Dormitory Board 3; O2O Club 4. 


"Mary Ellen" 

School Street 

Tilton, New Hampshire 

Tilton School 
O2O Club 3, 

Library Science 

1 9 

M I C R C O S M 


Vine Street 

Stockbridge, Massachusetts 

Saint Lawrence University Secretarial Studies 

Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Property Manager 
2; Vice-President 3; All-College Play 3; Compctitivcs 3; 
Usher, Convocation 3; Usher, President's Reception 3; Head 
Usher, Senior Play 3; Group Leader 3, 4; Head Usher, All- 
College Play 4; Cooperative Society Board of Directors 4; 
President, Musical Association 4. 



567 Robeson Street 

Fall River, Massachusetts 

Durfee High School Secretarial Studies 

Chairman, Cap and Gown Committee 3; Junior Prom Com- 
mittee; Daisy Chain 3; Usher, Baccalaureate 3; Usher, Presi- 
dent's Reception 3; Assistant Technical Editor News 3; 
Technical Editor, News 4; Press Board 4; Class Treasurer 4. 


46 Flansburg Avenue 

Dalton, Massachusetts 

Dalton High School Secretarial Studies 

Dorm Council 1; Y.W.C.A. 1; Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Unity 
Club Reporter 3; Usher, Convocation 3; Formal Dinner 
Committee 3; Daisy Chain 3; Chairman, Commencement 
Programs 4. 



116 East Miller Street 

Newark, New York 

Newark High School Secretarial Studies 

Life Saving 1 ; Sophomore Play 2; Junior Play 3. 

i 9 


56 Elm Street 
Westerly, Rhode Island 
Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Hockey 4. 


Second Avenue 

Stillwater, New York 

Mechanicville High School Library Science 

Assistant Circulation Manager, News 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 4; 
S.A.A. 2, 3; Waitress, Student Government Party 2; Wait- 
ress, Sophomore Transfer 2; Unity Club 2, 4; O2O Club 3, 4. 


"Pete" "Dot" 

19 Stow Street 

Concord, Massachusetts 

Concord High School Library Science 

Tennis 1, 2, 3; Manager, 4; Junior Welcome Committee, 3; 
Daisy Chain 3; Senior Prom Committee 4; O2O Club 4; Pho- 
tograph Editor, Microcosm 4. 


56 Estes Street 

Lynn, Massachusetts 

Lynn Classical High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman, Unity Formal 2, Vice-President 
3, President 4; Sophomore Shuffle Committee 2; Usher, 
Student Government Party 3; Junior Welcome Committee 3; 
Usher, Baccalaureate Service 3; Freshman-Junior Wedding 
3; Daisy Chain 3, Usher, President's Reception 3, Senior 
Prom Committee 4. 

' 9 




408 Bompart Avenue 

Webster Groves, Missouri 

Webster High School Secretarial Studies 

Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Life 
Saving 2; Toastmistress, Sophomore Luncheon 2; Corridor 
Committee 2; Fire Captain 2; Competitive Plays 2; Shush 
Committee 3; Usher, Commencement Week 3; Daisy Chain 
3; Junior Welcome ( lommittee 3; House Junior 3; Freshman- 
Junior Wedding 3; Stage Manager', Competitive Plays 3; 
Group Leader 3, 4; College Play 4; Coach, Competitive 
Plays 4. 


25 School Street 
Lisbon Falls, Maine 
Lisbon Falls High School Public Health Nursing 

Ann Strong Club 4, 5. 



692 Second Street 

Fall River, Massachusetts 

Durfee High School 
Waitress, Senior Alui 

Social Work 

■ Lunelle 



2997 Kalakana Avenue 


University of Hawaii Social Work 

i 9 


3 4 


71 1 Cedar Street 
Atlantic, Iowa 
Stephens College Social Work 

Y.W.C.A. 3, 4. 



Geigertown, Pennsylvania 

Reading High School Library Science 

Archery 1, a; Fencing 2; Archery Manager 3, 4; Freshman- 
Junior Wedding 3; Shush Committee 3; Glee Club 3; O2O 
Club 3; House Chairman 4; Dorm Council 4. 



71 Read Street 

Portland, Maine 

Cony High School Secretarial Studies 

Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
House Chairman 3; Mews Staff 4. 


Main Street 
Lynnfield Center, Massachusetts 
Wakefield High School Secretarial Studies 

Glee Club 1,2,3; Unity Club 1,2, 3, 4. 

' -9 

M I C R C O S M 

3 4 



701 Mammoth Road 

Lowell, Massachusetts 

Lasell Junior College Public Health Nursing 

Unity Club 1: Dramatic Club 1, 2: Waitress. Sophomore 
Luncheon 2 : Ann Strong Club 4. 



1 1 Springfield Street 

Belmont, Massachusetts 

Belmont High School Household Economic; 

House Chairman 1; Dorm Council 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3 
Unity Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1 
Dramatic Club 2. 3: Life Saving 3: Home Ec Club 3. 4 
Chairman. Lunchroom Committee 4. 


42 Grant Avenue 
Glens Falls, New York 

Glens Falls High School 

Social Work 

S.A. A. 1 ; Newman Club 1,3; Dramatics 1,3; .News Staff 1,2; 
Sophomore Luncheon Committee 2: May Day 2: Chairman. 
Formal Dinner 2. 4: Class President 3; Competitive Plays 3: 
Student Government Partv 3; House Junior 3: President. 
School of Social Work. 4. 



144 Columbia Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Memorial High School Household Economics 

Menorah Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Home Ec Club 2. 3, 4: Menorah 
Plays Committee 2: Menorah Formal Committee 3: Usher 
Menorah Play 3; Menorah Board 4; Academy 4: Menorah 
Dance Committee 4; Chairman. Menorah Dinner Dance. 

i 9 


3 4 


Princeton, Maine 
Princeton High School Household Economics 

Home Ec Club 3, 4; Fire Captain 3; Commencement Activi- 
ties 3. 


7 Oakwood Street 
Dorchester, Massachusetts 
Dorchester High School for Girls 

Household Economics 
Menorah Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4; Waitress, 
Alumnae Luncheon 3; Treasurer, Menorah Society 4. 


5 Academy Street 

Barre, Vermont 

Spaulding High School Secretarial Studies 


1 1 2 Boutelle Street 
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 
Fitchburg High School English 

Dramatic Club 1 , 4; O2O Club 3; Dormitory Council 4; 
House Chairman 4; Chairman, Dormitory Council Party 4; 
School of English Club 4. 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 


g i Bellingham Street 

Chelsea, Massachusetts 

Dorchester High School for Girls Library Science 

Academy 3, 4; O2O Club 3, 4. 



4 High Street 

Avon, New York 

Avon High School Secretarial Studies 

Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, Poster Committee 2, 3; Class 
Hockey Team 3, 4; Waitress, Class Day 3; Basketball 4. 


90 Morning Street 

Portland, Maine 

Portland High School Library Science 

2 OClub 4 . 


Roxbury Memorial High 

103 Washington Street 
Dorchester, Massachusetts 

General Science 


i 9 


3 4 



7 Greendale Road 

Mattapan, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Secretarial Studies 

Glee Club 3, 4; Waitress, Alumnae Luncheon 3; Menorah 
Society 4. 




257 School Street 

Somerville, Massachusetts 

Somerville High School Household Economics 

Menorah Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4; Waitress, 
Alumnae Luncheon 3. 



81 Grant Avenue 

Stafford Springs, Connecticut 

Stafford High School Public Health Nursing 

Glee Club 1,2; School of Nursing Club 4, 5. 


978 Washington Street 

East Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Weymouth High School General Science 

Scout Club 1, 2, 3; Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4; Poetry Club 
2, 3; News Staff 2, 3; Technical Editor, Per-Simmons 2, 3; 
Waitress, Alumnae Garden Party 2; Debating 2, 3; Life 
Saving 3; Academy 3; President, Academy 4. 

1 06 

1 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



1 1 Bertram Street 

Lowell, Massachusetts 

Lowell High School Secretarial Studi 

Menorah Society. 



25 Towne Street 

Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts 

North Attleboro High School Library Science 


128 Glendale Road 

Quincy, Massachusetts 

Quincy High School Library Science 

Debating Club 1, 2,3.4; President, Debating Club 4; OaO 
Club 3, 4. 

62 Rawson Road 

Brookline, Massachusetts 
Brookline High School Secretarial Studies 

i 9 


3 4 



39 Parsons Street 

Brighton, Massachusetts 

Northfield Seminary Household Economics 

Glee Club i, 4; Home Ec Club 3, 4; Advertising Manager, 
Per-Simmons 3, 4. 



515 Maple Street 

Hathorne, Massachusetts 

Hoi ten High School Household Economics 

Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club i, 2; 
Maqua delegate, Y.W.C.A. 1; Waitress, Sophomore Lunch- 
eon 1; Conference Chairman, Y.W.C.A. 2; Usher, Unity 
Club Dance 2; Home Ec Club 3, 4; Hospitality Chairman, 
Y.W.C.A. 4. 



42 North Street 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Pittsfield High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary, Unity Club 3; Shush Com- 
mittee 3; Usher, Commencement 3. 


Prospect Street 
Tilton, New Hampshire 
University of New Hampshire Social Work 

Usher, Dramatic Club Play 4. 

i 9 




Woodbridge Street 

South Hadley, Massachusetts 

South Hadley Falls High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club I, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Shush Committee 




8 Van Brunt Avenue 

Dedham, Massachusetts 

Dedham High School Household Economics 

Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4. 



22 Dover Road 

Wellesley, Massachusetts 

Skidmore College Social Work 


71 Parkton Road 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Jamaica Plain High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 2; Daisy Chain 3. 

1 9 


3 4 


72 Canterbury Street 
Hartford, Connecticut 

Weaver High School 

Social Work 

Song Leader 1; Menorah Executive Board 1; Vice-Piesident 
Menorah 2; Junior Welcome Committee 3; Menorah Execu- 
tive Board 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Daisy Chain 3; 
Senior Prom Committee 4. 


39 Gage Street 
Lynn, Massachusetts 
Lynn English High Schools 

Household Economics 

Glee Club 2; Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4; May Day Committee 2; 
Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman of Y.W.C.A. Tea 4. 



1 4 Canterbury Turnpike 

Norwich Town, Connecticut 

Norwich Free Academy Household Economics 

Class Vice-President 1; Waitress, Sophomore Luncheon 1; 
Unity Club 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Chairman, May Day 2; Life 
Saving 2: Chairman, Sophomore Transfer Tea 2; Dorm 
Board 2: House Chairman 2; Corridor Committee 2; Vice- 
PresidenL, Home Ec Club 3; Student Representative of "Y" 
3: Basketball 3; Usher, Freshman-Junior Wedding 3; Junior 
Welcome Committee 3; Daisy Chain 3; Academy 3, 4; 
President, Home Ec Club 4; Senior Prom Committee 4. 



1907 Franklin Boulevard 

Portsmouth, Ohio 

Portsmouth High School Household Economics 

Dramatics Club 1; Secretary-Tieasurer, Debating Club 2; 
Sophomore Cortidor Committee 2; Unity Club 2, 3, 4; May 
Day 2; President, Debating Club 3; Shush Committee 3; 
Junior Welcome Committee 3; Usher, Convocation 3, Wait- 
ress, Class Day 3; Sophomore Transfer Tea 3; Home Ec 
Club 3, 4; Usher, Commencement. Baccalaureate 3; Circul- 
lation Manager, Microcosm 4; Microcosm Dance Commit- 
tee 4: Dorm Council Party 4; Waitress, Senior Supper 4; 
Bulletin Board 4. 

i 9 


3 4 



ro Maple Street 

Chester, Massachusetts 

Central High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1,2,3, 4! Tennis Tournament 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee 
Club 2, 3; Academy 3, 4. 



7 Sunset Hill Road 

Roslindale, Massachusetts 

Quincy High School English 

News 1, 2, 3, 4, Associate Kditor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; S.A.A. 
1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Varsity 2, 3, 4, Captain 1, College Manager 4; Chairman, 
Hockey Banquet 3; Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3; Archery I, 2, 
3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Badminton 3; Pingpong 3, 4; Fencing 4; 
Baseball 2, 3; Track Day Committee 1; Waitress, Sopho- 
more Luncheon 1; Ice Carnival Committee 2; Waitress, 
Alumnae Garden Party 2; Junior Welcome Committee 3; 
Group Leader 3; Usher and Waitress, Bouve Tea 3; O2O 
Club 3; Daisy Chain 3; Head Waitress, Class Day 3; Usher, 
Commencement 3; Y.W.C.A. 4; Alumnae Honor Award 4; 
English Club 4; Academy 3, 4. 



Westtown, Pennsylvania 

Westtown School Secretarial Studies 

Chairman, Studenl Industrial Group 3; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 
3; Daisy Chain 3; Usher, President's Reception 3: Junior 
Welcome Committee 3; Freshman Group Leader 3; Winner, 
Senior Tennis Singles 4; Student Government Repiv 
tive 4; Chairman of Activities 4. 


4 Alton Place 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Chelsea High School Secretarial Studies 

i 9 


3 4 

1 87 Broadway 
Rockland, Maine 
Nasson Institute Household Economics 


26 East Myrtle Street 

Orange, Massachusetts 

Bradford Academy Secretarial Studies 

S.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 2; Varsity Hockey 1; Sub- 
Varsity Hockey 2, 4; Basketball, Class Team 1, 2, 4; Fresh- 
man Manager, Hockey 1; Dorm Council 1.2; House Chair- 
man 1,2; Chairman, Costumes Track 1; S.A.A. Executive 
Board 2; Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 


28 Johnson Street 
Lynn, Massachusetts 
Pembroke College Secretarial Studies 

Menorah Society. 



23 Packard Avenue 

Somerville, Massachusetts 

Someiville High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 1; News Staff 3, 4, 
Assistant Business Manager 3 Business Manager 4; Freshman 
Junior Wedding 3; Daisy Chain 3; Waitress, Class Day 3; 
News Dance Committee 4; Hobo Party Con 

' 9 

M I C R C S A I 


Haddam, Connecticut 

Boston University Library Science 

92 Mount Auburn Street 
Watertown, Massachusetts 
Watertown High School Secretarial Studies 

Daisy Chain 3; Usher Baccalaureate and President's Re- 
ception 3; Waitress, Class Day 3; News Staff 3, 4; Unity Club 
4; Dramatics 4; News Dance Committee 4; Usher, College 
Hay 4. 


143 Court Road 

Winthrop, Massachusetts 

Winthrop High School General Science 

Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 3; Ellen 

Richards Club 2, 3, 4. 


213 First Street, South 

Virginia, Minnesota 

Hibbing Junior College Library Science 

* 9 


3 4 



1 86 Medford Street 

Arlington, Massachusetts 

Arlington High School Library Science 

Sophomore Luncheon Committee 2; School Representative 

2; O2O Club Representative 3; Academy 3, 4. 


58 Lake Avenue 

Auburn, New York 

Auburn Academic High School Secretarial Studies 

Ring Committee 2; Corridor Committee 2; Waitress, May 
Day 2; Waitress, Student Government Party 2; Waitress, 
Freshman-Junior Wedding 2; Chairman, House Dance 2; 
Shush Committee 3; Junior Welcoming Committee 3; Daisy 
Chain 3; Usher, Commencement 3; Usher, President's Re- 
ception 3; Junior Chairman, Formal Dinners 3; Group 
Leader 3, 4; Business Manager, Microcosm 4; Chairman, 
Microcosm Dance 4. 


"Low" "Babe" 

27 Brandon Road 

Milton, Massachusetts 

Milton High School Secretarial Studies 

Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, Unity Club 3; Dramatic 
Club 3, 4; Daisy Chain 3; Mews Staff 4. 



27 Pond Circle 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Jamaica Plain High School Household Economics 

Home Ec Club 3, 4. 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 



1809 Madison Avenue, S.E. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Grand Rapids Junior College Secretarial Studi 

News Staff 3; Honor Committee 4. 

Kinderbrook, New York 
Martin Van Buren High School 

Household Economics 

Waitress, Sophomore luncheon 1; S.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sopho- 
more Corridor Committee 2; Basketball 2, 3; Musical Asso- 
ciation 1, 2, 3; Waitress, Class Day and Senior Supper 3; 
Usher, Convocation 3; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Chairman of Foods 
4; Chairman, Freshman-Senior show 4. 



77 Glenwood Boulevard 

Hudson, New York 

Northampton School for Girls Library Science 

S.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Waitress, Sophomore 
Luncheon 2; Class Treasurer 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wed- 
dings; Hockey 3; O2O Club 3, 4; Shush Committee 3; Wait- 
ress, Alumnae luncheon 3. 



East Norwich, Long Island, New York 

Oyster Bay High School Household Economics 

Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Competitive Plays 1, 2, 3; Waitress, 
Sophomore luncheon 1; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lyrics 1, 2, 
3; Class Song leader 2,3; College Play 3, 4; Mummers 2, 3, 
4; Hostess, Class Day 3; Ballads 2, 3; S.A.A. 2, 3; Stag Dinner 
3; Home Ec Club 3, 4; Chairman, Poster Committee 2, 3; 
Freshman Instruction 3; Usher, Wedding 3; College Song 
leader 4; Coach, Competitives 4. 

* 9 


3 4 



869 Tower Avenue 

Hartford, Connecticut 

Weaver High School General Science 

Poetry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1,2; Unity Club 1,2; Y.W. 
C.A. 1, 3; Fire Captain 1, 2, 3; Treasurer, Poetry Club 2; 
Ellen Richards 2, 3, 4; Commencement Activities 3. 



45 Powell Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Luncheon 2; Junior 
Welcome Committee 3; Usher, Baccalaureate 2; Daisy 
Chain 3; Hobo Party Committee 4. 


1 8 Ethe) Street 

Roslindale, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Household Economics 

Home Ec Club 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Usher, Commencement 
3; Unity Club 4; S.A.A. 4; Freshman Group Leader 4. 


1466 Northampton Street 
Holyoke, Massachusetts 
Holyoke High School Secretarial Studies 

Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Dramatics Club 1, 2; Waitress, Student 
Government Party 2; Daisy Chain 3; Usher, Baccalaureate 
3; Student Government Group Leader 4. 

1 9 


3 4 

Hartland, Vermont 
Vermont Academy Public Health Nursing 

Basketball I, 2. 



2 i o Sherman Street 

Canton, Massachusetts 

Canton High School Library Science 

Glee Club i 

, 2, 3, 4; Usher. Dramatic Chili Play 3: Dramatii 
;s. Alumnae Luncheon 3: O2O Club 3, 4. 



538 Providence Street 

Albany, New York 

Albany Academy for Girls Secretarial Studies 

Dramatics 1, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 4; Fire Captain 2, 4; House 
Junior 3: Usher, Dramatics Club Play 4. 


" Meenie" 

19 Leigh ton Avenue 

Clinton, Massachusetts 

Clinton High School Household Economics 

Home Ec Club 3, 4. 

i 9 


3 4 



8o Elm Hill Avenue 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Fredericksburg Teachers' College General Science 

Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4. 



2 Terrace Street 

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 

Wyoming Seminary Secretarial Studies 

Sophomore-Senior Tea 2; Junior Prom 3; Senior-Transfer 


216 Forest Avenue 
Bangor, Maine 
Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Hockey 4. 


638 Fifth Street 

South Boston, Massachusetts 

Girls' Latin School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1,2; Glee Club 2, 3; 
Academy 3, 4. 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 


21 Alden Street 

Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Plymouth High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; S.A.A. I, 2, 3; Usher, Newman 
Dance 1; Tennis Team 2; Christmas Play 3; Senior Supper 
3; Hobo Party 4; Dormitory Council 4; Dormitory Council 
Party 4; Senior-Faculty Party Chairman 4. 

Belle Meade Drive 

Nashville, Tennessee 
Vanderbilt University 



54 Chandler Street 

West Somerville, Massachusetts 

Tufts College Social Work 

Dramatic Club. 



4 Kensington Road 

Worcester, Massachusetts 

High School of Commerce Household Economics 

Menorah Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Ec Club 2, 3, 4; Waitress, 
Alumnae Luncheon 3. 

1 9 


3 4 

50 Wellington Street 
Nashua, New Hampshire 

Nashua High School 

Library Science 

Hockey 1, 2; O2O Club 3, 4; Waitress, Class Day 3; Usher, 


" Woody" 

367 School Street 

Watertown, Massachusetts 

Watertown High School Household Economics 

Class Hockey team 1, 2, 3; Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Poster 
Committee 2, 3; Home Ec Club 3, 4; Microcosm Dance 
Committee 3, 4: Art Editor, Microcosm 3; Daisy Chain 3; 
Usher, Senior Play 3: Editor, Microcosm 4. 


34 Castle Street 
Worcester, Massachusetts 
Bouve Boston School of Physical Education 

Physical Education 



5 Birch Street 

Lawrence, Massachusetts 

Lawrence High School Secretarial Studies 

Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Daisy Chain 3; Poetry Club 4. 


3 4 


706 Central Avenue 

Sandusky, Ohio 

College of Wooster Library Science 

O2O Club 4; Y.W.C.A. 4. 


1657 Van Vrohen Avenue 

Schenectady, New York 

Schenectady High School General Science 


Abbott, Jane 
Adler, Joanne 
Allbright, Elisabeth 
Altmark, Sonia 
Alvord, Margaret 
Amram, Julia 
Astuto, Margaret 
Bailey, Helena 
Bailie, Dorothy 
Baldwin, Janice 
Barbara, Irene 
Barkelew, Patricia 
Barron, Mildred 
Barton, Barbara 
Bolles, Barbara 
Bonzagni, Lillian 
Bracy, Eleanor 
Braley, Glady 

Brainard, Barbara 
Brown, Mary 
Cannon, Elizabeth 
Carpenter, Annis 
Castelman, Clara 
Chamberland, Virginie 
Clarke, Barbara 
Clementson, Charlotte 
Coffey, Helene 
Cole, Eleanor 
Conner, Jean 
Constant, Daisy 
Cox, Florence 
Cramer, Mary 
Crocker, Dorothy 
Crowley, Margaret 
Daley, Mary 
Davis, Beatrice 

i 9 


3 4 

Davis, Dora 
Davis, Kathryn 
DeGrummond, Madge 
Dexter, Constance 
Deyarmond, Flora 
Dyer, Virginia 
England, Mary 
Evans, Florence 
Fallon, Elizabeth 
Farmer, Cora 
Finn, Alice 
Gibbs, Rosalind 
Glowinski, Helen 
Goldberg, Dorothy 
Goldberg, Jane 
Gordon, Isabel 
Graham, Catherine 
Greenwood, Janet 
Grimes, Clara 
Guissani, Elizabeth 
Hale, Dorothy 
Hallett, Doris 
Hanifen, Julia 
Harson, Mary 
Hatch, Lois 
Hill, Alma 
Hoenig, Helene 
* Hoffman, Barbara 
Hoover, Mildred 
Jackson, Jean 
Johnson, Leona 
Katz, Eleanor 
Kitchin, Charlotte 
Lake, Jessica 
Lehman, Janet 
Linenthal, Emma 
Lonergan, Miriam 
Long, Dena 
McCarty, Adele 
McDevitt, Alice 
McKay, Margaret 
McNeilly, Margaret 
Mann, Frances 
Mecklem, Virginia 
Mintzer, Clarice 
Mitchell, Helen 
♦Deceased, 1932 

Moore, Ruth 
Morse, Arvilla 
Noyes, Frances 
Nye, Elizabeth 
Ogar, Edith 
Pickett, Laurel 
Piker, Florence 
Porter, Elizabeth 
Powers, Elizabeth 
Regan, Elizabeth 
Rehder, Sylvia 
Robinson, Laurabelle 
Rodman, Mildred 
Rogolsky, Charlotte 
Savage, Elizabeth 
Savage, Marguerite 
Schreider, Miriam 
Schwalb, Beatrice 
Seagrave, Barbara 
Searles, Ruth 
Silbergleit, Shirley 
Smith, (Mrs.) Berniece 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Solar, Gertrude 
Spear, Esther 
Spring, Hannahbeth 
Stein, Joan 
Stein, Ruth 
Steiner, Alice 
Stirling, Jean 
Sumner, Edith 
Tanner, Virginia 
Tehan, Laura 
Vandersloot, Rene 
van Wieren, Marie 
Ward, Catherine 
Webber, Ruth 
Weston, Louise 
White, Madelyn 
Wiener, Betsy Jane 
Wilcox, Lillis 
Wild, Sally 
Wilder, Helen 
Wilson, Elizabeth 
Worden, Katharine 
Ziman, Lillian 

3 n jHemoriam 

Iarbara Rachel Hoffman 

"I thought of lives 
Which yet find room 
To lend a sweetness to the ungenial day, 
And make the sad earth happier for their bloom. 

i g MICROCOSM 3 4 

Dear Seniors, 

How quickly our four years at Simmons have flown by. Yip! Yip! I remember one day — way 
back in ig^o — when I was so happy on becoming your mascot. It meant that not only would my 
pedigree gain distinction, but also that I had become affiliated with a promising and active class. 
Sophomore year I took shape. From then on, our interests grew in leaps and bounds. Remember 
that Sophomore luncheon when our whole class sat in state for the first time. Then all too soon we 
were Juniors, yip, yip, yip, — it was the grandest year! You girls went about organizing new pro- 
grams, swinging successful affairs, while I barked rejoicingly, as I lagged along in the wake of 
your swift stride. We had such fun working together on Junior Prom, and every week I pestered 
the News Staff. Oh, I didn't want to become a Senior until I discovered that this Senior dignity is 
becoming, and not at all stationary. 

Before I break down in tears — which is not at all proper for a canine , I just want to 

thank you for choosing me as your mascot. It has been a grand honor and loads of fun to have been 
associated with such a friendly and cooperative group of girls as the Class of '34. 

Your loving mascot, 


J u n 

i ors 

M I C R C S M 

Class of Nineteen Thirty-five 


President Constance Dort 

Vice-President Ruth Peterson 

Secretary Eleanor Dobson 

Treasurer Jane Finch 

Cheer Leader Rachel Maddocks 

f Dartha Heath 
Student Government Representatives < R Wing 


Home Economics Frances Griswold 

Secretarial Eleanor Young 

Library Loretta Casey 

General Science Jeannette Houghton 

Social Service Ruth Gage 

English Eleanor Bolster 

Class Colors Brown and Orange 

Class Mascot Teddy Bear 



Junior Autograph Page 


i 9 


Class of Nineteen Thirty-six 


President Elizabeth Bowen 

Vice-President Lucia Charleton 

Secretary Phyllis Chandler 

Treasurer Mary Louise Imrie 

Cheer Leader Anna Latham 

( Betty Adams 
Student Government Representatives < T B t 


Home Economics Winifred Burns 

Secretarial Elizabeth Reardon 

Library Maxine Bailey 

General Science Lillian Murdoch. 

Social Science Helen Johnson 

Public Health Nursing Margaret MacCullum 

Landscape Architecture Jane Rodman 

Class Colors Green and White 

Class Mascot Mickey Mouse 

i 9 


Sophomore Autograph Page 


resn men 

M I C R C () S M 

Class of Nineteen Thirty-seven 


President Ruth Baur 

Vice-President Barbara Mann 

Secretary Velma Beesinger 

Treasurer Gertrude Lane 

Cheer Leader Phyllis Donnelly 

. [ Margaret Kyle 

Sludcnl (•iiiciiiiih ii( Hi liii-\t nln/nrs ( T , c 

r JKarna Steelq_uist 


Home Economics Sumiko Yatsuhashi 

Secretarial Louise Card 

Library Frances Cartland 

General Science Ethel Rawlings 

Social Science Jane Hart 

Public Health Nursing Betty Andrews 

Landscape Architecture Rita O'Rourke 

English Virginia Mathewson 

Class Colors Blue and White 

Class Mascot Raggedy Ann 


Freshman Autograph Page 


i 9 


3 4 

Graduate Division 

Abbot, Edith Mildred 

A.B., Wheaton, 1931 
Alden, Priscilla Frances 

S.B., Simmons, 1931 
Allen, Rosamond 

A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1921 
Anderson, Elizabeth Rothwell 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 
Anderson, Irene Neville 

S.B., Northwestern University, 1927 
Arendshorst, Elisabeth Frances 

A.B., Hope, 1932 
Arlington, Marjorie Ruth 

A.B., Bates, 1933 
Baker, Lois Annette 

A3., Smith, 1933 
Barrett, Mary Theresa 

A.B., Radcliffe, 1932 
Bates, Emily Josephine 

A.B., University of Michigan, 1932 
Bentley, Helen Myrtle 

S.B., Simmons, 1933 
Billings, Dorcas Fenno 

S.B., Tufts, 1933 
Billingsley, Oleta 

S.B., Peabody, 1930 
Block, Celia 

A.B., Radcliffe, 1932 
BoDine, Mary Louise 

A.B., University of Oregon, 1931 
Bond, Miriam Apthorp 

A.B., Wellesley, 1923; A.M., Cornell 
University, 1931 
Bright, Junia 

A.B., Smith, 1929 
Burack, Berniece Reva 

S.B., Simmons, 1933 

Burke, Mary Estelle 

A.B., Regis, 1933 
Bush, Millicent Ellen 

A.B., University of Iowa, 1929 
Byrne, Mary Frances 

A.B., Smith, 1933 
Carman, Mrs. Eunice Grover 

A.B., Smith, 191 7 
Carr, Margaret Louise 

A.B., Oberlin, 1933 
Carroll, Agnes Marcia 

A.B., Trinity, 1933 
Carroll, Sarah Roberta 

A.B., University of Colorado, 1933 
Chase, Elizabeth Collamore 

S.B., Middlebury, 1933 
Clark, Elinor Gertrude 

S.B., Tufts, 1933 
Clark, Ruth Eleanor 

A.B. , Radcliffe, 1933 
Colman, Dorothy Gertrude 

AM., Radcliffe, 1933 
Creager, Mary Louise 

A.B.,Sivarthmore, 1933 
Cunningham, Mrs. Isabel Coolidge 

A.B. , Radcliffe, 1920 
Cutler, Lillian Ruth 

A.B., Wheaton, 1932 
Cutts, Charlotte 

A.B., Bates, 1933 
Deemer, Elizabeth Harns 

A.B., Oberlin, 1930 
Dempsey, Anne Patricia 

A.B. , Emmanuel, 1933 
Derry, Jeanne 

A.B., Mary grove, 1933 

' 9 


3 4 

Dickinson, Elizabeth Winslow 

A.B., Swarthmore, 1933 
Dickson, Janet Shore 

B.A., University of Toronto, 1926 
Dietz, Edith Elizabeth 

A.B., University of Hawaii, 1933 
Dodge, Jeannette 

A.B., Wheaton, 1933 
Dodge, Theresa 

A.B., Smith, 1933 
Doe, Margaret 

A.B., University of New Hampshire, 1933 
Dolan, Ruth Eileen 

A.B., College of St. Elizabeth, 1933 
Drach, Winifred Elizabeth 

S.B., University of Nebraska, 1926 
Ebeling, Ruth Henrietta 

A.B., Ohio State University, 1933 
Elzholz, Ruth 

S.B., Simmons, 1933 
Esau, Leslie 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 
Farley, Marie 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 
Feild, Mrs. Helen Stickney 

S.B., University of Cincinnati, 1921; A.M. 

Columbia University, 1923 
Ferguson, Eleanor Archer 

A.B., Radcliffe, 1930 
Files, Josephine Talcot 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 
Fisher, Janet Palmer 

A.B., Colorado, 1933 
Fisher, Lucy Ellis 

S.B., Simmons, 1922 
Ford, Gladys Irene 

A.M., University of Vermont, 1929 
Fritz, Edith Elizabeth 

A.B., Goucher, 1930; S.B., Simmons, 1933 
Frizzell, Doris Isabel 

S.B., Simmons, 191 7; A.M., Boston 

University, 1925 

Gagen, Dorothy Kith 

A.B., Brown University, 1933 
Gardner, Helen Cornelia 

A.B., Radcliffe, 1933 
Garlick, Elizabeth Jane 

A.B., Pomona, 1929 
Gerstein, Evelyn Beatrice 

A.B., Smith, 1933 
Gleason, Evelyn May 

A.B., University of Maine, 1933 
Goldsmith, Sarepta Mertina 

A.B., Pomona, 1932 
Goodheart, Mary Kathryn 

A.B., University of California, 1932 
Goodwin, Marian Pauline 

A.B., University of New Hampshire, 1933 
Gorton, Katharine Edith 

A.B., College qfWooster, 1932 
Grubstein, Ann 

A.B., Upsala, 1933 
Hager, Lucy Gorham 

S.B., Middlebury, 1930 
Hale, Phala Alice 

A.B., Newcomb, 1933 
Hare, Georgianna Watson 

S.B., University of New Hampshire, 1930 
Harper, Mary Elizabeth 

A.B., University of Washington, 1932 
Hazen, Constance Dana 

S.B., University of New Hampshire, 1933 
Hecht, Anne 

S.B., Simmons, 1933 
Heck, Gertrude Virginia 

A.B., Florida State, 1933 
Herrick, Marian Lena 

A.B., Wheaton, 1933 
Hickey, Emily Margaret 

A.B., Radcliffe, 1927 
Hill, Carol Gertrude 

A3., Colby, 1930 
Hitchcock, Adelyn Lucretia 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 

[ 3! 

* 9 


3 4 

Hoey, Isabel Young 

A.B., Duke University, 1928 
Howerton, Dorothy Kellogg 

A.B., Wellesley, 1925 
Ivers, Eleanor Mary 

S.B., Boston University, 1933 
Jameson, Matilda Jane 

A.B., College of Wooster, 1933 
Johnson, Dorothy 

A.B., Smith, 1933 
Johnson, Evelyn Philomena 

A.B., Augustana, 1931 
Kellock, Jean Margaret 

A.B., Tufts, 1924; A.M., University of 

Pennsylvania, 1929 
Kneznek, Eve Natalie 

S.B., Simmons, 1933 
Knox, Alda Clara 

A.B., Whitman, 1925 
Learned, Alice Rankin 

A.B., University of Kansas, 1933 
Levy, Madeleine Jeanne 

B.A., Manchester University, 191 9 


A.B., Florida State, 1933 
Loeser, Helen 

S.B., Simmons, 1932 
Long, Gertrude 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 
Lovell, Mary Fredrika 

A.B., University of Nebraska, 1933 
Lyman, Caroline Root 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 
Lyons, Harriet Margaret 

A.B., Trinity, 1933 
McCue, Miriam Agnes 

A.B., Emmanuel, 1933 
MacDonald, Gertrude Auberta 

A.B., Raddiffe, 1933 
MacDonald, Jean 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 

McEwen, Catherine Jane 

S.B., OregonState, 1930 
McHugh, Rosemary Rita 

A.'B.jRadcliffe, 1933 
McInnis, Katherine 

A.B., University of New Hampshire, 1933 
Madison, Mary Elizabeth 

A.B., Wheaton, 1932; S.B., Simmons, 

Mahoney, Mabel Frances 

A.B., Trinity, 1933 
Manaster, Gladys 

A.B., Boston University, 1932 
Manning, Eunice Batchelder 

A.B., Marietta, 1933 
Markarian, Zavart 

A.B., Middlebury, 1933 
Merritt, Orris Elma 

S.B., Massachusetts State, 1932 
Mills, Julia Louise 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1933 
Mitchell, Edith Hersey 

A.B., Cornell University, 1932 
Mulvey, Katharine Louise 

A.B., Emmanuel, 1933 
Munson, Janice 

S.B., Massachusetts State, 1933 
Murdoch, Gwendolyn 

A.B., Vassar, 1933 
Nelson, Lois Ella 

A.B., Wellesley, 1933 
Nelson, Shirley Louise 

A.B., Indiana University, 1933 
Newman, Lucy Corinne 

S.B., Middlebury, 1925 
Odence, Mrs. Marion Nathan 

A.B., Smith, 1927 
Parker, Margaret 

A.B., Wellesley, 1933 
Payne, Suzanne George 

A.B., Brown, 1933 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

Peirce, Prutia Ann 

A.B., American University, 1933 
Pellecrom, Hester Marif. 

A.B., Hope, 1933 
Pfleeger, Mary Salome 

S.B., Purdue University, 1924 
Phillips, Annie Esther 

A.B., Middlebury, 1933 
Pinkos, Genevieve Helen 

S3., Boston University, 1933 
Post, Helen Adelia 

A.B., Pomona, 1932 
Quint, Mrs. Ann Stept 

A.B., University of Pittsburgh, 1931 
Quint, Beatrice 

A3., Radclijfe, 1933 
Raymond, Ruth Bassett 

A.B., Connecticut, 1932 
Reardon, Muriel Justine Elizabeth 

A.B., Boston University, 1933 
Remington, Carolyn Eastman 

A.B., Wellesley, 1933 
Rice, Martha Louise 

S.B., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1931 
Rose, Elizabeth Barstow 

A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1931 
Rowell, Mrs. Frances Carolyn 

A.B., University of California, 1931 
Roziskey, Vakeska Ruth 

A.B., Wellesley, 1933 
Russell, Margaret Warren 

A.B., Wellesley, 1910 
Shapiro, Ann Gertrude 

A.B., University of California, 1933 
Sheinwald, Ruth Ada 

S.B., Simmons, 1933 
Shocker, Ada 

LL.B., Portia Law, 1928 

uoNs, Ruby Grace 
S.B., Boston University, 
mons, 1933 

s 1; 

Smith, Mrs. Lilla Fries 

A.M., Boston University, 1930 
Spiegel, Frances 

S.B., Simmons, 1933 


A.B., Wheaton, 1931 ; S.B.. Simmons, 

Stearns, Victoria Eldridge 

A.B., Connecticut, 1933 
Stockwell, Dorothea Mayiiew 

S.B., Elmira, 1932 
Stout, Harriet Elizabeth 

A.B., New Jersey College for M 'omen, 193s 
Svec, Helen 

S.B., Boston University, 1933 
Torrens, Isabel 

S.B., University of Vermont, 1933 
Trathen, Marian Cameron 

A.B., Northwestern University, 1932 
VanLeer, Leila Draper 

A.M., Sweet Briar, 1933 
Wardrop, Elizabeth Mae 

S.B., Susquehanna University, 1932 
Weisman, Mary Elizabeth 

A.B., University of Washington, 1933 
Welch, Mildred Viola 

A.B., Wheaton, 1933 
Whitney, Phyllis Moore 

S.B., Boston University, 1932 
Wrigley, Dorothy Shaw 

A3., Mills, 1933 
Zimmerman, Elizabeth Erica 

A.B., Radclijfe, 1933 


The Fens 

Tune: Kreisler's "Old Refrain" 

The Fens are shadow-wrapt, misty and gray, 

Dim trees sway dreamily at close of day; 

Hushed is the city's roar, white is the moon, 

Time will swing shut the door of college soon. 

These are the things we loved, Prom memories, 

The Blue Ship's candlesticks, dances and teas, 

Step-singing, lanterns bright, specials at East, 

Thursday of reading Mews, one show at least. 

These are the things we'll take through the closed door, 

These are the things we'll love forevermore. 


i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: D. Heath, E. Adams, J. Burt, B. Wing, K. Steelquist 
Front Row: M. Leonard, B. Holbrook, P. Churchill, M. Connor, S. Stanton, H. Griffin 

Student Government Association 

President Polly Churchill 

Vice-President Mary Connor 

Treasurer Marion Leonard 

Chairman of Honor Committee . . . Barbara Holbrook 


ig$4 Helen Griffith, Sidney Stanton 

ig35 Dartha Heath, Barbara Wing 

IQ36 Elizabeth Adams, Jean Burt 

7937 Margaret Kyle, Karna Steelquist 

Every student is a member of Student Government Association, the largest and 
most important student organization at Simmons. The Association elects twelve 
members to form Student Government Council, which meets weekly to consider 
student administrative problems and routine. 

This year Student Government Council has been fortunate in having a progres- 
sive, alert spirit in the student body and the administration from which to gain in- 
spiration and with which to work. With the aid of this spirit, Student Government has 
tried to revitalize itself as an institution truly representative of all students and their 
interests. To this end the Council has devoted itself to three main problems: first, 
the elimination of obsolete branches of its organization, such as Conference Commit- 
tee; second, the establishment of new methods and ideas where student opinion de- 
manded them; third, the efficient administration of policies and projects, including 
the organizations and committees which are responsible to Student Government. 


i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: K. Birtwell, E. Flewellyn, M. R. Peters, H. Deacon, G. Miller, M. Hutton 

Second Row: M. Holmes, B. Twombly, E. Kittredge, M. Welsh, P. Simonds, M.Wilsc 

Front Row: S. Rahn, E. Hitchon, M. Connor, C. O'Leary, E. Kurdt 

Dormitory Council 


Mary Connor 
Caroline O'Leary 

Dormitory Council is charged with the regulation of dormitory affairs and with 
the enforcement of the Simmons Code. From this Council arise recommendations for 
the betterment of dormitory life, which are sent first to the Student Government 
Council for ratification, and then to Advisory Board for final sanction. Dormitory 
Council attempts to interpret the rules to the resident students and to encourage a 
feeling of respect for them. 

This Council is made up of the Vice-President of Student Government, who acts 
as its leader, and all House Chairmen. This year no Junior was elected as a House 
Chairman so as an emergency measure three Junior representatives were chosen to 
sit on Council. Through a decision of last year's Council and a vote of the student 
body, House Seniors were abolished, as it was strongly felt that the desirable contact 
between the Freshmen and the upper classmen was adequately taken care of by the 
new Freshman Plan and the proximity of the new Freshman Houses to Campus. 

This year Council has tried to anticipate the desires of the resident students and to 
cooperate with Student Government Council and its various branches with the aim 
of attaining a more unified and efficient ruling student body. 

' .9 

M I C R C O S M 

3 4 

L. Fii-nrh, 13. Holbmnk, I'.. IVnrcli 


Honor Committee 

Barbara Holbrook 
Eunice Benedict 

With the change in the new Honor System, Honor Committee was accepted as 
the natural successor of the old Judicial Board and has been in operation for three 
years. While the duty of the committee is to educate the student body to the proper 
observance of the Honor Code, it also deals with any violations of the code in the 
academic field. 

On registration, every student promises to uphold the Honor Code, which, very 
briefly, is a promise neither to give nor to receive aid in any quiz or examination, nor 
to use any source material without explicitly noting the source. Honor Committee is 
comprised of four Seniors and three Juniors elected by Student Government Council 
and the President of Student Government, who is a member ex officio. 

i 9 


3 4 


fiaci Row: K. Birtwell, M. Holmes, E. Hitchon, P. Simonds, M. Wilson 
Front Row: E. Kittredge, B. Holbrook, M. Connor, P. Churchill, E. Kurdt 

Dormitory Board 


Mary Connor 
Marjorie Wilson 

For the purpose of considering all offenses against Student Government dormitory 
regulations, there exists within Dormitory Council a Dormitory Board which is com- 
posed often members: the Vice-President of Student Government, who is Chairman 
of the Board; three Seniors, two Juniors, one Sophomore, and one Freshman elected 
by the Dormitory Council; and the President of Student Government and the Chair- 
man of Honor Committee, who are members ex-officio. 

The Board is concerned with the education of the student in the Council's 
policies rather than exemplary punishment. 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 

Back Row: M. Connor, H. Griffin, P. Churchill 
Front Row: Miss Wilkinson, Miss Mesick, Mrs. Prat 

Dormitory Advisory Committee 

Miss Mesick 

Miss MacGregory 
Mrs. Pratt 
Miss Wilkinson 

Polly Churchill 
Mary Connor 
Helen Griffin 

The Advisory Committee was formed for the purpose of aiding Student Govern- 
ment in its dormitory problems. The committee is composed of the Dean, three mem- 
bers of the instructing staff who are graduates of the college, appointed by the Presi- 
dent, and three members of Student Government Council. 

All dormitory rules and questions proposed by Student Government are referred 
to this Committee, which discusses them freely. On the basis of the opinions expressed 
in these meetings, the Dean accepts or rejects the submitted proposals. 

i 9 


3 4 

iff T5T "ff 

M. Barry, I. Seach, D.Ji 


President Iona Seach 

Secretary Mary Barry 

Treasurer Dorothy Justis 

This year the members have tried to forward the ideal of Academy as a thinking 
body of students interested as much in the affairs of the changing world as in books 
and classes. 

The informal gatherings around the fireplace in North Hall have been open dis- 
cussion hours sometimes led by an instructor, or friend, but as often conducted by the 
members alone. It is by such free interchange of ideas and stimulation of thought that 
the members hope to make Academy a revered, as well as an honorary society. 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 


1 /•• v ' 1 Ad 


M. L. Imrie, P. C; 

Christian Science Organization 

Reader Gwendolyn Barrows 

Executive Secretary Priscilla Carter 

Chairman Mary Louise Imrie 

Treasurer Selma Olsen 

The purpose of the Christian Science Organization is to bring about a greater 
realization of friendship and cooperation among the Christian Scientists of the college, 
to share the joys which result from the study of Christian Science, and to offer to all 
an opportunity to learn its doctrines. 

This year the organization has held its weekly meetings on Mondays in the 
Assembly Hall. In addition to these meetings a lecture was given in February by a 
member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of 
Christ Scientist in Boston. 

' 9 


3 4 

H. MacDonald, D. Sherriff 

Debating Society 

President Doris Sherriff 

Secretary Winifred Small 

Treasurer Anne Mae 

Publicity Marjorie Brooks 

The Debating Society opened this year with an open forum debate on the probable 
efficacy of the N.R.A. The Society will continue the open forum debates with the 
possible addition of other types in which the discussion element will be important. 
The Debating Society is, in addition, interested in the three-sided debates. 

The society also held various social meetings, among which was the Christmas 

As the Debating Society's present membership is largely from the Class of 1936 
there should be a continued interest and greater development in the future. 

' 9 

M I C It C S M 

3 I 

Back Row: E. Dole, S. Simmons 
Front Row: V. Dewey, P. Nelson, O. Forslund, E. Rawlings 

Ellen Richards Club 

Secretary- Tn 

Olga Forslund 
Pauline Nelson 

The Ellen Richards Club was founded in 1920 to stimulate an interest in science 
and to further good fellowship among the science students. Membership in the club 
is open to anyone in the School of General Science, or in the School of Household 
Economics who is majoring in chemistry, biology, or physics. The meetings of the club 
are held every month in the form of teas, and topics of current scientific interest are 
presented by prominent speakers. The students are also encouraged to attend scientific 
lectures in and around Boston. 

In addition to these meetings, social gatherings, the first of which is the initiation 
of new members, the annual birthday celebration, and the spring picnic are a part of 
the year's program. 

' 9 


3 4 

C* © 

P. Simonds, E. Kurdt, M. Culbc 



Manager for Freshman Dormitories 
Publicity Manager . . . . 

Edna Kurdt 

Phyllis Simonds 

Mabel Culberson 

The purpose of Forum is to offer additional opportunities to Simmons girls for 
becoming better informed on topics of general interest and significance through lec- 
tures given in the dormitories during the year. 

The background for the Campus activities was formed by Dr. Varrell's current 
events classes. Additional speakers were Dr. Miriam Van Waters, Superintendent of 
the Sherborn Reformatory for Women; Mr. Beatley; Mr. Henry Wadsworth Long- 
fellow Dana, Cambridge School of Drama; and Dr. Gay. 

The program at the Freshman dormitories consisted of lectures by Dr. Lindsay, 
Dr. Kinsolving and Dr. Pomeroy. 

Forum wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Dr. Varrell and others for 
their cooperation and kindness in connection with the Forum program. 

1 9 

M I C R C S M 

Back Row: D. McClure, C. MacGregory 
Front Row: B. Van Alstyne, B. Spear, F. Griswold 

Home Economics Club 

President Betty Spear 

Vice-President Frances Griswold 

Secretary Carol MacGregory 

Treasurer Dorothy McClure 

Food Sales Chairman Betty Van Alstyne 

The Home Economics Club is the professional organization of the department 
and is affiliated with the New England and National Home Economics Associations. 
Through monthly meetings, the club aims to acquaint the undergraduates with the 
business world and the various vocations open for Home Economics students, by- 
entertaining speakers and interesting trips. 

The funds raised by dues, food sales and catering enable the club to send a repre- 
sentative from the Junior Class to the National Convention; to be a member of the 
New England and National Home Economics Association; to contribute to foreign 
scholarships; and to finance a banquet at the end of the year to welcome the new- 
Sophomore members. 

As a special project this year, the club was influential in having the college 
lunchroom redecorated. The gay, new curtains were given by the club and enthusi- 
astically made by many of the faculty and club members. 

i 9 


3 4 

Q ■© Q A 

The Menorah Society 

President Irene Gordon 

Vice-President Dorothea Myers 

Secretary Jeanette Lodgen 

Treasurer Mollie Robinson 

The Menorah Society was first founded at Harvard University in 1906 for the 
purpose of giving expression to the student's idealistic and intellectual, racial and 
nationalistic problems. The Intercollegiate Menorah Society founded in 191 3 has been 
dedicated to the study and advancement of Jewish culture. At Simmons College this 
organization has endeavoured to bring to its members stimulating information 
through speakers and activities for intelligent participation in the solution of Jewish 

A scholarship is given annually to a worthy Jewish girl from the funds obtained 
from social events. 

The bond among the Menorah Societies of greater Boston Colleges has in this 
past year been stronger than ever before and it is the ambition of the Societies to have 
this cooperation meted towards a common success in future years. 








jt ' jy 

Jfl wL~ v . i 

M& ' Aj 

^^^ _^-* 


* A^f > *« 

Newman Club 

President Ellen Murdock 

Vice-President Kathleen Horgan 

Secretary Mary Barry 

Treasurer Mary Fitzpatrick 

Club Representative Barbara Shields 

All Catholic students at Simmons are automatically members of the Newman 
Club. It is one of the largest clubs in the college, and is a member of the National 
Federation of College Catholic Clubs and also of the New England Province of the 

The purpose of the club is to further the interest of its members in the moral, 
social, and intellectual problems of the day as they affect the Catholic Church, and to 
sponsor a united spirit of friendship among the Catholic students at Simmons. Lec- 
tures by prominent priests followed by discussions are features of the monthly teas 
which are held in the Lounge. During the college year there are Communion Break- 
fasts, a bridge party, and a formal dance. 

The club is active in the New England Province, especially in the work of the 
Charity Committee. If possible, a delegate is sent each year to the Convention of the 
National Federation. 


i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: J. Patterson, M. McNally, M. Kclley, D. Bean, M. Thomas, E. Kelley 
Front Row: M. Downey, B. May, E. Lovett, I. Young 

Poetry Club 

Secretary- Treasurer 

Eileen Lovett 
Barbara May 

Poetry Club, which was formed only five years ago, received quite an increase in 
membership during 1933- 1934. Poetry Club's membership includes not only those 
students who seek self-expression through the actual writing of poetry, but also those 
who find merit and delight in the more modern poetry. 

During this year the members read and discussed the verses and dramas of 
selected poets. The club was also honored by addresses on poetry by several 
members of the faculty. Members of the club read at the Poetry Club tea for the fac- 
ulty, and at the Boston Center of the Poetry Society of England. In the fall the club 
held a contest for all undergraduates in an endeavor to discover the talented and to 
promote a general interest in modern poetry. Original verse by members is regularly 
presented to the college through News and Per-Simmons. 

Poetry Club wishes to thank Mr. DeMille, the friend and adviser of the club 
since its inception, for his sincere interest in the club. 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

Back Row: IS. Patterson, H. Stewart, L. Bixby, 
Front Row: I. Maletz, I. Tanner, Miss Gardner, M. Eck, B. Ja 

Poster Association 

President Irma Tanner 

Treasurer Mildred Eck 

Faculty Adviser Marion B. Gardner 

Poster Association has been a recognized organization for some years, and each 
year it shows a gain in importance. There is hardly a time when posters announcing 
the various college functions are not to be seen on the main bulletin boards. The chief 
activity of Poster Association is to see that these posters are made and placed to inform 
the students of college affairs. 

Our committee is much smaller than we would like to have it and the work of 
assembling a larger organization is slow because of limited acquaintance with all the 
schools of the college. New members are always welcome and appointments are made 
by the faculty adviser who knows of the student's ability to do satisfactory work. 

1 9 


3 4 

L. Charlton, Dr. G.iv. B. Shields, B. Gilcreas 

School of English Club 

President Barbara Shields 

Secretary Bethany Gilcreas 

Treasurer Lucia Charlton 

Faculty Adviser Dr. Robert M. Gay 

The English Club, organized this year, has for its purpose the furthering of 
"interest in English as an art and a profession among the students of the School of 
English," and the provision of "opportunity for noted speakers to address the students 
on the particular problems in their field." 

Since the founding of the Club in November there has been a meeting each 
month in North Hall with some well-known speaker to address the group. Speakers 
have included Dr. Gay, Mr. Braim of Jordan's book store, and Mr. Danielson, editor 
and publisher of the Sportsman. 

Dr. Gay has been the greatest contributor to the success of the club, and the 
whole English department has cooperated splendidly. The officers of the club wish to 
express their sincere appreciation of the interest that has been shown. 

[ 5 

1 9 

M I C R C S M 

Back Row: C. Drechsel, M. Wilson 
Front Row: E. Smith, J. Herbert, L. Evers 

School of Nursing Club 

President Mary Ormand 

Vice-President Janet Herbert 

Secretary Louise Evers 

Treasurer Elizabeth Smith 

Representative igj^ Mildred Foster 

Representative igj6 Claire Dreschel 

Representative igjy Mary Wilson 

The Ann Strong Student Club was organized in 1933 for all members of the 
School of Public Health Nursing. The club is named for the first director of this 
school. The aim of the club is to bring together the nursing students in the college and 
those studying in the hospitals. The purpose of our meetings is not merely social, but 
also educational. We try to improve our knowledge of nursing by having speakers who 
are interested in this field. 

i 9 


3 4 

E. Bowen, Miss Dudley, I 

Scout Club 

President Priscilla Copeland 

Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Bowen 

Faculty Adviser Luella Dudley 

The aim of Scout Club is to carry on the spirit of Girl Scouting through college. 
We Scouts have an enviable heritage and are in duty bound to fulfill the hopes of 
others who are interested in us. Our meetings come about every four weeks in the 
form of teas in the Lounge, or suppers which we prepare at the dormitories. Since we 
have no time for actual troop work and badge work, we try to do some form of com- 
munity service work and keep in touch with active Scouting through speakers who 
are leaders in Boston and vicinity. Our community service consisted this year in giving 
a Thanksgiving Party for a Scout troop at the Goodwill Settlement House, East 
Boston, making up a Christmas basket for a needy family in Boston, and making scrap 
books and doll's clothes for a missionary in China. 

Our Scout Club was in charge of the Inter-College Scout Club Conference at 
Cedar Hill in the spring. 

M I C R C S M 

Back Row: R. Deraney, D. Talbot 
Front Row: E. Adams, B. Tripp, A. Palmer, R. Pete 

Simmons Musical Association 

President Ann Palmer 

Secretary Barbara Tripp 

Treasurer Ruth Peterson 

Librarian Dorothea Talbot 

Concert Manager Ruth Deraney 

Business Manager Elizabeth Adams 

Instrumental Club Leader Kassie Biros 

The purpose of the Musical Association is to offer an opportunity to the talented, 
to promote friendships among the music lovers, and to stimulate a general interest in 
music. This year the Association, following the example set by the club last year, gave 
a Christmas Vesper Concert in which both the Instrumental and the Glee Clubs 
participated. In addition the two clubs broadcast a Christmas concert through the 
courtesy of radio station WBZ. Last spring the Glee Club also held a joint concert with 
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Jordan Hall. Before the close of the 
college year the Association plans to have another radio concert, to sing at the Pops on 
Simmons Night and in the Northeastern spring concert. 

The Instrumental Club has played for teas, at formal dinners, at the Old English 
Dinner, and at the Christmas Vespers. As a new venture this year the Glee Club sang 
in the Spring Choral Festival at Symphony Hall. 


i 9 


3 4 

^ n ^ 

E. Perkins, P. Reed, D. Peverly, P. Copeland 

Unity Club 

President Donna Peverly 

Vice-President Phyllis Reed 

Secretary Priscilla Copeland 

Treasurer Eleanor Perkins 

Simmons Unity Club is open to students and faculty of all Protestant faiths. Its 
purpose is to bring together all students of liberal religious ideals, to promote friend- 
ships, and to stimulate the exchange of beliefs and opinions in regard to religion, 
national affairs, and life. Unity Club holds its meetings on the third Monday of the 
month at which time an outside speaker addresses the group and then ample time is 
reserved for a bit of sociability among the students and guests. 

Activities of the club are not limited to the monthly meetings; trips of historical 
interest to Concord, Lexington, and Salem are made. Several times a year there are 
conferences with prominent speakers, and round-table discussions are held at which 
such subjects as international peace, organization of the Free Church of America, and 
personal problems such as marriage are considered. 


M I C R C S M 

Bach Row: R. Bradbury. J. Wainright, E. Kurdt, G. Austin 
Row: I. Skillings, K. Huntei, A. Berning, F. Bennelt. H. MacDonald 

Gertrude Austin 
Maxine Bailey 
Fay Bennett 
Ada Berning 

Miss Fisher 

The Y. W. C. A. 


Ruth Bradbury 
Catherine Brundrett 
Anne Hinton 
Kay Hunter 
Edna Kurdt 

Faculty Advisers 
Miss Stites 

Harriet Maconald 
Margaret Rae 
Imogene Skillings 
Jane Wainwright 

Mr. Stearns 

The Y.W.C.A. has formulated three aims: to foster student- faculty relationships: 
to bridge the gap between the dormitory girls and the commuters: and to help the 
various cliques to become better acquainted with each other. 

Open house in the form of teas with either a speaker or music have been held 
every Friday afternoon. Both the faculty and the student body have enjoyed the in- 
formal suppers before the fire at Headquarters. The recreational suppers with other 
college "Y" groups in Boston on Friday evenings have proved very successful. Again 
this year the "diplomatic" students in black gowns have discussed world problems at 
the Model League of Nations. Other traditions which were carried on are the Fresh- 
man Picnic in September, and the Student-Faculty baseball game. The Simmons 
delegation at the Phillips Brooks, and the Wellesley and Maqua conferences have had 
a large attendance. 

We hope a "full and creative life" has been made possible this year for more 
girls than ever before; if so, our year will have been a success. 

i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: L. Casey, A. Chamberlin 
Front Row: H. Kaufman, B. Chace, M. Bond 

O2O Club 

President Beatrice Chace 

Vice-President Miriam Bond 

Secretary Helen Kaufman 

Treasurer Loretta Casey 

Chairman of Programs Alice Chamberlin 

Three years ago a group of Seniors organized the O2O Club to make it possible 
for the Juniors, Seniors, and Graduates in the school of Library Science to become 
better acquainted socially and to have a club that would further the interest in the 
Library field. 

This year to stress the social aspect of the Club the first meeting was held in the 
form of a tea. The members were also privileged to have Dr. Gay of the English de- 
partment as a speaker at one of the meetings. 

i 5 6 

At I C R C S At 

Back Row: J. Finch, E. Hogerty 
Front Row: G. Barrows, E. Phemister, C. Carlyl 

The Dramatic Association 

President Edith Phemister 

Vice-President Jane Finch 

Secretary Christina Carlyle 

Treasurer Elizabeth Hogerty 

Chairman of Activities Gwendolyn Barrows 

The Dramatic Club reports another successful year. We are trying hard to make 
it a club for all those who are interested in the theatre. Although there have not been 
as many open meetings as we hoped for, they have been valuable to the many who 
attended. Ibsen, Barrie, Singe, and O'Neill are some of the playwrights whom we have 
discussed in detail. 

The all-college annual play, "Death Takes a Holiday," presented at the Reper- 
tory Theatre on December 15 was acclaimed a success by all. The traditional Com- 
petitive Plays were omitted this year in an effort to revive a more general interest 
in them. 

o 9 

□ Q 

' 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 

The Thespian Calendar 

By Albert Casella 

Coach: Miss Helen Thompson 

Prince Sirki Helen Garrity 

Grazia Beatrice Vernon 

Princess of San Luca Eleanor Bolster 

Duke Lambert Mary Ann Pelley 

Baron Cesarea Edith Phemister 

Stephanie Santnee Homs 

Eric Fenton Constance Dort 

Rhoda Fenton Elizabeth Hogerty 

Carrado Christina Carlyle 

Cora Eleanor Dobson 

Alda Virginia Linton 

Major Whitread Helena Mazeiva 

Fidele Jane Rodman 


Floor and Door Priscilla Carter 

Stage and Properties . . Anna Cole, Georgiabelle Taylor 

Clean-up Jane Rodman 

Costumes Marion Hutton 

Orchestra Margaret Fairfield 

Publicity Marion Mason 


i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: E. Gilmore, E. Sullivan, H. Maslon 
Front Row: F. Kalin, B. Parker, D. Squire, D. McClure, M. Ma 

The Simmons News 

Editor-in-Chief Dorothy Squire 

Associate Editors 

Technical Beatrice Parker 

News Freda Kalin 

Feature Dorothy McClure 

Mutuals Marion Mason 

Business Manager Eleanor Sullivan 

Advertising Manager Harriet Maslon 

Circulation Manager Evelyn Gilmore 

Faculty Adviser Dr. H. M. Varrell 

The aim of The Simmons News, weekly newspaper, is "to maintain a spirit of good 
fellowship among the students and to help them to keep in touch with the life of the 
college by means of articles and editorials setting forth the college news of the week, 
and commenting upon college conditions in general." It is distributed free to all 
students due to the activity of the advertising department, student support of News 
Dance and the assistance of Cooperative Society. 

This year monthly teas have been introduced with the double purpose of unifying 
the staff and increasing their technical knowledge. Speakers have included Dr. 
Varrell, Bill Cunningham of the Boston Post, Harland Ratcliffe and Arthur Johnson of 
the Boston Transcript. 

Other innovations have been: subscription to Collegiate Digest, weekly rotogravure 
paper; representation at the Women's Intercollegiate News Association Conference; 
and changing staffs immediately after spring vacation. 

1 9 

M I C R C S M 

■; I 

Back Row: J. Patterson, A. Mosh 
Front Row: F. Kespert, E. Church, R. Ja 


Editor-in-Chief Elsie Church 

Technical Editor Ruth Jacobs 

Advertising Manager Dorothy Shorey 

Business Manager Alice Mosher 

Faculty Adviser Miss Judith Matlack 


Barbara Holbrook, '34 Kathryn Homs, '36 

Iona Seach, '34 Jeane Else, '36 

Frances Kespert, '35 Ruth Simon, '37 

Doris Siegal, '35 Janet Patterson, '37 

Per-Simmons was first published in 1931 as a literary supplement to News; it was 
given magazine form in 1932, and continued as a supplement. It became an inde- 
pendent publication in 1933. 

Per-Simmons aims to furnish an incentive for creative writing in the college, and 
to work toward becoming the center of a group interested not only in publishing its 
productions but in improving the quality of its writing through group criticism. 


i 9 


3 4 

a & £i e\ 

Back Row: A. Baker, M. L. Imrie, R. Goldberg, B. Parker 
Front Row: M. Carbone, C. Duhy, M. Lundy 

Press Board 

Chairman Cora Duhy 

Publicity Director Phyllis Abell Hill 

The outside world is informed of activities at Simmons through the medium of 
Press Board. Our objective is to obtain the most constructive publicity in the best 
manner. This year the goal has been sought under the leadership of a new Publicity 
Director, Mrs. Phyllis Abell Hill, a Simmons graduate. 

Members of the Board are chosen by competitive tryouts and all undergraduates 
are eligible for membership. The Board is run on a self-supporting basis on money 
raised by means of a tag day. A scrapbook is kept of the clippings appearing in Boston 
and out-of-town papers. 



i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: D. Crawley, R. Closson, D. McClure 
Front Row: C. O'Leary, J. Burr, C. MacGregory, J. Dodge, L. Murdock 

Simmons Athletic Association 

President Carol MacGregory 

Vice-president Jessie Dodge 

Secretary Lillian Murdock 

Treasurer Jacqueline Burr 

Class Representatives: 

1934 Carolyn O'Leary 

igjij Dorothy McClure 

ig$6 Ruth Closson 

7937 Dorothea Crawley 

The Simmons Athletic Association is one of the binding forces of our college life. 
Continuing in its purpose to promote interest in athletics and physical education it 
also unites the girls in a spirit of fun and competition and makes for lasting friendships 
formed during practice in the various sports. Hockey, archery, tennis, riding, swim- 
ming, basketball, baseball, ping pong, and badminton were all well represented and 
as popular as ever. Faculty-student ping pong and tennis tournaments were continued, 
meeting with great enthusiasm on both sides. 

Through the able leadership and efficient supervision of Miss Diall, Miss Leach, 
the Bouve coaches and the managers, 1933-1934 has been an interesting year and the 
Athletic Association hopes that the cooperation and enthusiasm of the student body 
will continue to be as encouraging and helpful next year. 

' 9 

M I C R C O S M 

3 4 

Back Row: D. Squire, E. Welch, H. Perry, L. Peirce, D. Heath, D. Crawley 
Front Row: D. McClure, J. Dodge, B. Patterson, N. Jermolovich 

£} £V 

Back Row: D. Thompson. L. Stone. M. Wilson 

Front Row: E. Bowen, H. Perry. D. McClure 


i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: E. Thomas, r.f.b.; L. Pierce, g.; J. Fish, c.h.b.j E. Welch, l.f.b.; C. Graham, r.h.b. 

Front Row: R. Sackett, l.h.b.; A. Mori is, r.w.; D. Squire, l.i.; N. Jermolovich, c.f.; L. Stone, r.i. 


J,_^usi-> -j;\ 

Back Row: P. Reed, l.i.; E. Patterson, r.h.b.; M. Cinsky, r.i.; D. McClure, c.h.b.; 

H. MacDonald, r.f.b.; M. Wilson, g. 
Front Row: F. Kalin, l.h.b.; E. Adams, l.f.b.; J. Dodge, r.w.; F. Cabot, c.f.; D. 
Heath, l.w. 


i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 

Back Row: B. Mav, l.h.b.; J. Scott, c.h.b.; H. Perry, r.i.; J. Burr, c.f.; R. Closson. i.h.b. 

Front Row: J. Else, g.; M. Holmes, r.w.; G. Boothby, r.f.b.; L. Murdock, l.w.; V. McGuire, l.f.b. 


Back Row: C. Dorr, c.f.; E. Smith, r.h.b.; D. Crawley, r.f.b.; C. Smith, c.h.b.; D. Richards, 1. 

Burkus, l.w. 
Front Row: E. Flewellyn, g.; B. Goodrich, r.w.; M. Judd, r.i.; W. Whittemore, l.h.b.; I. French, 


i 9 


3 4 

Back Row: E. Welch, g.; C. MacGregory, f. 

Front Row: I. Holdsworth, f.; C. O'Leary, g.; L. Stone, g. 





Bnc/; Sow: M. Wilson, g.; B. Wing, g. 

Front Row: M. Lord, f.; D. McClure, g.; P. Nelson, f. 


1 66 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 

Back Row: E. Bowen, f.; H. Perry, f.; R. Closson, g. 
Front Row: D. Thompson, f.; D. Baessler, g.; L. Murdock, g. 

Back Row: A. Burns, f.; W. Bagdon, f.; J. McGrath, g. 

Front Row: D. Crawley, g.; H. Badger, f.; M. Hemenway, g. 


l6 7 

i 9 


3 4 

Ruth Berry '37, Mildred Stadelman '36, Ruth Bancroft '35, Sidney Stanton '34 

The Tennis Team 

Tennis Manager 

Dorothy Peterson 

Tennis has had a very successful fall season with over a hundred girls playing in 
the singles tournament. The four class winners played off their matches and the 
finalists, Ruth Bancroft, a Junior, and Mildred Stadelman, a Sophomore, played a 
splendid game in which the former won the singles championship. In the spring, the 
annual doubles tournament and a faculty-student doubles tournament were held. 

1 9 

M 1 C R O C S M 

■', I 

Back Row: I. Holdsworth, A. Burns, P. Simonds, B. Adams, M. Imrie, M. Yeaton, P. Ballou 
Second Row: R. Hibbard, M. Holmes, J. Tuller, L. Evers, A. Santi, G. Boothby. P. Chandler, M. F.>£;l<- 
Front Row: D. Baisslcr, H. Hirsrhll-ld, M. (Mds, E. Bowcn, H. MacDonald. H. Barr. M - 

Red Gross Life Saving Corps 

First Mate 

Harriet MacDonald 
Elizabeth Bowen 

For several years Life Saving has held a place among the sports at Simmons. 
The courses are given at the Y.W.C.A. pool under the direction of Captain Jack Wal- 
lace of the Red Cross. The course for Senior Life Savers begins early in the fall. After 
the Christmas holidays there is an Examiners course which trains swimmers for teach- 
ing life saving at summer camps and beaches. 

This year thirteen passed the Senior tests, and twelve received Examiners 


i g MICROCOSM 3 4 

Track Day Song 

Composed by Libby Solomon and Ada Berning'34 

For many years it has been customary 
To celebrate a Track Day. 
In competition classes all are vying 
They are trying to win the fray today. 


Athletes of '34, we're cheering you to victory 

As you will match your skill with '31 and '3; 

Watch out for '32, 

They think that they'll win, too, 

But the victors, we know, will be 

The Freshmen! 

Classmates, we'll stand behind you 

As you will raise our colors high, 

'34 of Simmons fight, heaping up honors with your might, 

Win for the Crimson and the White! 


> ■■■■;] :,x;-. 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

3 4 





May 28, 1 93 1 Backyard 

Chairman: Barbara Holbrook 
Nellie Jermolovich Carolyn O'Leary 

Edith Phemister 
Since 1 905 the Freshmen have set aside one day in which they may be hilariously 
childish before assuming the more dignified state of Sophomore year — hence our 
Freshmen Frolic. It usually takes place in the "back yard," accompanied by pigtails. 
bare knees, and the most cherished of childhood toys. And of course the faculty ad- 
visers attend and help choose the most appropriate costume. Everyone plays Tag, 
London Bridge, and Drop-the-handkerchief, but the climax comes when hot dogs, 
lollipops, and ice-cream arrive. No wonder we feel a little dizzy the next day. 

1 9 


3 4 

Sophomore Shuffle 

December 5, 1931 

Kenmore Hotel 

Mary Connor 
Florence Cox 
Evelyn Hamilton 

Chairman: Polly Churchill 

Marion Leonard 
Virginia Linton 
Donna Peverly 

The very first dance we could call our own! It was blissfully hard to wait for 
December 5 to come. But we finally arrived at the Crystal Ballroom, were escorted 
through the line by the ushers dressed in red and white, and, with a glance at our 
little suede programs, drifted happily off across the ballroom. We joined our friends 
for little cakes and ices, and it seemed all too soon that the lights were dimming, Roy 
Lamson's orchestra was playing "Goodnight, Sweetheart," and Shuffle was really 

M I C R C S M 




i(, :i -j 

Lucile French 
Helen Griffin 
Helene Hoenig 
Ruth Jacobs 
Edna Kurdt 
Carol MacGregory 

Marion Mason 

Annette Mann- 
Gladys McMillan 
Ruth Ringwood 
Iona Seach 
Elizabeth Tisdale 
Beatrice Vernon 

Mabel Culberson 

Margaret Alvord 
Miss Mesick 
Mr. Palmer 

Toastmis tress: Edith Phemister 

Mr. Pearson 
Mr. Rankin 
Marion Mason 

The Refectory was lovely in the soft glow from the bright red candles, and the 
table decorations most effective with the little red dog houses, the black Scotty pro- 
grams, and the bouquets of deep red carnations and freesia on the long tables. Upon 
the toastmistress's signal to pull the ribbons, our Scotties brought us our rings, symbols 
of loyalty to Simmons. When the speeches and songs were over we left the room feeling 
proud and happy to be members of the class of '34. 


i 9 


3 4 

Sophomore May Day 

May 13, 1932 


Chairman: Betty Spear 

Ada Berning 
Edna Kurdt 

Carol MacGregory 
Ruth Ringwood 

Anna Grace Spencer 

A serenade at 6 o'clock in the morning, given by the Sophomores awoke the 
Seniors who found corsages of yellow marguerites hanging on the door-knobs. Later 
the Sophomores greeted their sister-class who joined them in watching the crowning 
of the Queen of the May. 

The Eski-Players attempted to entertain the court with "The Eskimo Tragedy" 
but it was far too sad. The king refrained from crying, but the tender-hearted queen 
was discovered sniffling as one after another, the noble cast died. According to tradi- 
tion, the festival was concluded with a strawberry shortcake breakfast. 

' 9 

M I C R <> C o S M 

1934's Weddings 

November 8, 1930 
November 5, 1932 


Betty Hitchon 
Barbara Holbrook 
Ruth Jacobs 
Marion Leonard 

Mary Connor 

Virginia Linton 
Harriet Maslon 
Marion Mason 
Donna Peverly 

Catherine Walsh 

Among the most brilliant society events in recent years, were the weddings of two 
members of the 1934 family. Freshman year, Miss Polly Churchill '34 became the 
charming bride of the Junior President with several of her attractive sisters as brides- 
maids. The event was rivalled only by the marriage of her brother, Mr. Dick Ring- 
wood '34 in Junior year to the Freshman President. This time the handsome men of 
the family were attendants. Less notable guests were thrilled at the presence of many 
famous friends of the family, including Robinson Crusoe and his man, Friday. Benito 
Mussolini, Rudy Vallee, Aimee Semple MacPherson Hutton and Mr. Hutton, and 
Polly Moran. 

These weddings symbolize the pledge of friendship between the Freshman and 
Junior classes. 

1 9 


3 4 

Back Row: L. Solomon, R. Webb. E. Dreayer, J. Weissman, B. Parker 
Front Row: H. Griffin, B. Holbrook, A. Berning, R. Ringwood, R. Jacobs 

Junior Prom 

May 5, 1933 Hotel Statler 

Dear Seniors: 

Every time I think of Junior Prom, my Scottie heart goes pitter-patter so quickly. 
A flood of beautiful memories pours over me. The first time I trotted up the elegant 
stairway of the Imperial Suite in the Hotel Statler, I was so thrilled that in between 
dances when no one was looking I slipped away to repeat the process. 

Never shall I forget our Junior Prom, thanks to the splendid cooperative work of 
the Prom Committee above, and the very capable leadership of Ada Berning, Chair- 

The happy, united spirit of the class just seemed to flit all around the room with 
those many-colored revolving spots of light, shining for a second upon one glowing 
face and then travelling to another. From where I sat upon the platform "in the spot" 
with Ranny Weeks' rhythmic orchestra beside me, it seemed that the lovely strains of 
music just floated around the couples, as they danced so gracefully to the latest tunes. 
I almost wanted to dash down and dance too, especially when Ranny Weeks played 
that never-to-be-forgotten "Stormy Weather." 

Yip! Yip! was I ever excited when our Sophomore waitresses dressed in class 
colors passed out Prom favors to the tables. Such "oh's" and "ah's" from the couples, 
when out of the depths of those white boxes appeared copper lamps for the ladies and 
copper humidors for the men bearing our Simmons seal. What a delicious dinner we 
had, just as I was getting hungry too. I was almost too thrilled to eat. Then, more 
lovely dancing, more flitting lights, "Stormy Weather" again, until the clock put a 
stop to it all, but not to the wonderful memories of our beautiful Junior Prom. 

Your loving mascot, 



MIC R C () S M 

Barbara Holbrook, Libby Solomon, Dorothy 

Hobo Party 

October 31, 1933 

North Hall 

Evelyn Hamilton 
Ruth Jacobs 

Miriam Nealon 

Harriet Maslon 

Libby Solomon 
Kay Walsh 
Mary Welsh 

One night we Seniors, forsaking our traditional dignity, dressed up as true Ho- 
boes. Tramps of every description shuffled down the steps of North Hall's basement, 
where a miraculous transformation greeted us. Here in Hobo Cabaret were dim 
lights, an orchestra, hoboes huddled in groups around the room seated either around 
small tables or upon the floor. Hie! some tramps liked hanging around the bar. Were 
we treated royally! Waitresses brought us the food — mmm — thick ham, cheese, or 
jelly sandwiches and real good cider. We even saw a very entertaining floor show. 
Truly, most of us felt like a $1,000,000 although we only looked like the O's in a 
million. When the judges were preparing to award the prizes, it was funny to see 
ourselves trying to be perfect hoboes. The prize winners as you know were Barbara 
Holbrook, Libby Solomon and Dorothy Squire. However, all good things must end 
and to the jolly discords of our Tinny-Tin-Tin Orchestra we left Hobo Cabaret and 
our carefree roles behind. 


Back Row: B. Shields, M. Kyle, K. Steelquist, J. Burt, S. Stanton, M. Connor, P. Churchi! 
M. Leonard, B. Holbrook, H. Griffin, B. Adams, B. Wing 
Second Row: C. O'Leary, L. Stone 
Front Row: E. Edmunds, M. Hutton 

Old English Dinner 

Another tradition was enthusiastically supported last December when Student 
Government was host to a group of Faculty guests and Dormitory girls at the annual 
Old English Dinner. The president and vice-president of Student Government as my 
Lord and Lady of the manor led the way, accompanied by members of the council 
clad in medieval style. The hall was decked in the old English manner with a back- 
ground of evergreens, and with holly and wreaths on the table, which was bare ex- 
cept for the plenteous food eaten only with knife and spoon. Two pages brought in the 
boar's head with much ceremony while carollers sang "Caput apri defero." A great 
stir was created when near the end of the feast a flaming pudding was brought in 
accompanied by "bowls" of cider. 


3 4 

Back Row: A. Cole, H. Griffin. D. Peterson. E. Spear, M. Nealon, O. Forslund 
Front Row: E. Hamilton, H. Clifford, E. Doolin, R. Jacobs, A. Moshcr, H. Maslon, D. Peverly 

Senior Pr< 

May i 8, 1934 

Hotel Statler 

(.Ihii I I 

Ruth Jacobs 

Seniors are supposed to be sophisticated, dignified, blase — never sentimental, 
but Prom night, last and loveliest of the college dances, makes sophistication for- 
gotten, and Seniors and their escorts wax enthusiastic over the dimly lighted Imperial 
Suite, and the smooth, tantalizing music of Jacque Marlowe. 

Prom is more than a supper dance; it means the serenade of our Sister Class; the 
solving of the mystery of favors; and the fun of dancing to the Carioca, 111 Wind and 
other favorites until two o'clock in the morning. 


| Id 

P.- -a 8 

< « S ^ « c 
S lfl1l 

I/) u ^ >* WOT 

d £?= 

•S -"O 

i g M I C R C S M 34 

Commencement Week Exercises 


4:00 p.m. — Garden Party Campus 

4:45 p.m. — Daisy Chain 

Step Singing South Hall Colonnade 

Ivy Planting 

5:45 p.m. — Class Day Supper Campus 

8:30 p.m. — Senior Dramatics Repertory Theatre 


3:00 p.m. — Baccalaureate Service .... The Auditorium, The Riverway 
Sermon by the Reverend Boynton Merrill 
Minister of the Second Congregational Church, West Newton 
4:30 p.m. — Reception by President Beatley to Alumnae and 

their friends South Hall 


1 1 :oo a.m. — Commencement The Auditorium 

Address by Ada Louise Comstock, President of Radcliffe College 
2:oop.m. — Senior Luncheon South Hall 


Commencement Chairman 

Senior Prom, Ruth Jacobs Class Day, Ruth Ringwood 

Senior Luncheon, Betty Spear 

Toastmistress, Barbara Holbrook 


Supper Elizabeth Kerr 

Invitations Bertha Krone 

Decorations Catherine Walsh 


Decorations Ada Berning 

Programs Carol MacGregory 

Seating and Waitresses . . . Anna Grace Spencer 




' 9 


3 4 


Louise Woodman 
Chickie Vernon 
Carol MacGregory 

Dot Squire 
Carol MacGregory 
Lorraine Stone 

Ruth Jacobs 
Betty Hitchon 

JElise Asher 
| Betty Spear 

/ 9 


3 4 

Evelyn Parker 
JDonna Peverly 

|Mary Welsh 
Helen Clifford 


Marion Mason 
("Helen Griffin 
| Ruth Ringwood 
Anna Grace Spencer 


Missouri Phemister 
J Barbara Holbrook 
^Lorraine Stone 

Frances Hale 


i 9 


3 4 

Virginia Linton 
Elizabeth Tisdale 
Harriet Maslon 

f L 

W m 

Ada Berning 
Anna Grace Spencer 
Helen Griffin 

Polly Churchill 
Ada Berning 

Marion Mason 


Polly Churchill 
Esther Devine (above) 
Ruth Ringwood 

iona seach 
Sally Rahn 
Edna Kurdt 

Carolyn O'Leary 
Evelyn Parker 
Barbara Holbrook 


i 9 


3 4 

Mary Carbone 
Rhoda Robinson 
(Margaret Turner 
| Ruby Wadhams 

Dorothy Gray 
Ruth Jacobs 
Virginia Linton 

Edith Phemister 
Mary Connor (above) 

JMarion Mason 
[Anna Grace Spencer 

i 9 

M I C R C S M 

Miriam Nealon 
Edith Phemister 
Bea Parker 

Chickie Vernon 
Polly Churchill 
Dorothy Squire 


Dr. Gay 

Mr. Bush 
J Mr. Beatley 
^Mr. Harley 


Class Babies 

Barton Braley Leach 
Gladys (Braley) Leach 

David Sargent Chamberlin 
Alice (Sargent) Chamberlin 

' 9 

M I C R O C O S M 




and Ads 

Directory of Undergraduates 

Abbot. Rosalie Adele, Ci, 7 Lawrence, Maiden 

Abbott, Gladys Louise, B3, Tyngsboro Rd., N. Chelmsford 

Adams, Betty, E2, 117 Whitney Rd., Medford 

Adams, Elizabeth Cecelia, B3, 18 Dorset Rd., Waban 

Aitken, Marion Esther, C2, 32 Shute, Everett 

Aladovich, Edna Harriet. D2, 495 Washington, Haverhill 

Albert. Harriet Gwen, Es, So. H.; 9135 u 8th, Richmond Hill. X. Y. 

Alden. Ruth Hodgdon, Di, 15 Hillcrest Rd., Framingham 

Alexander, Phyllis, HY, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; Clinton St.. Salem, X. H. 

Alinovi, Rena Delaide, Ai, 137 Langley Rd., Newton Centre; Hubbardston Rd.. Rutland 

Allen. Lucv Thomas, B3, 28 Franklin, Somerville; 1 Seaside PL, E.Xorwalk, Conn. 

Allyn, .-Mice Myrtle, D3, No. H. 

Alper. Lillian, Bi, C. H. 26; 335 Main, Gloucester 

Ames, Mary, Ci, C.H. 14; 95 Atlantic Ave., Fitchburg 

Amsden, Thelma Bowen, Ei, C.H. ai; 1 1 35 E. 72d, Chicago, 111. 

Andelman, Ruth, E2, 102 Trowbridge, Cambridge 

Anderson, Doris Evelyn, Ci, C.H. 240; 15 Pine, Fitchburg 

Anderson, Elsa Ida Wilhelmina, Ci, 10 Charlemont Rd., Medford 

Andrew, Elizabeth Frances, Gi, 23 Joy, Boston; 51 Pleasant, Methuen 

Andrews, Elizabeth, Hi, C.H. 14; 74 E. Branford, Hartford, Conn. 

Andrews, Jean Elizabeth, A3, 1 1 E. Newton, Boston; Main St., Winthrop, Maine 

Appel, Alice Barbara, B2, 10 Centennial Ave., Revere 

Archambault, Justa Yolande, A3, C.H. 240; Epworth Ave., W. Warwick. R. I. 

Ariente, Marion, A3, P.H.; 10 Orchard Ave., Saylesville, R. I. 

Arkin, Mildred, Gi, 21 Stratton, Dorchester 

Arthur, Margaret Wilson, HY, Turner Hill, Ipswich 

Asher, Elise, E3, No.H.; 5008 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ashkenazv, Paula, B2, 53 Commercial, Lynn 

Ashley, Ruth Elver, B2, 50 Hillsboro Rd., Medford 

Astor. Beatrice, A3, 108 Brunswick, Roxbury 

Atkinson, Louise. EIII, 17 E. High, Newburyport 

Austin, Winifred Jessie. H2, Mass. General Hosp.. Boston; Spring St., Ipswich 

Avard, Margaret Elizabeth, B3, 27 Peabody, Newton 

Avery, Marjorie Belle, E3, 13 Oxford, Brockton 

Axelby, Gertrude Elizabeth, Hi, 25 Wollaston, Arlington Hts.; Thomaston, Conn. 

Babson, Dorothy Gardner, Ai, 181 Bartlett Rd., Winthrop 

Badger, Anita, D2, B.H.: Rangeley, Maine 

Badger, Harlene Oakes, Bi, C.H. 26; Rangeley, Maine 

Baessler, Dorothy Louise, B2, 44 Dedham, Hyde Park 

Bagdon, Wanda Birutha, Bi, 44 Payson Ter.. Belmont; 236 Park Ter., Hartford, Conn. 

Bailey, Dorothy Maxine, C2, 30 Bellingham. Chelsea 

Baker, Adeline Juliet, E3, 1 19 Ormond. Mattapan 

Baker, Dorothy Frances, Dili, 209 Mechanic, Marlboro 

Baker, Elva Ashwye, Ki, 385 Forest Ave., Swampscott 

Baker. Marjorie Louise, Bi, 31 Ashfield. Roslindale 

Balcunas, Lily Natalie, Bi, C.H. 26: 187 Peabody, Gardner 

Ball, Efne Beatrice, B3, 20 Centre, Watertown; Mansion Rd., Block Island, R. I. 

Ballou, Priscilla, Euncl., 22 Lenox, W. Newton 

Bancroft, Ruth Evelyn, K2, 10 Briggs, Melrose 

Barnes, Ruth Ann, HY, Vila St.. Boston; Whitehall Ave., Mystic, Conn. 

Barnstead, Mrs. Belle Louise, HII, 55 Mountford, Boston; Randolph Center, Vt. 

Barr, Helen, K2, 12 Cypress, Norwood 

Barron, Roberta Sheppy, Bi, 186 Ruthven, Roxbury 

Barry, Anne Marie, Euncl., igo Tremont, Newton 

Barstow, Mrs. Annie Scollay, EIII, 171 College Ave., W. Somerville; Templeton 

Barkus, Bertha Stasia, B2, 20 Cleveland Ave., Brockton 

Barton, Barbaia Helen, B3, 2 Greenough, Jamaica Plain; Locust Hill, Ludlow, Vt. 

Batson, Alice Gertrude, K2, 58 Orchard Ave., W. Newton 

Batson. Harriet Adrienne, Bi, 26 Arlington, Brockton 

Bauer, Elsie Marie, Aiutcl., 9 Francis. Brookline; 10 Fairfax Rd., Worcester 

Baum. Annette Dauber, E2, 51 Magnolia, Maiden 

Bauer, Ruth Caroline, Bi, C.H. 36; Noroton Ave., Noroton Hts., Conn. 

Bayley. Hester Lillian, HII, 124 Oxford, Cambridge; 123 Connolley, W. LaFayette, Ind. 

Beach, Jean-Claire, Ki, 248 Mt. Vernon, W. Newton 

Telephone Mystic 0780 



7 Lauriat Place Medpord, Mass. 


421 Brookline A vi i , 
H. A. ROBERTS, Prop. Tel. Reg. 2988 


Takes this opportunity of expressing 

its appreciation of the generous 



Simmons College Students 




152 Atlantic Avenue 
Boston, Mass. 

Direct Shipments of Properly 
Graded Sea Food 

Products for the Use of Hotels, Clubs, 
Restaurants and Institutions 

Beal, Mary Elizabeth, Cr, C.H. ai; Phillips, Maine 

Bials. Virginia. />'-'. 207 Church, Newton 

Bean, Barbara Helen, Ai, 1 18 The Riverway, Boston: Bonnybriar Rd.. S. Portland. Maine 

Bean, Doris Thurley, K3, 35 Temple, Boston; 101 Grove, Lynn 

Beatty, Anna Marie, Cr, 53 VValtham, Lexington 

Beckett, Elva Huntington, Cr, 22 Emerson, Peabody 

Bedford. Dorothv Evelyn, Dy, 238 Everett, Wollaston 

Beedle, Maricn Elizabeth, Br, 35 Ashford. Allston 

Beesinger, Velma Estelle, Ar, C.H. 26; 167 Renshaw Ave.. E. Orange. X. J. 

Belling, Barbara, A3, 1044 South, Roslindale 

Bennett, Fay Natalie, B2, No.H.: 11 Jefferson Ave., Springfield 

Benson, Elizabeth Rowe, H2, 33 Pearson Ave., W. Somerville 

Bentley, Marjorie Louise, Ar, 20 Exeter, Wollaston 

Benton, Lois Hermine, HV, Villa St., Boston; Higby Rd., New Hartford. X. V. 

Berger, Pearl Elaine. Er, 321 Tappan, Brookline 

Berkman, Charlotte Belle, Ar, 5 Maple Ave., Cambridge 

Bernhardt, Lillian, As, 186 Warren, Allston 

Berry, Dorothea, B3, 210 Woburn, W. Medford 

Bertolini, Pietrina Theresa, By, 380 The Riverway, Boston 

Berry, Ruth, Auncl., 210 Woburn, W. Medford 

Bezer, Ada Elizabeth, HV, Vila St., Boston; Halidon Ave., Newport. R. I. 

Bigelow, Marion Elizabeth, Hunch, Harrison. Brookline 52: 64 Central Ave.. Waterbury, Conn. 

Biiclsall. Luev Ellen. HV. 25 Deaconess Rd.. Boston: R.F.D., Somers, Conn. 

Birtwell, Kathleen. Cl\ W.H.: 224S. Van Dien Ave.. Ridgewood. X.J. 

Bisalvaputra. Ob. Hll. Vila St.. Boston : Siriraj Hosp.. Bangkok, Siam 

Bisbee, Alice Muriel, Az, 524 Eliot, Milton 

Bixby. Constance Sabrina, A2. 10 Kensington Pk.. Lynn 

Bixbv, Leonora Marie, A2, 1 Mt. Pleasant Ter., Roxburv 

Black, Marion Elizabeth. EIII, 292 Main, Nashua, X. H. 

Blake. Julia Elizabeth. Bund.. 227 Lincoln Newton Hlds. 

Blish, Virginia, B3, Br.H.; Center St., Ludlow 

Bloom, Phyllis, Charlotte. Er, 106 Newhall, Lynn 

Bloomfield', Sylvia, E2, 20 Brockton Ave., Haverhill 


Blunt, Virginia Snow, GI, 85 Prince, W. Newton 

Bogardus, Harriet Roxadore, D3, W.H.; Canaan, N. H. 

Bolster, Eleanor, K3, 222 Lowell Ave., Newtonville 

Bolton, Elizabeth Gertrude, Ai, 9 Brinton, Roxbury 

Boning, Margaret Mary, Di, 37 Belvoir Rd., Milton 

Bonney, Lena Louise, EuncL, 247 Forest, Medford 

Boothby, Grace Alden, B2, 103 Lewis Ave., Walpole 

Bouin, Yvonne Marie, B3, Wight St., Medfield 

Bourne, Mary Alice, B3, St.H.; 10 Kensington Ave., Bradford 

Bourne, Rachel Louise, C3, 307 Edge HilfRd., E. Milton, Bourne 

Boutwell, Esther Ames, EII1, 84 Main, Concord 

Bowen, Grace Elizabeth, E2, No.H.; 159 Montgomery, Fall River 

Bowles, Rebecca Mae, till, 58 Park Dr., Brookline; 129 Central, Somerville 

Boyce, Elizabeth May, C2, 154 Main, Andover 

Boyer, Eva Grace, Ci, 15 Normandy Rd., Auburndale 

Bradbury, Ruth Shaw, B3, W.H.; 483 Reading, Fall River 

Bradford, Helen Elizabeth, HV, 60 Hamlet, Arlington 

Bradway, Alice Genevieve, HVI, C.H. 26; R.F.D. 1, Stafford Springs, Conn. 

Bralit, Wally Mildred, Bi, 39 Liszt, Roslindale; Carlisle 

Brandt, Helen Gertrude, HuncL, Memorial Hosp., Worcester; 15 Dustin, Worcester 

Breese, Isabelle, Cs, C.H. 240; 710 Gage, Bennington, Vt. 

Brindis, Frances Edith, E3, 181 Broadway, Haverhill 

Britton, Katherine Elizabeth, As, B.H.; 2 Severance, Claremont, N. H. 

Brodie, Winifred Dane, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 20 Mountain Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Brody, Irene, Duncl., 4 Holborn Ter., Roxbury 

Brooks, Barbara, C/, 214 N. Franklin, Holbrook 

Brooks, Marjorie, A2, 34 Cliff Rd., Wellesley Hills; Box 1264, Madden Dam, C.Z. 

Brown, Helen MocKenzie, HII, 35 Bigelow, Cambridge 

Brown, Ruth Irene, Ai, 102 Addington, Brookline 

Brown, Virginia, K3, 7p Oakley Rd., Belmont 

Browne, Dorothy Anne, B3, 25 Red Rock, Lynn 

Browne, Ruth Blackinton, Ci, A.H.; 932 S. Church, N. Adams 

Browning, Dorothy Aileine, Hi, Hospital Rd., Harding 

Bryan, Helen Frances, Ar, C.H. 240; 46 Shepard, Cambridge 

Bryant, Marion Elizabeth, HuncL, 706 Huntington Ave., Boston; 68 Tenney, Lawrence 

Buckley, Alice Marie, C2, 28 St. Albans Rd., Boston 

Buckley, Dorothy Henshaw, B2, So.H.; 602 County, Fall River 

Bullard, Marjorie Louise, Bi, (i Salem. Wakefield 

Bulman, Margaret Bradley, Hi, 258 The Arborway, Jamaica Plain 

Bunting, Frances Margaret, A3, 75 Barnstable, Swampscott 

Burack, Charlotte Elizabeth, E3, 3 Abbotsford, Roxbury 

Burack, Evelyn Harvy, Ci, 54 Lawton, Brookline 

Burack, Ruth Novogrod, Bi, 3 Abbotsford, Roxbury 

Burch, Elisabeth Anna, C2, B.H.; 349 Stockton, Hightstown, N.J. 

Burchstead, Marion Agnes, Di, 44 Vernon, Brookline; Pine St., Peterboro, N. H. 

Burgess, Virginia Frances, A2, 14 Allen, Arlington 

Burke, Alice Claire, A2, 1 3 Thornley, Dorchester 

Burner, Lillian Demagistri, D2, 87 Florence, Forest Hills 

Burnham, Pauline Ward, CuncL, C.H. 14: 138 Tolman, Westbrook, Maine 

Burns, Anne Catherine, Ci, C.H. 21; 8610 121st, Richmond Hill, N. Y. 

Burns, Winifred Dorothy. A2, 204 Main. Maiden 

Burr, Jacqueline Worrall, V2, 8 Windsor, Arlington 

Burt, Jean Doris, B2, No.H.; 371 Lenox Ave., S. Orange, N. J. 

Buss, Charlotte Wilson, B2, 15 Plympton, Woburn 

Butkus, Leda Anne, Bi, C.H. 21; 143 Mechanic, Gardner 

Butterfield, Gertrude Carol, AIII, 146 Myrtle, Waltham 

Byer. Esther Malka, A2, 114 St. Paul, Brookline 

Cabot, Faith, B3, 73 River, Boston; 16 Renter PI., New Haven, Conn. 

Cafritz, Tillie Sydney, E3, So.H.; 1 1 15 8th N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Callahan, Rita Marie, Bi, 74 Burrill Ave., Lynn 

Cameron, Margaret Lucille, C3, 38 Gorman Rd., Framingham 

Campana, Catherine Frances, Ai, 88 Jefferson Ave., Everett 

Campbell, Delphine Barbara, E2, 368 E. 8th, S. Boston 

Canner, Edna Landy, A3, 233 River Rd., Winthrop 

Cannon, Linda, EI II, 6 Frisbie PI., Cambridge 

Capen, Barbara Margaret, L3, Lowthorpe School, Groton; 561 W. 147th, New York, N. Y. 

Card, Janet, GI, 1 1 E. Newton, Boston; 2907 S. 9th, Tacoma, Wash. 

Card, Louise Buckley, Bi, C.H. 36; 69 Woodland Ave., Summit, N.J. 

Carlson, Louise Mathilda. //,', Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 421 N. Monroe, Titusville, Pa. 

Carlyle, Christina MacDonald, E3, 24 Redland Rd., W. Roxbury 

Carr, Irene Marie, HuncL, 52 Harrison, Brookline; 50 Elmwood Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 


oAround the Corner 

OUR shop at 133 Brookline Ave. is only a 
short walk from Simmons. It is a conveni- 
ent place to obtain foods for spreads, teas or 
in-between bites; and here also one finds a 
splendid selection of candies and toilet articles. 

FOOD — sandwich spreads, foods for the chafing 
dish, crackers, bread, butter, fruit, confections, 
tea, coffee — in as small a quantity as you want. 

in delicious chocolates 

TOILET ARTICLES— the most extensive ass> 
merit of perfumes and other toilet articles 
New England. 

Parents will be interested in our Student 
Gift Boxes. Descriptive list sent on request. 


i 33 Brookline Avenue, Boston 


Official Costumcrs for Simmons 
Annual "Wedding" 

' ' Hit nit ty Always 


Woolworth Building, Providence, R. I. 



The Loaf in the Green Stripe Wrapper 
Always Fresh 

Carson, Mrs. Laura Elizabeth, Elll, 40 Summers, Quincy; 1 106 N.W. 15th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Carter, Bernice Ada, A3, OH. 240; 490 Preble, S. Portland, Maine 

Carter, Elizabeth Rhea, Ai, 137 Audubon Rd., Boston 

Cartland, Frances Elaine, Ci, OH. 240; 117 Goff, Auburn, Maine 

Cartwright, Naomi Navlor, //;, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 381 Meadowbrook Lane, S. Orange, N.J. 

Case, Pauline Lillian, B3, C.H. 26; 93 Hinsdale Ave., Winsted, Conn. 

Casey, Loretta Margaret, C;, 46 June, Lowell 

Cashion, Elizabeth Rose, B3, 9 Dewey, Natick 

Casselman, Thelma Louise, A3, A.H.; Turrell Ave., S. Orange, N.J. 

Cassidy, Mary Patricia, H3, Vila St., Boston; 1 Kendall Rd., Lexington 

Cedcrberg, Dorothy Ida, Ei , 35 Eustis, Cambridge 

Chaffee, Ruth Ermina, HVI, 721 Huntington Ave., Boston; R.F.D. 4, Enosburg Falls, Vt. 

Chalmers, Doris Mead. Auncl., C.H. 240; 45 Linden, Bangor, Maine 

Chamberlain, Viola Elizabeth, Aw, 64 South, Westboro 

Chambers, Phyllis Roberts, C3, C.H. 36; 199 E. Main, N. Adams 

Chandler, Helen Elizabeth, Ai, C.H. 26; 18 Woodland Rd., Maplewood, N. J. 

Chandler, Margaret, Ei , 20 Orient Ave., Melrose 

Chandler, Phyllis Mary, Ds, 638 Metropolitan Ave., Hyde Park 

Chard, Helen Constance, B3, A.H.; 2628 Lee Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Charlton, Lucia Woodruff, B2, 6 Western Ave., Lynn 

Chase, Barbara H., HV, 9 Riverbank Rd., N. Weymouth 

Chase, Vera Ora, Ci, C.H. 26; demons, N. Y. 

Chernoll. Sylvia Selma, Di, 24 W. Tremlett, Dorchester 

Church, Elsie Elizabeth, E3, 50 Pinckney. Boston: Landphere Farm, Uncasville, Conn. 

Chute, Doris Caroline, Cs, 1051 Adams, Dorchester 

Cinsky, Mildred Ethel, B2, C.H. 14; 340 Harding, Worcester 

Clark, Anne Helena, C2, W.H.; 70 Fort, Fairhaven 

Clark, Barbara Louise, Bund., 2 Thayer, Worcester 

Clark, Eleanor May, Ki, 8 Michigan, Lynn 

Clark, Helen Beckman, HimcL, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 133 North, Middleboro 

Clark, Janet Kelleran, Kvncl., 138 Allerton Rd., Newton Hlds. 

Clark, Marcia, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 112 Mascomo, Lebanon, N. H. 

Clayton, Pauline Irene, B2, 199 Babcock. Brookline 


Cleaver, Genevieve Eleanor, Gi, 246 Nevada, Dubuque, la. 

Clifford, Alice Louise, B2, 97 Highland, Brockton 

Closson, Ruth Ellen, D2, 26 Pleasant, Milton 

Cohen, Adele Frances, B3, 230 Clark Rd., Brookline 

Cohen, Louise Enid, Ei, 78 Orange, Chelsea 

Cohn, Florence, Ci, 39 Schuyler. Roxbury; 120 Linden, New Haven, Conn. 

Colclough, Marjorie Pauline, K3, 27 Boulevard Rd., Wellesley Farms 

Cole, Caroline Elizabeth, E3, Main St., W. Medway 

Collette, Julia Kathryn, HV, 5 W. Cottage, Marblehead 

Collin, Irene, B3, 109 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury 

Collins, Virginia Winslow. HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 17 Concord, Maynard 

Conley, Phyllis Knight. A"/, 28 School, Groveland 

Connelly, Frances Mary, Ai, 12 Byron, Boston 

Cook, Lucille Eleanor, Bi, 94 Fremont, Winthrop 

Cook, Marjorie Caroline, Gi, 6 Olive, Attleboro 

Cooney, Eleanor Frances, Bi, OH. 240; 45 Clements, Liberty, N. Y. 

Copeland, Elsie Marie, A3, No. H.; 13 Gray Gardens, Cambridge 

Copeland, Lucy Rogers, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 140 Amherst Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. 

Copeland, Priscilla Alden, A3, 289 Western Ave., Lynn 

Corbett, Jean Lucille, Bi, 24 Marlobro, Belmont 

Costello, Alliean Lillian, Hi, 38 Rowell Ave., Beverly 

Coyle, Evelyn Marie, B2, 18 Hillcroft Rd., Jamaica Plain 

Cragin, Cecilia Claire. HuucL, Brookline Ave., Boston; 1 Wachusett, Lawrence 

Craig, Bertha Elvira Ylitalo, Ei, 28 Winslow Rd., Brookline; 123 Pine, Danvers 

Cramp, Millicent, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 33 Pine, Whitinsville 

Crawley, Dorothea Grace, Ai, 37 Lawton, Needham 

Croft, Mary, Ci, OH. 36; Box 5, Broadway, Salem, N. H. 

Cronin, Irene Mary, A2, 4 Larkin Rd., Medford 

Crosby, Jeannette, C3, 95 Rockland, Swampscott 

Crosby, Nellie Pauline. B2, 14 Melville Ave,, Dorchester 

Cross, Mercy Alma, HII, 185 Bay State Rd., Boston; 784 2d, Fall River 

Crothers, Margery Louise, EIII, 14 Francis Ave., Cambridge 

Cummings, Clara Gary, Bi, 49 Pelham. Newton Centre 

Cummings, Lucille, B3, OH. 21; 23 Metropolitan Ct., Athol 

Cunningham, Catherine Gertrude, D2, 294 Washington, Dorchester 

Cunningham, Ruth Elizabeth, Bi, 268 River Rd., Winthrop 

Curran, Helen Louise, Hi, 683 Columbia Rd., Dorchester 

Currie, Barbara Gertrude, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 12 Lee, Salem 

Cushman, Mary Appleton, B3, 15 Dane, Beverly; 703 Pine, Manchester, N. H. 

Cushner, Thelma Tillie, A2, 100 Grove, Chelsea 

Custance, Ruth Barbara, Ci, 2 Tewksbury, Lexington 

Cutler, Mildred, B3, 58 W. Walnut Pk., Roxbury' 

Dailey, Eleanor Gertrude, Bi, OH. 21; Main St., Lenox 

Daly, Mary Virginia, B2, 33 Merrymount Ave., Wollaston 

Dalzell, Alice Gertrude, Bi, 37 Wave Ave., Wakefield 

Dane, Ruth, £9, 18 Wheatland Ave., Dorchester 

Darr, Ruth, E2, 85 Quincy Shore Dr., Atlantic 

Dashefsky, Rose, Huncl., 330 Brookline Ave., Boston 

Davis, Frances Bigvlow, Kill. 98 Winthrop, Cambridge 

Davis, Kathryn Kingston, H]\ Vila St., Boston; Vanceboro, Maine 

Davis, Ruth Margaret, HII, 96 The Fenway, Boston; 21 Monroe Ave., Pittsford, N. Y. 

Davis, Thelma, Ai, 54 Olive Ave., Lawrence 

Davis, Thelma Isabel, Cuncl., OH., 240; 37 Kimball, Ipswich 

Dawson, Doris Lillian, HVI, 32 Fruit, Boston; 2 DeMars, Maynard 

Deacon, Helen Louise, B2, B.H.; 31 Stow, Concord 

Dean, Genieve Prescott, Ai, School St., W. Chelmsford 

Deraney, Mary Ruth, E3, 79 E. Brookline, Boston 

Devendorf, Helen Elizabeth, Bi, OH. 36; 240 Ten Eyck, Watertown, N. Y. 

Devine, Esther Louise, B3, So.H.; 180 Rounds Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Devlin, Jane Agnes, Hi, 17 Ranelegh Rd., Brighton 

Diliona, Flora, C3, 48 Hughes, Quincy 

Dickerman, Christina Doll, Ci, So.H.; 104 S. Main, Wallingford, Conn. 

Dike, Marjorie, Bi, 46 Pleasant, Stoneham 

Dobson, Margaret Eleanor, B3, OH. 21; 53 Cooper Lane, Larchmont, N. Y. 

Dodge, Jeannette, Ai, OH. 36; 359 Prospect, Fall River 

Dodge, Jessie Elizabeth, A3, OH. 36; 15 Ordway Rd., Wellesley Hills 

Dolan, Louise Shannon, Bi, 28 Webster Rd., E. Milton 

Dole, Edna Frances, D2, L.H.; 34 High, Peterborough, N. H. 

Donley, Frederica Louise, HVI, 10 Stoughton, Boston; 66 Laurel, Worcester 

Donnelly, Phyllis Stewart, Bi, OH. 14; N. Summer St., Edgartown 

Donohue, Eileen Faith, Bi, 70 Mt. Vernon, Lawrence 

Everyone eats to sustain life. 
On the list of Foods — MEAT — stands No. 1 in importance. 

You can always be sure of 


when you order of 


Under the Grasshopper since 1898 

Stalls 20-22-24, New Faneuil Hall Market, Boston, Mass. 
Telephone LAFayette 1540 and 1541 

The Weathervane on Faneuil Hall is a heavy copper grasshopper fashioned by the hand of Deacon Shem 

Drowne in 1742. It fell to the ground during the earthquake that visited Boston in 1775- It suffered 

a like fate when Faneuil Hall was burned in 1761 and again by accident in 1889. But though often 

repaired it is still in place above the dome on the CRADLE OF LIBERTY. 

Telephone Liberty 7400 


For Your Baggage Transfer 

If you procure your railroad tickets in advance we can check through to destination. An agent will be 

sent to dormitories to check baggage when guaranteed not less than 10 pieces, if students will make 

arrangements with matrons to combine their orders and notify us in time. General Office: 

271 Albany Street, Boston 

Dorr, Bertha Frances, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston: 24 .1 1 H . Bangor, Maine 

Dorr, Catherine Bernice, Bi, B.H.: Parsonage St., Winterport, Maine 

Dort, Constance, E3, 342 Otis, W. Newton 

Douglas, Helen Grain, HV, 26 Crandall, Roslindale 

Dowd, Charlotte Elizabeth, As, 20 Westcott, Dorchester 

Downey, Margaret Mary, B3, 37 Westbourne, W. Roxbury 

Downing, Elsie Mary, /(/,'. 333 Huron Ave., Cambridge 

Dowst, Marian Ames, H3, Vila St., Boston: 164 Federal, Salem 

Doyle, Dorothy, CI, 149 Warren Ave., Milton 

Draper, Miriam French, Gi, 42 Grove, Boston; 2324 Washington. Canton 

Dreehsel, Marguerite ( llaire, Hs, 520 Audubon Rd.. Boston; -,(10 School, Webster 

Drew, Polly, Br, 73 Woodlawn Ave., Wellesley Hills 

Druker, Lillian Evelyn, Gi, 60 Browne, Brookline 

Dulman, Sylvia Ruth, Ei, 9 Bradford Ter., Brookline 

Dumas, Cynthia Minerva, Ai, C.H. 26; 124 Luce, Lowell 

DuMoulin, Florence Marie, D2, 5 Manor, Dorchester 

Dunlap, Anne Viola, Huncl., 17 Beethoven, Roxbury 

Dunn, Catherine Hyacinthe, K2, 160 F, S. Boston 

Dunnington, Elizabeth Bell, A3, C.H. 21; 1716 Nicholas, Lynchburg, Va. 

Duprey, Barbara Jeanne, EIII, 37 Kenwood Ave., Worcester 

Dyer, Gertrude Frances, B3, 38 Prescott, Reading 

Eastman, Elizabeth Adeline, B2, W.H.; 165 Woodland, Bristol, Conn. 

Eastman, Shirley Martha, Cuncl., 146 Congress, Milford 

Eaton, Janet Shepard, B3, 61 School. Dcdham 

Eck, Mildred Alice, B3, too Metropolitan Ave., Roslindale 

Eckl, Anna Barbara. Huncl., 47 Rogers, W. Quincy 

Edmond, Elizabeth, Bs, A.H.; 89 High. Westerly, R. I. 

Edwards. Mary Elizabeth, HV, Vila St., Boston. Strongheart Farm. Bi 

Elliott, Priscillajean, Bi, Ao.H.; Pomfret Centre, Conn. 

Ellis. Barbara, Bi, 27 Dudley, Medford 

Ellis, Louise Josephine, B3, 622 W. Park, Dorchester 

Else, Jeane Louise, A2, 28 Warwick Rd., Melrose 


Emery, Elizabeth Franklin, A3, 38 Washington Ave., Needham 

Emery, Helen Rosemary, Bi. 10 Parker Ave., Lynn 

Eshenfelder, Anna Zita, B2, So.H.; 36 Garfield Ave., New London, Conn. 

Eslin, Florence Browne, Hi, 29 Bartlett Ave., Arlington 

Evers, Muriel Louise, H2, A.H.; 91 Glenwood Blvd., Hudson, N. Y. 

Fairfield, Margaret Jane, K3, 105 Norwood, Sharon 

Farrar, Elizabeth, Cs, S. Great Rd., S. Lincoln 

Farrar, Virginia Elizabeth, Di, 167 State, Framingham 

Farrell, Claire Marie, B3, 24 Burrill Ave., Lynn 

Farrell, Mary Edith, H3, Vila St., Boston; Mulgrave, N. S. 

Faulkner, Muriel Snow, Ci, 233 Walnut, Brookline; 513 Pennsylvania, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Fikkert, Mrs. Rita, AIII, 410 Stuart, Boston; 2307 Broadway, San Francisco, Calif. 

Finch, Jane Goetzman, B3, C.H. 26; 113 Fianklin, Newark, N. Y. 

Fiorentino, Leontina Eaufemia, Bi, 115 Perkins, Jamaica Plain 

Fish, Janet, A3, 23 Everett, Cambridge; 30 Laurel Ave., Windsor, Conn. 

Fisher, Frances, Ai, 26 Beacon, Natick 

Fisher, Mrs. Rose Wexler, Duncl., 108 Trowbridge, Cambridge 

Fishman, Frances, B2, 50 Winston Rd., Dorchester; 45 Canton, Manchester, N. H. 

Fiske, Eleanor, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 18 Woodsedge Rd., W. Medford 

Fitzgerald, Dorothy Agnes, HV, Vila St., Boston; 20 Bedford, Lexington 

Fitzpatrick. Mary Patricia, As, 50 High, Charlestown 

Flewellyn, Eve Frances, Hi, 52 Harrison, Brookline; 9 Thames, Norwalk, Conn. 

Flynn, Dorothy, Bund., 90 Webb, Weymouth 

Fogg, Alta Louise, B2, 26 Monadnock. Boston 

Ford, Laura Polly, Ci, C.H. 21; 9 Sutton Ave., Salem 

Forsberg, Thalia Elizabeth, C3, 31 Frank, Middleboro 

Forsyth, Phyllis Margaret, B3, 707 W. Roxbury Pkway., W. Roxbury 

Foss, Barbara Lucretia, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 32 Adams, Arlington 

Foster, Lillian Mae, Huncl., Newton Hosp., Newton Lower Falls; Maple St., Sherborn 

Foster, Mildred, H3, Mass. General Hosp.. Boston; 24 Essex, Beverly 

Foster, Myrtle Eva, C3, 35 Temple, Boston; Maplewood St., Oakville, Conn. 

Fowler, Alice Emma, HII, 20 Lapham, Medford 

Fowler, Constance Lois, Hi, C.H. 2 1 ; 50 James, New Bedford 

Frayle, Irma Mae, Huncl., Symmes Hosp., Arlington; 21 Bowdoin, Arlington 

Frazer, Bertha Adaline, Huncl., 281 Lincoln, Worcester 

Freedman, Esther Dorothy, E2, 73 Kingsdale, Dorchester 

Freedman, Sarah Ausna, E3, 80 Francis, Brookline; 68 Calhoun, Springfield 

Freeman, Virginia Stewart, A2, 208 Morrison Ave., Somerville 

French, Isabel, Ci, 257 Ash, Waltham 

Frend, Eleanore Sarah, Bi, C.H. 21; 73 Chapel, Augusta, Maine 

Freni, Fannie, B2, 60 Beryl, Roslindale 

Frost, Marguerite, A3, 38 Prescott, Reading 

Fulton, Ann Margaret, Hi, 18 Flint Ave., Stoneham 

Gage, Mrs. Kathryn Kendrick, AIII, L.H.; 75 Starrett Ave., Athol 

Gage, Ruth Maxwell, £3, W.H.; 242 McClellan, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Gaie. Helen Mary, C3, 56 Marshall, Brookline: 32 Fairview Ter., White River Jet., Vt. 

Galvin, Helen Rita, B3, 452 Pleasant, Belmont 

Galway, Ruth Elizabeth, Di, 12 Rosa, Hyde Park 

Gannett, Ruth Louise, B2, 264 Brookline Ave., Boston; 52 Tuxedo Rd., Montclair, N. J. 

Gardner, Ruby Marguerite, Di, 189 St. Botolph, Boston 

Garrity, Helen Marie-Celene, Es, 118 Montclair Ave., W. Roxbury 

Gass, Anna Marilyn, B2, 27 County Rd., Chelsea 

Gates, Doris Mary, Ai, So.H.; 22 Mansion, Coxsackie, N. Y. 

Gaum, Frances Marie, Bz, 40 Eaton, Winchester 

Geary, Aileen Gertrude, D3, 1 1 Ricker, Newton 

Gerrish, Arvon Howes, C3, 55 Kenwood, Brookline; North Ave.. Rochester 

Gertsen, Alice Marie, Ai, 42 Ridge Rd., Mattapan 

Gidley, Charlotte Elizabeth, Ci, C.H. 36; 83 Laurel, Fairhaven 

Gifford, Elizabeth Amy, Ki, 25 Hawthorne, Lynn 

Gilcreas, Bethany Shaw, K3, 112 Broad, Lynn 

Giles, Dorothy, E3, 148 Warren, Newton Centre 

Gilwee, Mrs. Caroline Margaret, Huncl., 186 Fairhaven Rd., Worcester 

Givan, Mildred, HII, 102 Lexington Ave., W. Somerville 

Glass, Martha Genevieve, Bi, No.H.; 353 Cornell Ave., Elyria, Ohio 

Glazzin, Mildied, B2, 37 Abbottsford. Roxbury; 169 S. Athol Rd., Athol 

Glidden, Margaret Elizabeth, B3, 25 Montview, W. Roxbury 

Goff, Alice Beatrice Irene, Ci, So.H.; 9 Bayberry Rd., Worcester 

Goff, Lillian Rene, Ei, 33 Howland Ter., Worcester 

Goldberg, Hilda Beth, B 3 , C.H. 26; Parksville, N. Y. 

Goldberg, Marian Evelyne, Bi, 163A Washington, Lynn 


Makers of 


To Seniors of Simmons College 

131 East 23rd Street 

and his bal-a-l'air orchestra 

Are available for your coming 


Personal Representative 

38 Hem en way Street Boston, Mass. 
Tel. Com. 5263 

Osborn, Fall River 

vd., Providence, R. I. 


Goldberg, Martha, Di, 20 York, Dorchester 

( (oldberg, Rae Ruth, A3, 29 W. Selden, Mattapan 

Golden, Helen, HuncL, 330 Brookline Ave., Boston; 12 

Goldman, Doris Mildred, lh\ B.H.; 28 Shell, Millbrd 

Goldsmith, Miriam, Gr, 346 Beacon, Boston; 77 Blackstone ! 

Golowski, Helen Rosalie, Hi, C.H. 21; 1 Glay, Taunton 

Goodale, Mildred Ella, Ai, 25 Marion Rd., Watertown; Laurel St., Oakdale 

Goodale, Parmys, Bi, 450 Pond S. Weymouth 

Goodman, Mildred Muriel. Ei, 28 Sea View Ave., Maiden 

Goodrich, Jean Elizabeth, Br, C.H. 36; 38 Spring, St. Johnsbu 

Goodwin, Eleanor May, Bi, 10 Conway, Roslindale 

Goodwin, Helen Price, Bi, 920 Pleasant, Worcester 

Gordon, Ethel, B2, 34 Marshland, Haverhill 

Gordon, Miriam Man ia, B2, 88 Albion, Somerville 

Goren, Ethel, C2, 26 Schuyler, Roxbury 

Gough, Catherine Anne. B2, 35 Appleton. Cambridge 

Gould, Bernice Gertrude. Ci, R.F.D., Gould Rd., Westford 

Grady, Helen Elizabeth, B2, 70 Weston, Brockton 

Graham, Angelina Constance, Ai, 41 Orchard Hill Rd., Boston 

Grant, Clarice Jeanette, C2, B.H.; Sandy Point, Maine 

Grant, Dorothy Carter, HuncL, 30 Vila, Boston; 1 Larchmont, Dorchester 

Grant, Katiina Stone, E3, No. H.; 320 N. Washington Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 

Graves, Rose Christine, H3, Vila St., Boston; 31 Elm, Wellesley Hills 

Gray, Rebecca Manning, Bi, 79 Morton Rd., Beach Bluff' 

Greenblatt, Jeannette, E3, 24 Seaver, Roxbury 

Greenfield, Priscilla, B3, 41 1 Marlborough, Boston; Monument Beach 

Griffin, June Louise, Br, 7 Adanac Ave., Dorchester 

Griggs, Mrs. Katharine Cordelia, EIII, 48 Rutland, Boston 

Grimes, Dorothy Elizabeth, GI. 153 Beacon, Boston; 735 Lincoln Way E., Mishawaka, Ind. 

Griswold. Frances Harriet, A3, C.H. 26; Maple St., Wetherslield, Conn. 

Groves, Geraldine Ramona, B3, 6 Wilbur, Dorchester 

Gurnett, Ruth Harcourt, EIII, 84 Lincoln, Melrose 


HAYDEN COSTUME CO. - 786 Washington St. - BOSTON 

HAN. 4346 

Furnish Costumes and Wigs for Plays, Operas, Pageants, Masque, 

and Costume parties, for rental at reasonable prices. 

Haas, Dorothy Elizbaeth, Avoid., L.H. 8100 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Hackett, Doris Lee, HV, 25 Dearonncss Rd., Boston; 15 Grosvenor, Pawtuckct, R. I. 

Hagen, Marjorie Burnett, H2, 270 Brookline Ave., Boston; 715 7th, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Haines, Elinor Lois, B3, C.H. 36; 1142 Central. Leominster 

Hale, Frances, C3, 251 Belmont, Brockton; 6801 Colonial Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hall, Marjorie Livingstone, B3, 266 S. Common, Lynn 

Halloran, Priscilla, Bi, 12 Robeson. Jamaica Plain 

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Handy. Myrtle Katherine, Ai, C.H. 21; P.O. Box 166, Falmouth 

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Harlow, Elvira Lillian, GI, 66 Kemper, Wollaston 

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Hart, Adrinnnn YYhitmorc, Al\ 79 Hastings, W. Roxbury 

Hart, Jane MacDowell, Ei, 79 Hastings, W. Roxbury 

Hartnett, Gertrude Ann, Bund., no Vernon, Worcester 

Hasbrouck, Marion, GI, 153 Beacon, Boston; 504 N. Washington Ave., Mason City, Iowa 

Hatch, Barbara, C3, 132 Dale, Waltham 

Hatch, Lillian Pervis, C2, 9 Lawton, Ayer 

Healy, Barbara Francis, Hi, 148 Elm, Marblehead 

Heath, Dartha, B3, 21 Lyman, Waltham; 435 Bellevue Ave., Trenton, N. J. 

Heath, Elsie Josephine. HVI, 721 Huntington Ave., Boston: 1534 First Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Hecht, Frances Ruth, EIII, 34 Fabyan, Dorchester 

Hedlund, Betty Anne, Bi, 1 1 Buckingham, Worcester 

Heggic, Katherine Marie, B3, 1051 Centre, Jamaica Plain 

Heller, Elizabeth Irene, D2, 367 Adams, Dorchester 

Hemenway, Marianna, Ci, Golden Cove Rd., Chelmsford 

Henderson, Margaret Agnes, Bi, No. H.; 131 Pendleton Rd., New Britain, Conn. 

Henry, Barbara Therese, D2, 60 Eliot, Milton 

Henry, Cora Frances, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 373 Wilson, Manchester, N. H. 

Henry, Mildred Booth, H3, Vila St., Boston, 4 Ashland PL, Taunton 

Herbert, Janet Vanderbllt, H2. 6 Front, S. Natick; 31 1 N. Main, Milltown, N. J. 

Hertz, Frieda, E2, 24 Arlington, Newton; 470 W. 24th, New York N. Y. 

Heslam, Bettina, A3. 327 Commonwealth Ave, Boston; Pearl Hill Rd., Fitchburg 

Hibbard, Ruth, E3. C.H. 240; 23 Everett, Cambridge 

Higgins, Catherine Mary, Bi, Br.H.; 200 Walnut, Holyoke 

Higginson, Evelyn Cushman, Di, B.H.; 60 Chestnut, Andover 

Hill, Eleanor Mary, Bi, 27 Bartlett Ave., Arlington 

Hill, Lucille Florence, H3, 721 Huntington Ave., Boston; 3 Oak Hill Rd., Saugus 

Hindley, Beatrice, Ci, C.H. 26; 97 Grove, Lonsdale, R. I. 

Hine, Helen Gertrude, Bi, W.H.; Peaceable Hill Rd., Brewster, N. Y. 

Hinkle, Mabel Marion, C2, 26 Dexter Rd., Newtonville 

Hinton, Anne, D3, Dedham St., Canton 

Hirschfeld, Helen Josephine, A2, A.H.; 9 Colony PL, Meriden, Conn. 

Hirschler, Dorothy, Ki, So.H.; 1220 Brovdon Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Hobbs, Barbara Emerson, Huncl., Greenleaf St., Quincy 

Hodges, Elizabeth Truxal, Ai, 30 Glen, Maiden 

Hodgkins, Elizabeth, Bi, 89 Sagamore Ave., W. Medford 

Hodgson, Elizabeth Gordon, /•'■;. 98 Kingsbury, Wellesley 

Hodsdon, Anna Edith. EIII. 32 Ash. Cambridge 

Hogerty, Elizabeth, A2, No.H.; 87 Deming, Pittsfield 

Hoglen, Jane, GI, 20 Joy. Boston; Silver Hills, New Albany Ind. 

Holden, Agnes Colcough, HV, Vila St., Boston; 3 Elm Ct., Esmond, R. I. 

Holden, Eleanor, B3, 6 Greenwood Ave., Swampscott 

Holdsworth, Irene Rachel. A3. Bk.H.; 53 Mt. Vernon, Somersworth, N. H. 

Hollis, Elizabeth Sarah, HII, n E. Newton, Boston; 90 Orchard, Pittsfield 

Holmes, Mary Gilpalrick, Ai, C.H. 240; Northeast Harbor, Maine 

Holmes, Melba Lisa, B2, 549 Washington, Abington 

Holt, Marjorie Louise, C3, 88 Bartlett, Somerville 


Privately 'Printed 

This 1 934 Microcosm is a fine example of a limited edition, 
privately printed. 

The staff of this book and an increasing number of other 
private publishers have been turning to organizations which 
specialize in the production of fine brochures, magazines, 
and privately printed books. For more than a century The 
Andover Press has served such publishers, planning and 
printing class annuals, descriptive booklets, genealogies, and 
other quality publications. 



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Holteen, Corinne Evelyn, HVI. 24 Gothland, Quincy 

Homs, Kathryn Frances, K2, No.H.; 2 Delaware Rd., Bellerose, N. Y. 

Hooper, Maxine Arvilla, HV. 24 Kenwood PL, Lawrence 

Hopkins, Margaret Mary, Ei, C.H. 26; 409 Norwegian, Pottsville, Pa. 

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Horwitz, Sophie, Ei, 136 Eastbourne Rd., Newton Centre 

Hoskin, Mary Ann, A3, P.H.; 1302 Sheridan Rd., Menominee, Mich. 

Houghton, Jeannette, D3, 271 Bellevue, Newton 

Howard, Katherine Doris, B3, 75 Andrews, Lowell 

Howe, Elizabeth, HV, Vila St., Boston; Bay Rd., N. Falmouth 

Howe, Madeline Gubtal, Ci, 25 Parker Rd., Wakefield 

Howley, Mary Frances, Ai, 20 St. Germain, Quincy 

Hoyt, Shirley, D2, 21 8th Ave., Lowell 

Hunt, Dorothy Marion, Bund., 41 Washburn Ave., N. Cambridge; Rindge, N. H. 

Huntress, Marjorie Diana, E3, 54 Breed, Lynn 

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Hurd, Eleanor, B2, 14 Linden, Melrose 

Hutchinson, Harriet Hill, H3, 30 Vila St., Boston; 21 Upland Ave., Bradford 

Hutton, Marion Grace, A3, A.H.; 28 Spring, Winsted, Conn. 

Hyde, Marjorie Evelyn, E3, 19 Eliot Rd., Lexington 

Imrie, Mary-Louise, K2, 314 Otis, W. Newton 
Ingalls, Barbara Cone, Bi, 82 Main, Ashland 
Ingham, Doris Emma, Ai, So.H.; 4509 S. Hill Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Jackman, Barbara Edwina, B ;. 7 Ashland, Ncwburyport 

Jackson, Dorothy Bell, H2, 35 Burmah, Mattapan 

Jackson, Elizabeth Emma, K2, 52 W. Main, Westboro 

Jacobs, Beth, Bi, 142 Lynnfield, Lynn 

Jacobs, Virginia Helene, Bi, 178 Highland Ave., Winthrop 

Jacobson, Bernice, Ei, 15 Wolcott, Dorchester 

Jacobson, Ida, E3, 17 Kensington Rd., Worcester 

Jacobson, Mrs. Rosalind-Ann, Dune!., 45 Grove, Boston 

Jacoby, Elizabeth Reed, C3, 18 Orange, Newburyport 

James, Harriette Bernice, HitncL, 81 Highland Ave., Salem; R.D. 1, Box 96, Danielson, Conn. 

Jeffrey, Helen Ironside, Auncl., B.H.; 109 Highland, Amesbury 

Jenkins, Edith Clare, Huncl., 300 Longwood Ave., Boston; 206 W. Emerson, Melrose 

Jenkins, Verna Irene, B2, 48 Circuit Pk., Melrose; Box 84, Grafton, Vt. 

Jenney, Beatrice, Bi, 78 Summer, Weston 

Jensen, Alice Constance, Ai, 6 Highland Ter., Needham 

Jensen, Eleanoi Louise, Ci, 572 Main, Watertown 

Jewett, Ethel-Louise, Bi. 23 Harrison, Melrose 

Johnson, Catherine Ellen, Ai, C.H. 26; 15 5th Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. 

Johnson, Helen Gertrude, E2, 4 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre 

Johnson, Phoebe Ruth, HVI, 32 Fruit, Boston; 1 1 1 Park Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. 

Johnston, Jane Isadora, Bi, So.H.; Bemus Point, N. Y. 

Jones, Barbara Elizabeth, Ci, 181 Maplewood, Watertown 

Jones, Catherine Carr, HV, Vila St., Boston; Wauwinet St., Nantucket 

Jones, Ida May, Ai, 70 Greenwood Ave., Greenwood 

Jones, Lois Louise, B3, C.H. 26; 104 Spring, Windsor, Conn. 

Jones, Rita Mary, D3, 72 Draper, Dorchester 

Jordan, Alice Southard, Hi, C.H. 36; Seal Harbor, Maine 

Jordan, Janet, C2, 5 Greylock Rd., Allston 

Jordan, Sarah, Ex, 391 Ferry, Everett 

Joseph, Elizabeth Wilson, D2, 10 Drayton Ave., Dorchester 

Joslin, Helen Frances, Bi, Union St., Ashland 

Joy, Alice Parke, D3, 10 Kingston Rd., Newton Hlds. 

Judd, Margaret Preston, Hi, C.H. 14; 14 Bruce Rd., Upper Montclair, N.J. 

Kalin, Freda Selma, C3, 2 Clarendon, Maiden 

Kapkinsky, Dorothy, E2, 176 Winthrop Rd.. Brookline; 35 Martin, Holyoke 

Karafotias, Penelope, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 182 Washington, Dedham 

Karnow, Esther, E2, 122 Sewall Ave., Brookline 

Katze, Libby, Ki, 12 Canterbury, Lawrence 

Katzen, Helen, B3, 36 J 2 Tremont, Cambridge 

Kaufman, Ethel Lillian, B2, 1089 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester 

Keany, Louise Mary, EIH, 48 Mt. Vernon, Arlington 

Kearney, Mary Louise, B2, 60 Walter, Roslindale 

Keating, Eleanor Margaret, D3, Dean St., Islington 


Keene, Olive Myrtle, A3, 19 Eliot Rd,, Revere 

Keith, Dorothy Ellen, C3, 577 W. Main, Avon 

Keller, Glenice Louise, Ci, 55 Maple, Milton 

Kelley, Beatrice Elizabeth, C3, 36 Rand, Lynn 

Kelley, Edith Mildred, Cz, So. H.; Salem Depot, N. H. 

Kelly, Irene Elizabeth, C2, 25 Ghampney, Brighton 

Kelly, Mary Alice, Bi, 366 The Arborway, Jamaica Plain 

Kenyon, Elaine Knight, Ei , 19 Richardson Ave., Wakefield 

Kespert, Frances Elizabeth, Cj, 1 1 Follen, Boston 

Kessler, Doris Edith, Bz, No.H.; Sandy Creek, N. Y. 

Kiley, Mary Agnes, Ai, C.H. 240; 1 18 Forest, Worcester 

King, Mary Anna, B2, 98 Berkshire, Cambridge 

Kingsbury, Elizabeth Louise, A3, 24 Rockland Ave., Maiden 

Kingsbury, Mary Sarah, A2, 24 Rockland Ave., Maiden 

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Kirkland, Elizabeth May, A3, P.H.; 212 Oak, Indian Orchard 

Kissell, Mary Edna, EI11, 153 Beacon, Boston; S. Charleston, Ohio 

Klein, Edna Lenora, B3, 7 Muirhead, Wollaston 

Klein, Jane Elizabeth, B2, 31 Beach Ave., Swampscott; 151 N. 87th, Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Koch, Louise Margaret, H3, Vila St., Boston; 16 Maple, Turners Falls 

Kowalczyk, Theresa Apolina, Cz, 37 South, Brighton; 91 Ward, Worcester 

Krensky, Harriet, Ez, 151 Homestead, Roxbury 

Kuehn, Margot Marianne, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 28 Eastford Rd., Southbridge 

Kuhns, Ruth Hinda, Dz, 135 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston 

Kurland, Stella, Ei, 62 Beacon Hill Ave., Lynn 

Kussell, Sylvia, A3, 13 Gaston, Roxbury 

Kyle, Margaret Joan, Bi, C.H. 240; 75 Sycamore, Albany, N. Y. 

Labuz, Camella Carolyn, Ei, C. H. 21; 660 N. Main, Palmer 

Ladd, Phoebe, A3, C. H. 21; 40 High, Turners Falls 

Laird, Jean Augusta, Ai, No.H.; 20 Anwoth Rd., Montreal, P. Q.. 

Lane, Florence Ada, C3, 24 Chapman, Beverly 

Lane, Gertrude Annah, Ci, 50 Fair Oaks Pk., Needham 

Lane, Margaret Elizabeth, C2, Br.H.; Lane Ave., N. Brookfield 

Langley, Jeanette, A3. P.H. 331 N. Main, Randolph 

Lanigan, Barbara Therese, HV, Vila St., Boston; 28 Bartlett Ave., Cranston, R. I. 

Lansberg, Jessie Rebecca, B2, 3 Cross, Needham 

LaPierre, Ruth Helen, H2, So.H.; 431 Washington, Norwich, Conn. 

Larchar, Amoret Pierce, Auncl., 76 Oriole, W. Roxbury 

Latakas, Josephine Marion, Hi, 35 Windsor, Arlington; 124 Endicott, Worcester 

Latham, Anna Mary, B2, A.H.; 115 South, Portsmouth, N. H. 

Lathrop, Mary Elizabeth, EIII, 1 1 E. Newton, Boston; 23 Beech, Framingham 

Lauricella, Lillian Constance, D3, 14 Clayton, Maiden 

LaVigne, Mable ]osephine. HVI, 36 Spring, W. Roxbury 

Lawsing, Mary Elizabeth, Az, C.H. 26; Randolph Center, Vt. 

Lechten, Edith Lillian, Bz, 67 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury 

Lendo, Helen Julia, Hi, C.H. 240; Pleasant St., Otter River 

Leonard, Gladys Williams, Ci, 64 Freeman, Wollaston 

Levenson, Genevieve Edith, B3, 123 Hawthorn, Chelsea 

Leventhal, Dorothy, Ei, 18 Wolcott, Dorchester 

Levinson, Gertrude Beverly, Az, 521 Beacon, Boston; in Grand Ave., Middletown, N. Y. 

Libby, Mary Elizabeth, Ci, C.H. 36; 12 3d, Presque Isle, Maine 

Liberman, Davida Sybil, Cz, 5 Beals, Brookline 

Lilly, Ethel, Ez, 21 Elmwood Pk., Maiden 

Lincoln, Leona Lois, Hz, No.H.; R.F.D. Box 15, Barre 

Lindenberger, Dorothea Marcia, Ai, 102 Inman, Cambridge; 181 Clarke, Portland, Maine 

Lindholm, Irene Vivian, Bz, 12 Green, Wollaston 

Linell, Adeline Erika, HV, Vila St., Boston; 82 Lewis Rd., Belmont 

Linton, Jeannette, Ai, 36 Anderson, Boston; Antrim, N. H. 

Liscomb, Dorothy Sumner, Ci, 137 Auburndale Ave., W. Newton 

Lock, Beatrice Aronson, Ki, 31 Supple Rd., Roxbury 

Lodgen, Jeanette. Ez, 48 Boylston, Maiden 

Loftus, Katherine Jane, B3, 14 Oread, Worcester; Colony Bldg., Meriden, Conn. 

Logan, Mary Isabelle, Di, 45 Milwood, Dorchester 

Long, Eleanor Wyman, Ai, 1 14 Allston, Allston 

Loomis, Cora G., HU, 11 E. Newton, Boston; 106 Hudson Ave., Chatham, N. Y. 

Lord, Betty Fraser, Bz, 87 Lake View Ave., Lynn 

Lord, Marion Elizabeth, B3, C.H. 26; 287 Washington Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Lord, Martha Grace, Ai, 26 Evans Way, Boston; 22 Holley, Walton, N. Y. 

Lovett, Eileen Marie, C3, 55 Pilgrim Rd., Boston; Lafayette Brook Farm, Franconia. N. H. 

Lowcock, Helen Eliabeth, Ci, 16 Bartlett Ter., Newton Center 

Lowe, Adelma Maud, Cz, 95 Main, Ashland 


The Warren Kay Vantine 
Studio Inc. 

^Distinctive 'Photography 

Official Photographers 


The 1934 Microcosm 


Lowell, Martha Caroline, Huncl., 1 19 Belmont, Worcester 

Lundberg, Dorothy Evangeline, Bi, 7 Larrabee, Melrose 

Lundy, Marilyn Bloomfield, A3, 1 7 Trident Ave., Winthrop 

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McCarthy, Gertrude Louise, D3, 10 Wellesley Pk., Dorchester 

McClure, Dorothy Mae, A3, 38 Beach, Maiden 

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MacCoy, Irene Eleanor, Ci, 149 Audubon Rd., Boston 

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Markowitz, Flora Judith, E3, 212 Poplar, Chelsea 

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Martin, Dahlia Frances, Bi, 130 Tremont, Peabody 

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Mason, Mildred Hah, EIII, 20 Roy Rd., Jamaica Plain 

Matheke, Marie Elizabeth, D2, Br.H.; 328 Sussex Ave., Newark, N.J. 

Matheson, Virginia Jocelyn, Ki, 40 Fletchei Rd., Belmont 

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Merrill, Katharine Eslelle. As, 0-, Chase. N'ewl 

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Meyer, Jean Elizabeth. Cs, S. Main Si.. Cohassei 

Miller, Eleanor Read. As, g Fran. is. Brookline; Putney, Vt. 

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Nelson, Ruth Wilhelmina, A3, P.H.; 23 Villa Pkway., Springfield 

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Newton, Elsie Louise, HV, Vila St., Boston; 424 Amherst, Manchester, N. H. 

Nimmo, Evelyn Ruth, Bi, 6g Chester Rd., Belmont 

Niziankowirz, Stasia Ann. Ci, No. H.; 186 Pine, Holyoke 

Northrup, Olive, Bi, W.H.; Farmers Row, Groton 

Northway, Marion Eva, HVI, 29 Orris, Melrose Hlds.; Derry, N. H. 

Norton, Lois Catherine, C3, No.H.; iro New Britain Ave., Plainville, Conn. 

Noyes, Katharine. EM, 102 The Fenway, Boston; 35 Rock Spring Rd.. Stamford. Conn. 

Nutter, Mary Kitfield, Ds, 15 Hawes Ave., Melrose 

Nye, Helen, Ki, 809 Main S. Weymouth 

O'Brien, Alice Elizabeth, Cs, A.H.; 22 Perrin Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. 

O'Brien, Grace Elizabeth, Ds, 180 Adams, Dorchester 

O'Connor, Anna Margaret, Bs, 41 Commercial, Marblehead 

O'Connor, Kathryn Ursula, A3, rrgr Boylston, Boston; 47 Dorchester. W 

Odabashian, Arax Miriam, Cs, 109 Willow Ave., E. Bridgewater 

O'Donnell, Catherine Joan, B3, 5 Mt. Vernon Ave., Melrose 

O'Donnell, Catherine Louise, Ci, 665 E. 6th S. Boston 

Ofengand, Ruth Lela, Bs, 18 Coram, Taunton 

Olds, Mary Alfreda, Bs, A.H.; Stony Hill, Windsor, Conn. 

Olen, Evelyn Margaret, Ks, 14 Eden Ave., W. Newton 

Olinger, Carolyn, Br, C.H. 26; 186 Franklin, Bloomfield, N.J. 

Oliver, Jean Isabelle, Ai, C.H. 26; 1 12 Robbins Rd., """ 

Olsen, Selma Virginia, Cs, 88 State Rd., Beachmont 


Olson, Alice Henrietta Viktoria, H3, 721 Huntington Ave., Boston; Robin Hood, South Rd., Pough- 

keepsie, N. Y. 
O'Neill, Eileen Emiliana, B3, 35 Soley, Charlestown 

Orlainsky, Golda, Gi, 1 1 E. Newton, Boston; 90 Davis, Providence, R. I. 
Ormond, Mary Wilson, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 10 N. Hancock, Lexington 
O'Rourke, Rita, '11, 140 Sherman, N. Cambridge 
Osolin, Lillian Edna, HV, 2 Brookdale, Roslindale 

Ostrandrr, Catherine Cora, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 203 Broad, Schuylerville, N. Y. 
Ostrov, Jeanette, Bi, No. H; 125 Mayfield Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Paine, Harriet Myrtle, Ci, C.H. 14; Main St., Enfield 

Palmer, Florence Elizabeth, Bs, 434 Medford, Maiden 

Palmer, Marjorie Elizabeth, HV, Vila St., Boston; 281 State, Presque Isle, Maine 

Paolini, Lydia Iris, Ei, 12 Suffolk Ct., Lynn 

Paquin, Hazel Madeline, HV, Vila St., Boston; 18 Pleasant, Lebanon, N. H. 

Parker, Ethel Oliva, Ai, 860 Columbus Ave., Roxbury 

Parsons, Marjorie, HV, Vila St., Boston; 120 School, Manchester 

Patch, Vesta Elizabeth, A3, 36 Charles, Winthrop 

Patterson, Elizabeth Merrill, A3, C.H. 14; Jericho Turnpike, Westbury, N. Y. 

Patterson, Harriet Roe, As, W.H.; 485 Stage Rd., Monroe, N. Y. 

Patterson, Janet Dayton, Cuncl., C.H. 240; 2018 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton 

Patterson, Margaret Isabel, Ai, 278 Walnut, Brookline 

Pearson, Emily, HV, Vila St., Boston; 208 Branch, Lowell 

Pease, Sarah Fuller, A2, W.H.; 404 Main, Suffield, Conn. 

Pelley, Mary Ann, B3, 8 Brookline Ave., E. Lynn 

Perkins, Constance Raymond, HV, Vila St., Boston; 138 Dodge, Beverly 

Perkins, Eleanor Elizabeth, A3, 60 Cherry, Lynn 

Perrault, Jeanne, E3, No.H.; 63 Warner, Hudson 

Perreault, Jeannette Edna, Ai, 17 3d Ave., Lowell 

Perry, Helena Frances, B2, 22 Catherine, Worcester 

Peters, Mary Rose, Bi, C.H. 14; 724 Rutger, Utica, N. Y. 

Peterson, Elsa Pauline, B3, 40 Montcalm Ave., Brighton 

Peterson, Gertrude Otilia, Ai, 46 Orchard, Jamaica Plain 

Peterson, Ruth Evelyn. E3, 109 Rutledge Rd., Mattapan 

Peticolas, Frances Jeannette, Di, C.H. 26; 189 S. Main, S. Manchester, Conn. 

Petit, Barbara Marie, Bi, 16 S. Crescent Circuit, Brighton 

Phemister, Edith Beverly, B3, Bk.H; 408 Bompart Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. 

Philbrick, Ruth, Duncl., 1 1 Tetlow, Boston: Rye Beach, N. H. 

Philbrook, Isabel Allegra, Euncl., 10 Albainarle, Boston; 528 N. Main, Randolph 

Phillip, Celia Jo, Ci , No.H., 325 Woodlawn Mexico, Mo. 

Pierce, Barbara Wood, Hs, 42 Common, Braintree 

Pillsbury, Ramona Mae, Hi, C.H. 26; 16 Main, Kezar Falls, Maine 

Pine, Marjorie Isabel, B2, So.H.; 1041 Union, Manchester, N. H. 

Pinkham, Donna Alma, Ai, 12 Billings Lane, Jamaica Plain; W. Buxton, Maine 

Pinney, Olive Mary, HV, Vila St., Boston; 3 Oak, Danvers 

Pokross, Estelle, Ci, C.H. 14; 692 2d, Fall River 

Pokross, Ethel Shirley, £3, No.H.; 692 2d, Fall River 

Poor, Alice Jeanette, Ci, Hospital Rd., Medfield 

Poor, Elizabeth Merrill, As, So.H.; 20 Occom Ridge, Hanover, N. H. 

Poor, Margueiite Boynton, C3, Medfield 

Powell, Edna Mary, HvncL, N.E. Sanitarium. Melrose 

Pownall, Mary Louise, Bi, C.H. 240; Hillcrest, Tyrone, Pa. 

Prakapas, Biruta Helen, Ai , 6 Swain, Haverhill 

Preston, Sarah Isabelle, EIII, 153 Beacon, Boston; 2050 Main, Hartford, Conn. 

Proctor, Ruth Phyllis, C3, 1 1 Pleasant, Wellesley 

Pugliano, Rosetta Marie, Ds, 84 Berkeley, Boston 

Putnam, Constance Louisa, B2, 71 Lowell, Andover 

Putnam, Edith Esta, Ds, 139 L. S. Boston 

Putt, Margaret White, F3, 34 Green, Brookline; Coates Rd., Rydal, Pa. 

Quessy, Caroline Roberta, Ds, 1 74 Broadway, Methuen 
(.hiiglcy, Margaret Elizabeth, Ci, 18 Oak, Milton 

Rabinovitz, Frances Eleanore, E3, 105 Franklin Ave., Chelsea 

Randall, Marion Townshend, Bi, 23 Porter Ave., Lynn 

Randlett, Eleanor Frances, HV, Vila St., Boston; Islesboro, Maine 

Rawlings, Ethel Catherine, Di, 26 Bellevue, Belmont 

Reardon, Elizabeth Lillian, Bs, 18 Kilgore Ave., W. Medford 

Redman, Ruth Sanderson, GI, 11 E. Newton, Boston; 6 Nutting Ave., Amherst 

Reed, Mary Elizabeth, Ai, C.H. 26; 517 Washington, Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Reed, Phyllis, B 3 , 18 High, Wakefield 

Regan, Isabelle Patricia, A2, 1 Canton, N. Easton 


Reid, Elizabeth, Ei, A.H. 3 Prospect PL, Taunton 

Reilly, Cecilia Anne, Bi, 7 Biaeburn Rd., Milton 

Reiter, Rose, Bj, 171 Talbot Ave., Boston 

Rice, Norma-Jane, E3, B.H.; 117 171I1. N.E., Canton, Ohio 

Rich, Mabel Burnham, Elf/, 39A Charles, Boston 

Rich, Mary Karb, C3, 10 Mill, Fiamingham Center 

Rich, Rosamond Mildred, AM, 11G Forest, Medford; Isle au Hani. Maine 

Richards, Dorothy Frances, Ai, C.H. 14; 1609 Highland Ave., Fall River 

Richardson, Martha Putnam, C3, No.H.; 145 Melrose Ave., Kenilvvorth. III. 

Ridler, Margaret Wells, HV, 18 Townsend, Worcester 

Riley, Ruth Irene, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 20 St. Clair, Lynn 

Ritter, Virginia, Bi, C.H. 240; 1 10 Stearns Ter., Chicopee 

Roach. Catherine Ellen. Ca, No. H.; 413 Cedar. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Robb, Jean Dorothy, Br, 44 Fairmount Ave., Wakefield 

Robb, Mary Augusta Virginia, Ki, 161 Park, Medford 

Robbins, Bernice. E3, 69 Magazine, Cambridge 

Robins, Lillian Rose, E3, 521 Beacon, Boston; 73 East Ave., Freeport, N. \. 

Robinson, Dorothy Evelyn, HV, 779 Salem, Maiden 

Robinson, Mabel Lovett, Huncl., Memorial Hosp., Worcester 

Robinson. Margaret, Ha, Mass. General Hosp.. Boston: 230 Cypress, Brookline 

Robinson, Ruth Eleanor, Bi, 184 Circuit Rd., Winthrop 

Rockwood, Eleanor Deane, C3, C.H. 26; 1 18 Union, Westficld 

Rodman, Jane Seaton, La, No. H.; Richfield Springs, N. Y. 

Roemkauskul, Chamras, Ml, Vila St.. Boston; Sinraj Hosp.. Bangkok, Siam 

Rogers, Dorothy Margaret, Ca, 117 1st, Melrose 

Rogers, Ruth Carter, HV, Vila St., Boston; Cross St., S. Hanover 

Ronimus, Eleanor, A3, 81 Stanton Rd., Brookline 

Rose, Dorothy Evelyn, Bi, 50 Adams, Lynn 

Rosenbaum, Rose Lois, B3, 1 1 Lucerne, Dorchester 

Rosenberg, Alma, B3, 122 Pleasant, Brookline 

Rosenfeld, Natalie Florence, Bi, C.H. 21; 162 Broadway, Taunton 

Rosenfield, Charlotte, Bi, 61 Reynolds Ave., Chelsea 

Rosoff, Miriam, Da, E.H.; 3190 Main, Springfield 

Ross, Lois Brooks, C3, 1 Clark Ave., Beverly 

Rubenstein, Helen Ruth, Ei, 292 Tappan, Brookline 

Rudd, Ruth Elizabeth, Ba, So.H.; 524 Weetamoe, Fall River 

Rudginsky, Sylvia, Bi, 5 Myrtle Ave., Winthrop 

Ruggles, Virginia, A3, 108 Lakeview Ave., Lynn 

Rugo, Julia Beatrice, Ai, 321 Norfolk Ave., Boston 

Ryrhoim. Ruth Marie, HV, 41 Magnolia, Arlington 

Sachs, Marjorie Louise. EM, Shady Hill, Irving St., Cambridge 

SacknofT, Rita, E2, No.H.; 90 Morning, Portland, Maine 

SacknolV. Shirley Naomi, C3, E.H.; 90 Morning, Portland, Maine 

Safford, Hildred Shirley, Ci, 1041 South. Roshndale, Curve St., Kingfield. Mai 

Saltonstall, Caroline Stevenson, EM, m Milton, Milton 

Sampson, Lois Baker, C3, Gay St., Westwood 

Samuelson, Edith Elinor, Bund., Cedar St., Milford 

Sandberg, Martha Aurora, Bi, 60 Tower Ave., Lynn 

Santoliquido, Rachel Mary, Ca, 78 Harlow, Arlington 

Santti, Ebba Alice, H2, A.H.; 41 A Winter, Newport, N. H. 

Sauter, Mrs. Minnie Marsh, Ba. 264 Brookline Ave., Boston: 1 Ball, Worcester 

Savage, Elisabeth Moore, C2, 91 S. Main, Middleboro 

Saxe, Helen Ina, F3, 31 Bates Rd., Watertown 

Schaefer, Gertrude Marie, K2, 46 Graves Ave., Lynn 

Schipper, Mary, GI. 33 W. Cedar. Boston; 658 Andover, Lowell 

Schmidt, Helen. B3, C.H. 21; 28 Hoxsey, Williamstown 

Schneider, Jennie, B3, 7 Greendale Rd., Mattapan 

Schoeffler, Dorothy Edith, Ai, C.H. 36; 108 Hawthorne Ave., Hamden, Conn. 

Schoonmaker, Esther Rebecca, B2, No.H.; Far View Farm, Amherst 

Schrieber. Minna Norma, B2, 185 Grovers Ave., Winthrop 

Schultz, Eleanor Frances. KuncL, 9 Francis, Brookline: 57 Tyler Pk.. Haverhill 

Schwall, Hilda Rose, B2, 121 Intervale, Roxbury 

Schwartz, Rae Selma, A3, 75 Waverly, Roxbury 

Schwartz, Ruth Nettie, A3, 257 School. Somerville 

Scigliano, Natalie Rose, Ba, 37 Montvale, Roslindale 

Scorgie, Thelma Grace, B2, 133 Trapelo Rd., Belmont 

Scott, Amelia, Gi, 153 Beacon, Boston; 1418 N. Hamlin Ave.. Chicago. 111. 

Scott, Jeannette Elizabeth, K2, 43 Highland Ave., Melrose 

Scudder, Lucille, B3, 33 N. Ash, Brockton 

Scullin, Mary Regina, HV, Vila St., Boston: 14 McKinley Ave.. Beverly 

Searle, Dorothy Ann, Ci, C.H. 26; Winter St., Barre 

Sears, Dorothea, A3, 67 Marion, Brookline 

Sears, Eleanor Holmes, HV, 19 Columbus Ave., Somerville 

Sebeika, Helen Elizabeth, Ci, 240 Messinger, Canton 

Seely, Barbara, B2, 57 Hillcrest Ave., Melrose 

Seelye, Alice Josephine, HV, Vila St., Boston; 22 Newell, Utica, N. Y. 

Seligman, Lillian, C3, 75 Odell Ave., Beverly 

Sheehan, [sabelle Marie, F3, 360 The Riverway, Boston 

Shepard, Harriet Blake, By, 222 Newbury, Boston; 233 High, Newburyport 

Shepard, Marion Griffin, EIII, 400 Bowdoin, Dorchester 

Sherman, Elizabeth Muir, Ai, No. H.; Scotstown, P.Q.. 

Sherman, Grace Mann, HV, Vila St., Boston; 1 1 18 Tremont, S. Pasadena, Calif. 

Shields, Mary Barbara, B3, 108 Church, W. Roxbury 

Shippee, Clara Edith, Hi, C.H. 36; 96 Chestnut, Gardner 

Shoemaker, Emily Ellen, Ci, W.H.; 315 Barnes, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Shulkin, Ida, Br, 58 Everard, Revere 

Shur, Annabelle Celia, £3, So.H.; 80 Vesper, Portland, Maine 

Shurtleff, Ethel. Huntington ,4/9, Francis. Brookline; 143 Salem End Rd., Framingham Centre 

Shwachman, Anna, Di, 62 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury 

Shwartzer, Gertrude, Bi, 45 Waumbeck, Roxbury 

Siegel, Bernice, Ai, 24 Gardner, Chelsea 

Siegel, Doris, E3, 69 Webster Ave., Somerville 

Silva, Mary Elizabeth, Cs, 91 Plain, Taunton 

Simm, Elma Louise, H3, Mass. General Hosp., Boston; 178 Mill, Belmont 

Simm, Lillian Edith, F3, 178 Mill, Belmont 

Simmons, Sophia Muriel, D3, 14 Hancock, Boston 

Simon, Bernice Evelyn, Bi, No.FL; 50 Corbin, Franklin 

Simon, Ruth Elaine, Di, 82 Concord, Lawrence 

Simonds, Barbara, Bi, 48 Bartlett Ave., Arlington 

Simonds, Phyllis, C3, C.H. 240; 176 S. Main, Orange 

Skillings, Imogene, A3, 515 Maple, Hathorne 

Sklar, Esther, B3, 83 Hutchings, Roxbury 

Small, Winifred Elizabeth, B3, 16 Westminster, W. Somerville 

Smiley, Miriam Olive, C3, 10 Bowdoin, Cambridge 

Smith, Annette, Ai, C.H. 36; 5 Abbott, Lebanon, N. H. 

Smith, Annie Leona, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 29 Dover, Dover, N. H. 

Smith, Barbara Sina, B2, B.H. 377 Broad, Meriden, Conn. 

Smith, Charlotte Ellen, HV, Vila St., Boston; Box 104, W. Peterboro, N. H. 

Smith, Charlotte Esther, Ci, C.H. 14; 10 High, Ipswich 

Smith, Edith Davis, Ai, C.H. 26; 31 High, Winchendon 

Smith, Elizabeth, H2, 27 Bates Rd., E. Milton 

Smith, Esther Ruth, Hunch, 321 Longwood Ave., Boston; Royal St., Winthrop, Maine 

Smith, Evelyn Ruth, C3, 150 Lynnfield, Peabody 

Smith, Isabella Annette, Ds, 9 Scituate, Arlington; 52 Water, Lisbon, N. H. 

Smith, Laura Ethel, C3, 52 Oliver, Watertown 

Smith, Lois May, A3, 8 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham 

Smith, Mildred Ida, Cs, 329 Tappan Brookline; 129 Spring, Portland, Maine 

Smith, Nea Tucker, Auncl., L.H.; St. David's, Bermuda 

Smith, Sara Alene, H2, Br.H.; Ancramdale, N. Y. 

Smyth, Loretta, EIII, 2 1 Pond, Dorchester 

Snyder, Anna Marie, Di, 155 W. Concord, Boston 

Snyder, Sylvia Bessie, E3, 76 Temple, Lowell 

Sokovich, Florence Theresa, B3, 71 Parkton Rd., Jamaica Plain 

Soloway, Mary, Ei, So.H.; 24 Dix, Worcester 

Spaulding, Helen B3, Andover Rd., Billerica 

Spear, Adelaide, Ci, 73 Hobson, Brighton 

Spencer, Dorothy Ellen, B3, 27 Glenmont Rd., Brighton; Main Rd., Tiverton, R. I. 

Stadelman, Mildred Louise, C2, So.H.; 138 Avondale, Ridgewood, N.J. 

Stafford, Hazel Elizabeth, B2, Elliott St., Haverhill 

Stafford, Mrs. Lillian Crist, AIII, 474 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brookline 

Stalker, Marjorie Catherine, B3, 747 Westford, Lowell 

Stanley, Dorothy Claudine, B2, 78 Grampian Way, Dorchester 

Stansfield, Frances Alice, Hz, So.H.; 1877 Robeson, Fall River 

Stantial, Elizabeth Phare, Bi, 55 Meridian, Melrose 

Steelquist, Mary Kama, Auncl., 52 Harrison, Brookline; cia Forca e Luz, Belo Horizonte, Minas Ger- 

ais, Brazil 
Steiner, Sylvia, Di, 115 Nichols, Everett 

Stenstream, Mildred, H2, 9 Francis, Brookline; 223 Bronx Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Stern, Charlotte Miriam, Euncl., 294 Columbia, Cambridge 
Stevens, Barbara Hanson, C3, C.H. 240; 12 Union, Exeter, N. H. 
Stevens, Helyn Lois, Huncl., 134 St. Mary's, Boston; 175 Chestnut Ave., Waterbury 
Stevens, Ruth Corella, A2, 7 West, N. Woburn 
Stewart, Helen Ruth Burnett, A2, 67 Marion Rd., Watertown 


Stewart, Marian Elizabeth, Cs, 34 Menotomy Rd., Arlington 

Stewart, Mary Isobel, HV/, 721 Huntington, Boston; Dalhousie, N. B. 

Stewart, Muriel Gladys, Bs, 4.6 Jackson Rd., VV. Medford 

Stone. Harriet Louise, El//, Hi Marlborough, Boston: 224 County, Attleboro 

Stowell, Priscilla, Bs, So.H.; Main St., Dixfield, Maine 

Sundkvi'st, I.ii.nea Marie, ///. C.H. 36; 20 M( 

Sutherland, Helen Lois, B3, H2 Pond, Natiek 

Swasey, Doris Eleanor, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; R.F.D. 2, S. Main St., St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Sweeney, Margaret Frances, Ei, 1 Adams, Charlcslown 

Szloboda, Julia Helen, Ci, Port Henry, N. Y. 

Talbot, Dorothea Frances, B3, 50 Lexington, Belmont 

Tanner, Irma Ruth, As, 20 4th, Attleboro 

Taylor, Georgiabelle, Cs, No.H.; S. Shaftsbury, Vt. 

Taylor, Grace Olive, Ci, 1095 Chemsford, Chelmsford 

Taylor, Harriet, Ci, C.H. 14; BH Rockwell Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. 

Taylor, Kathalenah Foster, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; R.F.D. 1, Winthrop, Maine 

Tekley, Eileen Shandlcr, El, 169 Columbia Rd., Dorchester 

Tewksbury, Dorothy Alma, Ks, So.H.; 21 Oak, Derry, N. H. 

Thomas, Harriet, II3, [06 Rockland, Swampscott 

Thombs, Susie Mabell, Cs, So.H.; 23 Lamb, Cumberland Mills, Maine 

Thompson, Dorothy, Bs, So.H.; 264 Milford, Manchester, N. H. 

Thompson, Marion Newell, Hs, So.H.; 529 Beach, Holyoke 

Thomsen, Gunvor Ulla Kiogh, HV, Vila St., Boston; Kcane Valley, N. Y. 

Thorud, Leslie Joan, Hi, 64 Oxford, Cambridge; 488 S. Franklin, Holbrook 

Tobias, Selma, E3, 90 Verndale, Brookline 

Treuthardt. Marion Agatha, Hand., 9 Recdsdalc, Allston 

Trewhella, Jane Elizabeth, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 22 Orland, Portland, Maine 

Tripp, Barbara Elizabeth, B3, C.H. 36; 374 County, New Bedford 

Tripp, Mildred Elizabeth, //',', Mass. General Hosp., Boston, 20 Sargent Rd., Winchester 

Trudcll, Dorothy Marie, B3, 1 17 Jefferson, Lynn 

Trumbull, Ruth Helen, HV, 25 Deaconess Rd., Boston;i 1 Bodwell, Lawrence 

Tsongas, Andromache George, A3, 50 Highland, Lowell 

Tuller, Janet Ethel, Ks, ig Ransom Rd., Newton Centre 

Turner, Helcne Ottilie, HV, Vila St., Boston; 76 Magee Ave.. Rochester, N. Y. 

Turrin, Marie Giovanna, ////. 40 Berkeley, Boston: 1 13B Boulevard, W. Hartford. Conn. 

Twombly, Barbara Edith, Ci, C.H. 36; 4 Harvey, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Ulrich, Cora Pearl. Bi, 22 Bryn Mawr Rd., Wellesley 

Underhill, Lucille Christyne, HV, Vila St., Boston; Franklin, Maine 

Upton, Carolyn Huncl., Salem Hosp., Salem; 144 North, Salem 

Vaughan, Elizabeth Granger, As, P.H.; 50 Croton Ave., Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 
Vogel, Josephine Mina, Bi, C.H. 21; 151 Tremont, Haitford, Conn. 

Wainwright, Jane, Bs, C.H. 240; 1446 Unquowa Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 

Waite, Christine Margaret, Bi, 48 Tudor, Lynn 

Waitzkin, Ida Sarah, B3, 194 Callender, Dorchester 

Walker, Carol Velma, EI//, 430 Commonwealth Ave., Newton; 118 Church, Mansfield 

Walsh, Beatrice Sarah, E3, 46 Guernsey, Roslindale; School St., Chatham 

Walsh, Eleanor Mary, Ei, 51 West, Maiden 

Walsh, Grace Margaruite, ///, 52 Harrison. Brookline; 348 Duane Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Walsh, Jeanelle Stephens, Cs, 16 Hope, Attleboro 

Walsh, Mary Beatrice, Ai , 309 Cummins Hwy., Roslindale 

Walsh, Marv Catherine, Di, 51 Barry, Dorchester 

Walsh, Mary Esther, E/ll, 631 E. 2d, City Point, Boston 

Walter, Jane Andrews, Bi, No.H.; 2538 Hackberrv, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Walters, Alice Elizabeth. A3, P.H.; 35 Walnut, Greenfield 

Wanser, Ruth DeGarmo, Ds, B.H.; Sleepy Hollow Manor, Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Ward, Mrs. Edna Jcffress, AI//, 24 Warwick Rd., Brookline; S. Berwick, Maine 

Ward, Lucy Margaret, K3, 39 Cross, Beverly 

Warshaw, Selma, As, No.H.; 59 Florence Ave., Lawrence 

Waterbury, Elizabeth Gertrude, H3, Vila St., Boston; 919 Oxford, Berkeley, Calif. 

Watcrhouse, Frances Agnes. Di, 12 Ridge Rd., Mattapan 

Watkins, Ann Mackintosh, Auncl. 76 Glendale, Dorchester 

Weber, Elizabeth Davidson, Cuncl., 22 Englewood Ave., Worcester 

Webster, Elizabeth Ann, As, 210 Sherman, Canton 

Weinberg, Ruth Naomi, D3, 80 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury 

Weiscopf, Jeanne Frances, Ai, 18 Denton Ter., Roslindale 

Weiscopf, Louise Ruth, Cs. 18 Denton Ter., Roslindale 

Wellington, Eva May, A3, 34 Lovell Rd., Melrose Hlds. 


Wentworth, Dorothy May, Huncl., 16 Deaconess Rd., Boston; 430 Lake Ave., Manchester, N. H. 

Wentworth, Katherine Cumnock, Bi, No.H.; 45 Prospect, Somersworth, N. H. 

Werme, Olive Elizabeth, Bs, B.H.; 48 Tower, Worcester 

Werthan, Helen May, E3, No. H.; Belle Meade Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 

Weston, Sylvia Janet, Ki, No. H.; 877 E. Colorado, Pasadena, Calif. 

Westwood, Louise Crowell, B3, 31 Beach Ave., Swampscott 

Wetmore, Ruth Elizabeth, A3, 71 Tyndale, Roslindale 

Wheater, Edith Elizabeth, B2, 9 Gammons Rd., Waban 

Wheeler, Lestina Emeline, Ci, C.H. 36; Colrain 

Wheeler, Luana Bertena, B2, 1 1 1 1 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre; 5 Kensington Rd., Souther 

Pines, N. C. 
Whitcher, Nancy, H2, Br.H.; 168 Reed, New Bedford 

Whitcomb, Eleanor Ann, A2, 69 Garfield, Watertown; 74 Perkins, Springfield 
White, Dorothy Emogene, Di, 265 Lakeside Ave., Marlboro 
White, Rachel Louise, Kuncl. C.H. 36; Flora St., Carleton PL, Ont. 
Whiteside, Mrs. Caroline Lawrence, EIH, 16 Brown, Cambridge 
Whitmore, Mildred Emma, Bi, C.H. 21; 437 Main, Dexter, Maine 
Whitney, Gladys Arline, Huncl., 4 Wiswall, W. Newton 
Whitney, Sarah June, Bi, So.H.; 137 Washington Ave., Kingston, N. Y. 
Wittemore, Winifred, Bi, C.H. 240; 47 Worcester Lane, Waltham 
Wick, Alice Julia, HV, Vila St., Boston; 27 Garden Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Wight, Emma Lucile, Bi, 52 Harrison, Brookline; 135 Winthrop, Wollaston 
Wilbur, Jane, C3, 40 Hawes; Brookline; Sunny-fields Farm, Newport, R. I. 
Wilbur, Louise, Ai, C.H. 36; Sunnyfields Farm, Newport, R. I. 
Williams, Alice Margaret, Ci, Whipple Hill, Danvers 
Williams, Carolyn Very, HV, Vila St., Boston; Islesboro, Maine 
Williams, Esther Elizabeth, C3, 27 Green, Wollaston 
Williams, Mrs. Jane Simpson, A2, 84 Harold, Roxbury 
Williams, Marjorie Ellen, HV, Vila St., Boston; 33 Highland, Gardner 
Williams, Winifred Eluned, HV, 80 Madison Ave., Arlington 
Wilmot, Ruth Lawton, B3, 127 Brown, Fall River 

Wilson, Beatrice Agnes, Huncl., Quincy City Hosp., Quincy; 483 Newport Ave., Wollaston 
Wilson, Betty Jane, HV, Vila St., Boston; R.F.D., Danielson, Conn. 
Wilson, Elisabeth Pruyn, B3, W.H.; Clermont, N. Y. 
Wilson, Marjorie Elizabeth, B3, C.H. 26; Carlisle Rd., Westford 
Wilson, Mary Augusta, Hi, C.H. 26; Carlisle Rd., Westford 

Wilson, Ruth Vivian, Huncl., Newton Hosp., Newton Lower Falls, 102 Manning, Hudson 
Wing, Barbara, B3, C.H. 26; Sandwich 

Winiarski, Emilia Marie, HV, Vila St., Boston; 133 Bates, New Bedford 
Winn, Alice Louise, Ai, C.H. 36; Turnpike, Canton 
Winnick, Pauline, C2, 116 Hutchings, Roxbury 
Witherell, Elizabeth Lawton, Hi, C.H. 26; 3 Bradford, Taunton 
Wolf, Ruth Beatrice, Ei, 28 Verndale, Brookline 

Wolff, Barbara Northrup, H2, W.H.; 54 Woodruff Ave., Wakefield, R. I. 
Wood, Elizabeth Ellis, H3, 721 Huntington Ave., Boston; 122 Bedford, New Bedford 
Woodbury, Doris Louisa, C2, 27 Lancaster, Cambridge; 160 Cabot, Holyoke 
Woodbury, Priscilla Cowles, HVI, 721 Huntington Ave., Boston; 16 Lowell, Beverly 
Woodhull, Josephine Lura, Hi, 6 Lindsey, Dorchester 
Worcester, Elizabeth Celia, Ci, 122 Temple, W. Newton 

Workman, Mary Gail, Gi, 219 Beacon, Boston; 327 W. Pike, Cannonsburg, Pa. 
Worthen, Louise, Ai, 127 Youle, Melrose 
Wright, Catherine Blanche, B2, 84 Bower, Roxbury 
Wright, Priscilla Anne, Kuncl., 706 Beacon, Newton Centre 

Yatsuhashi, Sumiko, Ai, 66 Beals, Brookline 

Yeager, Rebecca Katherine, C3, C.H. 14; 305 2d Emaus, Pa. 

Young, Eleanor Marion, B3, 82 Walker Rd., Swampscott 

Young, Mary Alice, Gi, 1737 Cambridge, Cambridge; Route 2, Box 308, Whittier, Calif. 

Youngken, Marion Evelyn, B3, 12 Woodland, Arlington 

Zickell, Helen Margaret, H2, So.H.; 132 June, Worcester 

Zimmer, Rosalie Taylor, Ci, C.H. 36; 54 Maxwell Ave., Geneva, N. Y. 

Zurbach, Barbara, K3, 72 Warwick Rd., Melrose 

Zwisler, Irene Lauretta, Huncl., 147 Worthington, Boston; 51 Cherry Hill, Holyoke 



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